EP 54: Aquarius Season 2024 Energy Forecast


Welcome to Aquarius season and all it has to offer us January 20th - February 17th 2024.


Aquarius season always welcomes futuristic, humanitarian, way-out-there, non-binary, no boundaries, no-right-way-to-do things, rebellious brilliance - as we say goodbye to the diligent, goal oriented, focused, determined, reliable, strong willed and independent spirit of Capricorn season.


This transition has us taking the map we started (or perhaps completed) for our goals in Cap season and asks us to make space on that map for the weird, genius, and unexpected ways to get there..that we never anticipated. 


This season always empowers us to fly our freak flag. To step into more authenticity. To be brave aka vulnerable in our uniqueness ... .to truly step away from any haters, or those who are simply on another journey in this lifetime and do not resonate with what you are here to do. 


In this Aquarius season:

Jan 20th - Sun moves into Aquarius

Jan 20th - Pluto enters Aquarius 

Jan 23rd - Venus enters Capricorn

Jan 25th - Full moon in Leo

Jan 27th - Uranus Direct 

Feb 9 -  New moon in Aquarius

Feb 13 - Mars move into Aquarius

Feb 16 -  Venus -> Aquarius 


This cycle - Aquarius season - As a whole, it’s a fairly sweet cycle. Things are moving forward. Literally…all the planets are direct. We’re moving out of the confusion of a very sticky Mercury Retrograde and well…there’s nothing detrimental to the collective transits they be minding their business…now personal charts, or the way these sweet things hit your natal chart…could be another story…but let’s not focus too intensely on that. Let’s take the collective win.


The big news in this cycle is Pluto entering Aquarius and Uranus stationing direct. 

This begins a majorly fresh cycle-  pluto takes 11.5 - 30 years to move through a sign. As pluto makes its transit through Aquarius it will have a massive  impact on the collective in our systems of power, technologies, science, and data. This energy aims at a we over me perspective and wants things the weird, nonbinary, way-out there way. It also means we have just completed a massive transformation in Capricorn (Pluto is/was there 2008 - 2023...plus a couple of weeks of 2024). Remember, Pluto's mantra is change or die....it pushes at catharsis and does it through underworld journey's (shadow work). We basically just sat through a potential karmic caching of our personal house of Capricorn...if we've been in shadow process - it’s happening. What did you transform - in the last 20 years - around the theme of how you get to our goals...how much neutrality.balance/harmony have you cultivated around the amount of rest and self care we actually do as we focus on our goals? It pushed us to use new (softer) more trusting and surrendering tactics to get to our goals. What we learned in that transit not gets to be played out in Aquarius in the coming 20 years. What is possible is so much more than we knew. In very weird ways that actually serve the collective rather than drain it….and of course…the house aquarius sits in in your personal natal chart is coming up for transformation. This is a massively let go or be dragged energy. How good are you at letting go? How good are you at getting curious and allowing fresh ideas in? How high is your vibe? Do you believe and trust in the unseen or are you chained to the mundane mistake of earth school?  

Uranus stationing direct is also big, in my opinion. It's been retrograde in Taurus for about 5 months. It stays in a sign approximately 7 years. It’s a long transit. And as Uranus is the spellbreaker and the disrupter of the chart (heeeeyyyy magick wand) I think for our community it's massively important. It has the ability to bust the glass ceiling, and disrupt the normative. It, of course, my choose super uncomfortable routes (and probably will) in order to do so…cause  hashtag earth school learning gauntlet. But in Taurus it aims for embodiment….integrity in human form. And it will always hit our pocketbooks when in Taurus. Money talks. Afterall. So if you were released from a job, if you actively transitioned work, had a windfall, or a dry spell of income…..we can look to Uranus in Taurus and the lessons it wants us to learn about integrity around our work and resources. WALK YOUR TALK. The message I’m channeling is that progress that was stalled now makes progress once again..and if you haven’t learned the lesson to move into greater integrity with how you gather your resources…well…it’s not going to be comfy until you do. 

Fun fact. Uranus rules Aquarius. Therefore this season is also ruled by Uranus. And my oh my how this delights my soul. Change is at hand. It’s electrical current. It governs major breakthroughs and breakdowns….cause the breakdown is for the breakthrough…speaks to limitlessness and being an outsider. 


The lie of feeling like an outsider is we typically then make a weird leap to thinking that feeling is a fact and that being an outsider makes us wrong…when really being different, calling out racism, dismantling oppression, saying no more to inequitable systems, owning the fact that gender is made up, the binary is a lie, country and national boundaries are also fucking made up, all humans are valid and can we please just be kind and take care of all souls IS THE REAL SPIRITUAL HEALING WORK IN OUR LIFETIME. Uranus in taurus in Aquarius season as Pluto moves into aquarius says things will probably get messier in the collective (side note that doesn’t mean it has to get messier in your personal life) in order for us to make constructive, disruptive change for the all. Not just for some. 


The basic channeled information in this cycle is to still keep it as low and slow as possible. Support your rest…keep the question HAVE I RESTED ENOUGH TO DO WHAT I NEED TO at the forefront of all things. As well as how can I be radically authentic? What old antiquated models of doing or thinking am I personally willing to let go of in order to make space for a never-before-considered idea to actually work?


Remember the shifts in energy are not automatic. Not an on and off switch…but more like a dimmer switch of  5 - 14 days until it reaches its direct full speed. All of these energies are going to be moving and blending into our lives. And it’ll take some time for them to play out and see how we need to work with them. If you’re interested in more support, in this narrative, it moves through my new and full moon tarot readings, only available to members of Unicorn Wellness Studio dot com. 


This cycle - Aquarius  season -  still has us leaning into our intuition. our soul compass…to make decisions on what we know in our cellular memory is right for us…right now AND asks us…are we calibrated to our soul compass? What can we do to strengthen that connection, how can we truly trust and surrender to the practice listening and taking action on it?


Aquarius is the Unicorn. It’s wild and magical, Alien, does not care who thinks what and simply shines and solves. It’s bright. It misses social cues…to its benefit…it’s lost in its own thoughts, creations, and theories and is researching and working through them. They are contributing to expansion rather than prescribing to herd mentality. More of this please. 


The astrology will also unravel and reveal itself more in my weekly mo(o)nday newsletter (if you don’t receive it already hop on the list at the link in the show notes). 


The channeled messaging always has mysteries it holds till the moment is right. The Universe loves a surprise reveal. 


AND …..

It’s still shadow season. 

We’re still walking the catacombs

This is still the season of old emotions.

And Aquarius is the sign of new, never before seen, futuristic, forward thinking does not care about feelings, it cares about solving. So, let’s not get in our own way and allow for solutions…especially if they are triggering our ego…We don’t need to be right to enjoy a solution…in fact, the need to be right is often whats blocking us from a solution. 


Let’s round up some Aquarius season basics - the eleventh sign of the zodiac chart - always has us blasting off into the cosmic stratosphere, seeking solutions that have never been imagined before in futuristic ways that truly solve for the greater good. It’s expansive. It says there are no genders, there is no normal, nothing is impossible, it says lean into science, keep at the experiments and the research, believe in UFOs, micro dose some shrooms, make cbd part of your life, and channel your starseed origins. 


It says run your freak flag up the flagpole and get weirder than ever for *gasp* contentment, radical self acceptance. 


Aquarius - is the water bearer - or what I call the alien of the zodiac -  it offers us creative solutions for the highest and greatest good of all involved. We welcome the winds of change, inventive ideas, and humanitarian spirit after the daily personal grind of Capricorn. 


It says we have the capacity to solve if we can simply release our overly emotional attachment to what has been. Nostalgia is a real no-no in this season ←watch for the triggers in your own life where you ‘wish things were like they were insert-past- here’. its is bold in walking into the unknown with hope & potential and a rebel spirit. Aquarius says let go of the old. Work with the now. Welcome the new. We were not born into this incarnation to maintain the status quo. 


This is a time of exploration. In every way, body, mind, soul, energy, identity…what are you willing to discover that’s new about yourself? What are you willing to let go of about yourself?


In balance Aquarius energy is everything we’ve talked about up to this point. It’s incredibly intelligent. Massive book and brain smarts. Capable of thinking every angle of a challenge and to also think waaaaay outside of it. It’s science and tech based. ‘Cause every bit of science and technology were first only imaginative ideas…they were first unseen magick. It’s quick, clever, and original . And it’s unexpectedly delicate. And, like Uranus, its ruler,  it can be unpredictable. 


In imbalance, it’s unstable air that knows no boundaries and kicks up into a hurricane. It’s so high frequency (it’ll feel like electrical magic) that it can brew anxiety in the body like you’ve not known prior. It needs major grounding, it needs stimulation to filter and channel (think stimming in all its ways) If there was ever a time to take up cardio and meditation, it’s now. In imbalance it can be a little too optimistic in its humanitarian and activist ideas. It may not always see the practical path. Or it’ll throw the idea out there and never put any effort towards bringing it to fruition. It can be so lost in cerebral rumination that it totally ghosts people. It can be hard to connect to emotionally because Aquarian energy can think…because I think it someone knows…meanwhile they never show up to the birthday party or send a thank you or a text…they can function in major radio silence. It can be temperamental and majorly overthink things. 


In Aquarius season:

  • Cling to your mat - it’s all about grounding, sifting and sorting and moving this energy THROUGH. If it gets stuck it’s super uncomfortable. 
  • PRIORITIZE restoration, rest and sleep
  • Meditate
  • Lighten up on the caffeine. All this air and electrical current is going to make anxiety a big thing this season. 
  • Get in mother nature in whatever ways are accessible to you
  • Get radically committed to your hydration - hydration means better channeling and less anxiety as messages filter through. If you are a healer in this season, if you are not doing this…it’s going to get massively uncomfortable in the vessel. We don’t have time for that. We have work to do. Joy to experience. Pleasure to tend to.
  • Eat your root veggies 
  • Lay on the floor and ground. 
  • Work your legs up the wall before bed
  • Wear some kind of head and or neck covering - especially if you know you are sensitive to air energies. It helps keep the energy grounded and minimize the anxiety. 
  • Use your glycerin sprays copiusly. Keep the static and EMFS OFF.
  • Use scents, incense, eo’s, and sprays with earthy grounding scents: sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, or frankincense
  • Slather your body in olive or sesame oil to keep the vibes from zapping or haywire you. 


We all have Aquarius in our charts somewhere. 

we’re all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


For those who are Aquarius natives - sun rising or moon in your natal chart - welcome home, embrace that you have been returned to your full resources. 

For those who are super sensitive to air energy - prescribe to the list above. If you are prone to anxiety…get on the mat…wear a hat…use the essential oils…swap your lotion for oils. 

Air in the tarot is represented by swords - our intellect, acumen, thought process, words, and around here our subconscious processing. What we think, read, listen to, who we talk to….all contribute to our whole. It teaches us that by shifting what we consume, the words we speak…we can shift our consciousness, invoke healing and progress. This season invites us into books, podcasts, documentaries, courses that present NEW ways of thinking about well, everything. 

Aquarius rules our ankles, calves, shins, and circulatory system. This has everything to do with connecting us to this incarnation. To be connected to and in this world. These are delicate parts of our system and vessel that don’t often receive focus, in other fitness/movement formats). In this cycle be aware of the achilles tendon…it governs this as well…what’s tripping you up and how can you get weirder, more authentic, and futuristic about a solution in order to move through it. 


In this cycle members of UWS will get connected to the ground in powerful and solid ways with my table top series, mountain pose, hundreds, series of five, and our moon flow. 


In many spiritual systems it is believed that our soul connection is at/in our feet. Members will work with monkey feet, toe scrunches, and relevés as well as hip work to get the circulation of release and healing between our deep emotional storage (our hips) to our soul connection (our feet) to move forward into our new future, one step at a time.


Energetically we always tend to all seven traditional chakras plus you’ll see extra focus on the root, sacral, and earth star chakras. 


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