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Explore a practice that has created a stable foundation for thousands of magically minded souls, all over the world since 2013.

A Unicorn Wellness Membership:

  • Is efficient, effective & affordable
  • Is packed with value
  • Checks self care off the to-do list daily
  • Is only 30-min at a time
  • Makes you feel strong, toned & balanced after one video
  • Produces gentle & consistent results
  • Cultivates confidence & intuition
  • Relieves decision fatigue
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Your Best Self Care Starts Right Here. Living in a strong balanced, calm, & capable body is for EVERYONE

Every Month You Get:

  • Eight 30-min mat based workouts
  • Two 30-min stretch series   
  • One 15-min guided meditation
  • Access to four Unicorn Wellness private community groups
  • Monthly newsletter from Tandy
  • Direct access to Tandy  for connection & support
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Unicorn Wellness creates a foundation of a soulful, healed existence through sacred self care. 

Become a member to invoke the highest expression of your soul in this lifetime. 

Every Video Is:

  • Written in accordance to the current lunar & zodiac cycle to balance, harness + connect you to the energies at play to truly work in co-creatorship with the Universal cycles, rather than be capsized by them.

  • Infused with a full chakra balance of Reiki healing, by proxy. You only need to be open to receive an energetic healing to return to your original frequency of wholeness & unconditional love.

  • Accessible to all fitness levels

  • In your Library the 1st of every month.

  • Different every three days 

  • Macro & micro cycled in a four week training cycle

    The week of the full moon asks the most of our effort all month. Two weeks ask for medium effort as we make our way to the new moon. The week of the new moon is our constructive rest week of all stretches.

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Meet some real members...

“To my busy friends, delegate your exercise program! When you give it to the expert, Tandy, you can depend on the get 'er done perspective. That's why UW is the best solution to improve your health & self care.”

Judith - Kansas City, MO

Founder of Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts

“I was always looking for a deeper connection or meaning to things. I didn’t know how all the aspects of my life worked symbiotically. My first live full moon reading blew my mind! It was like opening a door into a room I had no idea existed, but felt like home immediately.Whenever I need some direction or a cleanse from the inside out, I know where my North Star is. UW makes it so simple to come back home to yourself. You don’t need to navigate it on your own. Getting on the mat, listening to the readings, doing the meditations and communing with unicorns brings me mind, body, soul coherence. It all brings healing.”

Ashley - Austin, TX


“Unicorn Wellness is that thing you don't think you need until you try it, and then you can't imagine how you were navigating your days without it.”

Brianna - Denver, CO

Founder of the School of Betty

“After a serious car accident several years ago, which basically destroyed the left side of my body, it's been a long road to recovery. There were still parts of my body (particularly in the hips and pelvic region) that I still experienced a serious lack of flexibility. I was amazed and delighted after a few weeks of the Unicorn Wellness sessions that I found dramatic improvements in those areas and others as well. The one constant is that no matter what my state is before a session, I always feel refreshed and energized afterward.”

Ben - Tennessee


“ I stay with UW because of Tandy's amazing coaching skills. Going into graduate school has been tough but taking 30 minutes every morning to get on the mat has become a non-negotiable in my life. Tandy's knowledge of anatomy and her precise cuing make me feel safe in my body. She's also super gender inclusive- very important for me as a nonbinary transmasculine person. I've been dancing for most of my life so I am very selective with who I trust with my body and take classes from. Since starting daily Pilates workouts, I've never been stronger. I can do a full pushup and pullup with proper form and alignment. Tandy is truly an expert in her craft. ”

Rowan - Philadelphia, PA

Artist & L.Ac. candidate

“It was the puzzle piece I needed to recover & complete my high performance regime.”

Tilita - Los Angeles, CA

High Performance Health Coach

“I would be lost without my Unicorn Wellness practice, honestly and am so grateful to have "found" what my autoimmune body needs to relieve tension, stress and trauma and I've built stamina and strength from my daily practice.  When I don't hit the mat, I'm tired and sluggish and just feel out of sorts.”

Cynthia - Red Deer, Alberta

Reiki Master & Shaman

“Unicorn Wellness is the place where I go to ground my body & my soul! With each offering I feel more empowered and inspired to live the life I want. Unicorn Wellness is the place where I go to ground my body & my soul! With each offering I feel more empowered and inspired to live the life I want.”

Litta - Dallas, TX

Creator of A Little Light Macrame

“I can't think of anything sadder than living an entire life feeling that your body is something other than 'you', something to be beat up, used, smashed into 'shape'. Tandy has taught me to be in my body, respect it, listen to it, be aware of it at an entirely new level. I now embrace, love and welcome aging. It's a gift.”

Mateo - Brooklyn, NY


“Unicorn Wellness is breaking barriers in the wellness industry, stripping fitness and self care from commercial and societal pressures, and bringing wellness back to the self. I didn't know I needed it until I started, and now can't live without it.”

Dionna - Jersey City, NJ

Founder & Host of The Nourished Actor Podcast

“You have to try Unicorn Wellness to get how different it is from other fitness, wellness platforms. You have to experience the holistic approach of having mind, body & spirit engaged in a single integrated place. Plus, the community support is incredible! This isn't the typical online studio or class.”

Paula - Chelsea, MI


“I love that the physical movement is designed specifically to align with the current cyclical energy, that without thinking I can press play and dive in as part of my morning ritual and set space for the day to be truly in alignment with whatever projects I'm creating, working on or managing.”

Emma - North Somerset, UK

Health & Mindfulness Coach

“Tandy gave me back my hope and ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A spiritual experience, on top of a great workout every day? It's a no brainer.”

Lauren - Los Angeles, CA

Host of The Mom Feed Podcast

“Tandy’s cueing truly is outstanding! I have access to everything I need to feel supported in my body, mind, and spirit, all from a coach who truly cares about me. It’s a spiritual thing for me when I make time for it. UW helps me organize my thoughts, take care of my body.”

Erika Sarraco - Oregon

Digital Marketing Agency Director

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Hi, My Dear Unicorn!


I'm a busy mom, step-mom, wife, Master Pilates teacher (25+ years), NSCA CPT, tarot reader, intuitive psychic, and author, thriving in an autoimmune body (Celiac, thyroidectomy, IBS) with 20+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry. 

I am one of the nation’s foremost Pilates experts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine and am the first Pilates Regional Manager for Equinox Fitness SoCal.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, two sons, and our cat, named Mouse.

I love espresso, and all things healing, empowering, witchy woo-woo, cosmic, and other worldly!

I can't wait to get to know you.

xoxo, Tandy

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