EP 41: BONUS Magical Mentoring from the inside with Keli Lyn Jewel and Dionna Eshleman

In this bonus episode I am joined by two of my Magical Mentoring clients to share their experiences with and through the containers I hold.


There’s no way to explain what happens inside the containers of Magical Mentoring - because it is both practical and magical...it’s intuitive and has quite a bit of flow to it and there is structure, but it also unfolds in its own expression during the process. 


The only way to truly KNOW what it’s like is to embark on it. But, I know, it’s an unknown…so that can be scary or weird so people don’t take the risk…which means they miss out on the rewards. 


Many listeners have expressed this in the past, so I thought we’d take a step towards sharing better. So although this episode isn’t a reality based session (though spoiler alert…I’m considering that for future episodes) this is straight from the mentees mouths and experiences.


This episode is a safe way to better understand, and to perhaps see if it’s a fit for you, at some point on your path.


Fall Magical Mentoring is opening for enrollment the week after this episode is published. 

I’m scheduling exploration calls August 25th through September 3rd, 2023. So if this episode piques your interest, head to the link in the show notes to schedule your 30-min exploration call with me to begin Mentoring this September through December 2023.  


If you’re listening to this after these dates, don’t worry, Magical Mentoring happens twice a year. Hang tight till Spring.


And even if you’re not interested in mentoring this conversation is incredible intersectional feminist joy, exploration, support, and process. There is a spark here for everyone. 


My guests on this episode have been working with me for years now since the birth of this program 5 years ago. They know the hang-ups and they know the blessings. They’re truth tellers and discerning women.


They are both stunning coaches, podcasters, and healers in their own rite. 


Highlights in this episode: 


  • How Magical Mentoring work 
  • What it feels like to be lost and repeating toxic patterns
  • What it feels like when you are lost and wanting to reincorporate spirituality into your life
  • What it feels like when you’re on the other side of shadow work
  • How to step into better decision making and abundance
  • How to shift from shaky ground to stable foundations
  • Manifesting from wounded spaces a.k.a trauma manifesting
  • What it’s like to be coached in a truly non-patriarchal space
  • Delving deep into self care to micro-dose your magic
  • How coaching through Tarot readings work

Ready to explore Group Magical Mentoring NOW?

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Who is Keli Lyn Jewel?

With a background in all the best things people love to hate (the arts, sex work, queer culture, intersectional feminism, alternative health, direct sales, spirituality…), Keli Lyn Jewel combines cognitive, somatic, and esoteric approaches to her work as a life coach. She helps her clients excavate the internal narratives to see what’s been handed to them through socialization and what’s truly theirs, so they can reclaim their agency in life. Dismantling internalized bullshit can be daunting. Doing it alone? Forget it. When the call is coming from inside the house, we often can’t even see it on our own. But within an accessible, supportive community, and coach for cognitive and somatic processing, to help excavate those narratives so you can hold them up to the light? That’s some fucking magic. 


Connect with Keli:

Instagram: @Keli.Lyn.Jewel

TikTok: Keli.lyn.jewel
Website: kelilynjewel.com

Podcast: F-Words: Your Business is Feminist AF


Who is Dionna Eshleman?

A mission-driven multi-hyphenate Sales Witch, Tarot Reader, Performer and Educator. As a deeply prophetic cosmic witch and channel, she helps people activate their magic and tap into their intuition through. She is the former host of the Nourished Actor Podcast, a podcast aimed at helping actors and creatives lead a more balanced and nourished lifestyle. 


Connect with Dionna:

Book a Tarot Reading: Here

Instagram: @quennieofwantds

Podcast: The Nourished Actor


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Connect with Tandy: 

Facebook: @UnicornWellness
Website: UnicornWellnessStudio.com

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