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I’ve been an elite trainer & coach for over 20 years. My soul runs deep as a healer anchored in Pilates, yoga, tarot, astrology, and Reiki. I created Unicorn Wellness to bring them all together to integrate & balance our physical & spiritual wellness for the highest expression of our soul in this lifetime.

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YOU are the infinite Universe.

You ARE the spell.

You are the MAGIC.

Tandy leads you out of the labyrinth of decision fatigue & disconnected tactics to your soul's highest expression in this lifetime. Courage is rewarded when you aim to heal unhealthy cycles.
Heal & manifest through self-care.


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How Unicorn Wellness Works

Every month Unicorn Wellness members get 10 brand new 30 minute workouts, a guided meditation, and a new & full moon tarot reading. All you do is log in and press play without any decision fatigue!


A new 30-min mat based workout awaits you every three days - macro & micro cycled to the current astrology. Appropriate for all fitness levels. Pilates, Yoga, and functional movement based for a balance of strength & mobility in every body.


Listen to your new & full moon tarot readings - every month - to harness your fullest potential in this lifetime. Use these readings as soul excavation, journaling prompts, self exploration, support, motivation and healing.


Press play on your monthly guided meditation 4-7 times a week. Each 15-min meditation is crafted specifically to harness & balance the current cosmic energies at play. Listen to them to restore your personal frequency to its origin of love.

Member Testimonials

"Before Unicorn Wellness I was losing strength and flexibility rapidly as part of the aging process. I felt powerless & overwhelmed by having to find time to do one more thing. Working out - something I had once loved - had become a nagging, unfinished errand. I feared for the future of my health, but with Unicorn Wellness I'm working out at home, just thirty minutes at a time and feeling the difference. I'm rediscovering my strength and flexibility. I'm having fun exercising and am no longer discouraged - instead I'm empowered & hopeful." - Christine

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"This is the most connected online community I've seen and it's because of the magic Tandy Gutierrez brings!" - Jenna

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"I'm so grateful to have found Unicorn Wellness. The simplicity of the mat and meditations, the wisdom of Tandy and the Tarot. I'm very excited to be a part of this like minded community of soul sisters. I was seeking to more deeply connect with myself, others, and have greater union with the Universe and this supports all of that!" - Melinda

Membership Pricing Options

We offer four ways to become a member. All membership levels comes with a 7 day trial. Cancel within three easy clicks.

All memberships include: 10 brand new 30 minute workouts every month, a monthly guided meditation, a monthly new moon and a full moon tarot reading, access to the Private Facebook Group, and the Unicorn Wellness monthly newsletter. Also: a live 24/7 U.S. based account support manager, and priority member access and discounts to group coaching and live events.



per month

$32.00 charged every month. Comes with a 7-day trial. No charge today.





per month

$90.00 charged every 3 months. Comes with a 7-day trial. No charge today.




per month

$168.00 charged every 6 months. Comes with a 7-day trial. No charge today.




per month

$312.00 charged every 12 months. Comes with a 7-day trial. No charge today.



Unicorn Wellness Studio is Tandy's online wellness center and a community where subscribing members get access to a new workout every three days, a new & full moon tarot reading and a guided meditation each month. Unicorn Wellness Studio has members in every state in the U.S. and several countries throughout the world who share their wellness journey in a private Facebook group hosted by Tandy and long term members.

Tandy is the creator of the Unicorn Wellness Studio and an internationally recognized wellness educator, celebrity trainer, coach to professional athletes, busy mamas, fierce she bosses, professionals, those suffering from autoimmune disorders, and chronic injury, Tandy and her husband Mateo pioneered the online wellness platform after she transitioned from her position as Regional Pilates Director, SoCal with Equinox Fitness to launch her online studio in 2013.

Tandy is also the author of The Unicorn Wellness Handbook, everything you need to know about transforming your wellness through self-care & spiritual ritual; on the mat, in meditation, and with the Tarot + her food reset. She is a busy mompreneur of two boys, the step-mom to a third son, a tarot reader, intuitive psychic, thriving with three autoimmune diseases; Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy. 

She believes in the magic of a life grounded in a combination of practical & magical habits to balance humanity and divinity in this lifetime - for the highest and greatest good of all involved.

The Unicorn Wellness Handbook

This handbook teaches you to invoke & cultivate your inner unicorn and show up in the world with the maximum amount of sparkle & shine via; movement, fuel, self-care, and spiritual ritual - in an easy to follow four week format. I share my personal wellness journey of how I created the Unicorn Wellness lifestyle & how and why it heals in practical and magical ways, not only for myself but for all Unicorns across the world.

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