What if your weakness became your greatest strength?


Tandy's Healing Protocols do just that.

I'm ready to heal!
The body is designed to heal and thrive!


This collection of 30-minute stretches and workouts are the culmination of 20+ years of coaching experience to heal chronic, diagnosed, tight, or just funky issues in the shoulders, hips, low back, hamstrings, feet, knees, and wrists. Clients are inevitably shocked that progress and healing happen in sneaky, calm, quiet, and subtle ways that no other program, practitioner, class, PT, coach, or healer has been able to make progress with. Tandy's work is practical magic for strength, mobility, and embodiment.

It's time to work with the vessel, rather than against it.

Healing Requires Balance

These workouts are the culmination of Tandy's career thus far. They focus on larger sections of the body; hamstrings, hips, and shoulders - to get results in a wide list of issues that include but are not limited to: Chronic low back pain - Disc issues at L4, L5, and S1 - Hip pain (including hip repairs) - Snapping Hip Syndrome - Sciatica - Piriformis issues - Labral tear (shoulder or hip) - Shoulder issues - Neck issues - Rotator cuff issues - Bursitis - Plantar Fasciitis - General tightness, lack of mobility or inflexibility - Pinching/compressed nerves .....anything that feels tight, cranky, odd...diagnosed or not, gets better with this work.

When we train to the weakness, it actually strengthens the whole.  

The Unicorn Wellness Healing Protocols includes:

  • Twenty-six 30-minute mat based workouts.
  • Six unique PDFs of how to best work with the videos for healing.
  • Access to Tandy and her Private Groups for support and guidance.

Each video is:

  • Accessible to all fitness levels. 
  • Proven to make progress in the issue or injury when nothing else has, since 2001.
  • Written with extreme care on a functional fitness and energetic level to heal.
  • Infused with a full Reiki healing, by proxy. You only need to be open to receive.
Healing allows our greatest weakness, to become our greatest strength.

Get To Know Your Healer

Tandy Gutierrez is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates experts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine and was the first Pilates Regional Manager for Equinox Fitness SoCal. She is a full apparatus and mat certified Pilates instructor, NSCA CPT, BFA in Dance, with a multitude of auxiliary certs in yoga, martial arts, strength & conditioning, and group fitness with 20+ years of experience with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from highly injured, to extremely fit, SAH to celebrities, beginners to advanced.

Tandy is the founder & creator of Unicorn Wellness. She is a Wellness Witch, High Priestess, tarot reader, intuitive-psychic, energetic healer, mom, wife, step-mom, and author, thriving in, what used to be a hyper-mobile, highly injured, autoimmune body (Celiac, thyroidectomy, IBS). She teaches others to work with their body, rather than against it to cultivate a loving and healthy relationship with the vessel, the home of our soul...heaven on earth.

She lives with her husband, two sons, and their blue-Russian cat, Mouse. Tandy loves the mat, espresso, Hecate, healing, Paris, and Barcelona!

Are you ready to transform what hold you back, into what allows you to fly?



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