EP 53: Winter and Capricorn Season 2023 - 2024 Tarot Forecast

Capricorn & Winter/Summer 2023/2024 Tarot Forecast

This episode is our full five card tarot forecast for December 21st 2023 - March 18th 2024, as well as December 21st 2023 - January 19th 2024.

  • 1 card for the theme of this season.
  • 1 card for what to release.
  • 1 card for what to learn.
  • 1 card for the BIG steps for your highest and greatest good this season.
  • 1 card for the NEXT step for your highest and greatest good this season. 

This is a multi-layered episode of both a micro AND macro cycle. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Capricorn native with your sun, rising or moon in this sign, or have major placements or a stellium in Capricorn in your natal chart. 


Capricorn in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana, is represented by The Devil. This is  sticky card ya’ll. It’s one of the most dreaded in the deck and carries way too much baggage from our puritanical, patriarchal, religious history. In the traditional rider waite smith deck this card is depicted by a large devil with horns and wings, satan or the god pan, hovering over Adam and even in chains connecting each other, around the neck. 


The human pair have tails, one is fire and the other grapes. They are in a dark cave-like space. The images bring up all the fire and brimstone judgment of doing ‘wrong’ ‘immoral’ things and being judged by god and sent to hell. It always calls in the feelings and concepts that humans are inherently bad or wrong and it’s so easy to fall prey to evil…that is if we are not careful, we all end up tempted and at our downfall. 


Interestingly the chains around the pair’s necks are super loose. They can be easily lifted up and over their heads.


In balance this card lets us know that we are one step away from liberation. That we are on the precipice of a breakthrough, happiness, freedom, and connection to our personal divinity. In balance it says you’re one good plan and implementation to better. It calls to Capricorn and Saturn energies of identifying the goal, making a reasonable plan, and putting the appropriate amount of self discipline towards that to-do list slash map. Humaning + manifestation 101. Equal practical and magical effort. Cast the spell, make the wish, utter all the prayers….then meet Divinity at least halfway with thought and effort. 


In Imbalance it calls us out to our bad habits. The things that we know hold us back and we just have not committed to releasing, unlearning, redoing, or releasing. It calls us out to the places and spaces we’re simply not committed to making things better. Where we give full permission to the what the hell effect. We already overspent yesterday…might as well do the same today and tomorrow because ‘What the hell’. When every genuinely helpful coach, mentor, trainer, and therapist knows that all big things happen in tiny incremental changes, repeated over time. If yesterday was a mess…..do all the tiny things today that prevent things from being a bigger mess. Don’t even worry about what you need to clean up just yet….if there’s a leak…TURN THE WATER OFF FIRST. The imbalance of this card calls us to the fact we’re functioning out of fear, base instincts, trauma, and wounded nature….rather than trust and our higher selves. In imbalance it can communicate an obsession or incorrect focus on the material aspects of life rather than the emotional or spiritual. Things being all about what you can get or have vs. what you could create, experience, or be. 


There is no such thing as the devil. The devil is our own limitations of false beliefs. The devil is the devil in all of us. Our bad habits nd the things we allow to hold us back. 


Capricorn is a cardinal earth energy - In the suites of the Tarot -  earth is the pentacles or coins 

These represent our resources - time, money, energy, body, mind and soul. - It gets minimized and dumbed down to money and abundance. And it very often is that simple but my offering is a reminder that our experience of abundance is based on the sum of our resources, all of them…how we respect them, nourish, bolster, grow, save, protect, and circulate them. If your resources feel stuck stagnant or diminishing…the shortcut magic to more is to circulate what you do have. MOVE THINGS AROUND SHAKE THEM UP. 

This energy could feel like stability, stable foundations, sturdiness, and flow in your resources that are working because the emotionality has been taken out of things. It could also feel like blockages, stuck in the mud stagnant situations that just are not moving. If you’re sensitive to practical, adulting, doing the things and making intelligent decisions minus feelings.


This season could be really uncomfortable and you may find yourself resisting all the things that really need doing. It can also call up a hyper practicality that has you leaving joy, fun, and doing what the heart genuinely needs at a soul level….like following the glimmers…. And call you to lean into a better balance of practical and glimmering magic. 


Self care is the medicine and harmonizer of this season. Capricorn knows how to work and effort and strive. That’s actually easy. What it doesn’t always remember to practice in this lifetime is pleasure, restoration, refill, and nourishment so there is energy to keep striving, working, and doing, and community and people to celebrate the goal with at the top. Make time for relationships. Tend to the ones you have and appreciate. Cultivate new ones if there’s been a drought. Focus on the simple care first, hydrate, sleep, eat 3 meals a day….once you’ve got the basics going…then layer in more joy, fun, play, and pleasure. 

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The deck I used in today’s reading is The Wild Unknown

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