EP 52: Winter and Capricorn Season 2023 - 2024 Energy Forecast

Blessed Winter Solstice and a focused welcome to Capricorn season everywhere!

Today we’ve got our deep dive into Capricorn energy along with my channeled offerings. 

Let’s see what this season wants us to hear. 


This episode is an energetic overview with guidance for the next 4 months; December 21st 2023 - March 18th 2024. You may want to revisit each month in this season. Listening multiple times is so empowering as you discover how these channeled messages actually play out in your life. It helps our energies sync and aids in your ability to synthesize and utilize these readings as coaching or mentoring, rather than just adding more noise in your life. 


The Sun shifts into Capricorn December 21st 2023 - January 19th 2024- it is the beginning of a new zodiacal season as well as our next meteorological season - all hail the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere - summer in the southern hemisphere. 


Capricorn season  always welcomes the diligent, goal oriented, focused, determined, reliable, strong willed and independent spirit as we say goodbye to the new ideas, enthusiasm, and take aimed-ness of Sagittarius season.


This transition has us taking the ideas we got in Sag season and supports us to begin to chart the map up the mountain to the goal(s) we aimed our arrows at in the last cycle. 


We won’t climb the entire mountain in this season. We won’t get to the top in this cycle of days,  but we do begin. And often, starting is the hardest part. 



In this Capricorn season:

Uranus is still Rx

Dec 21st - the sun enters Capricorn and we have our Winter/Summer Solstice

Dec 23 - Mercury retrograde backtracks into Sagittarius

Dec 26 - Full Moon in Cancer

Dec 29 - Venus moves into Sagittarius

Dec 30 - Jupiter stations direct!

Jan 1 - Mercury stations direct - we enter 2 weeks of shadow

Jan 4 - Mars enters Capricorn

Jan 11 - New Moon in Capricorn

Jan 13 - Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 15 - Mercury is free and clear of its shadow!


This cycle - Capricorn season - and for this community's purpose also an umbrella for winter-   as a whole - will toy with communication. Both internal and external. There are notes from the eclipse season hidden like easter eggs in this cycle. We think we know…but we don’t. There’s a twist…we’re going to need to stay tuned to the details and to be looking for the hidden messages. Be clear - this doesn’t mean anyone is lying…it’s just…there’s MORE…Jupiter going direct is the big news of the cycle…my channeled insight is that while it was retrograde…our luck may seemed to have been going backwards…and when it stations direct…much like a mercury direct…the luck will start to move in the ‘benevolent’ direction…or at the very least stabilize. Jupiter has been Rx since September 3rd…and will station Direct on December 30th. 


Remember the shifts in energy are not automatic. Not an on and off switch…but more like a dimmer switch of  5 - 14 days until it reaches its direct full speed.


This cycle - Capricorn season and winter -  asks us to lean into our intuition. Our soul compass. Our deepest knowing…and NOT the pro/con lists or over cerebralizing what is ‘right or best’. 


Dear listeners of the magic spark, we’re getting taken to task on our magick and our connection to the unseen and knowing without knowing why. 


Basically the message is  ya’ll aren’t basic, you’re too magical to pretend the pro/con list is what makes a ‘good, right, better, or best’ decision.  And the Universe is gonna f with us on this. There will be many moments in this cycle that we may need to ask ‘do you know what you know?’ and the gist is soul knowing. Intuition. Magic messaging…not fact, or receipts but the knowing of the unseen, spirit, soul….knowing. 


Mercury retrograde trickster is here. Aphrodite fuck around and find out is here. It offers blessings, benevolence, and gifts…as well as trickery and trip ups. 


Be clear we never dismiss intellect or facts around here. But all the messages of this cycle is that there is hidden magic and healing in things that may not be the factual process.  


This is the channeled offering in this cycle. 


Our communication will be taken to task. 

Our trust in our messaging will be utilized…and by that I mean…tested LOL..


And it isn’t just about the magic messaging of signs, symbols, and omens this season. 


It’s about all of it. 


Watch your words. 

Every word we speak is a spell. 

Use your Lilitian Language - Set fair, clear, and equitable boundaries with your words - if you know you know - what you allow….the universe will also allow….you feel me?


Be clear about what you want and desire. 


WANT and DESIRE are a big deal for 2024. Enough of taking scraps…and yes…when we say ‘ whatever the universe wants for me or sends my way’ is scraps. It’s a cop out. It takes away the responsibility of aiming at something. 


YES, saying you want something is a risk. You may not get it. That’s real. But - when you do - you’re being honest with yourself and the Universe. 


Truth is always better than hiding. And the Universe responds and resonates with truth. 

If you can finally get honest about what you want and desire……and start navigating in soul honesty…and communicate in that truth…well..that’s quite a miracle right there. That’s some miracle frequency magic right there. 


Quit pretending you don’t have wishes, wants and desires. 

You may be very disconnected from there - and therein lies the work - to remember - to reconnect - to reimagine desire and want…but be clear….they are there. Somewhere. The puritanical patriarchy and organized religion may have shamed them beneath the surface of connection….but they are still there. 


Time to resurrect. Time to rebirth. 

Time to bring back the ways of the goddess. 


Being human is the gauntlet and the only thing that makes this 3D meat suit experience worthwhile is our pleasure. 

And in order to experience pleasure you’re going to need to be deeply connected to desire.


If you prescribe to goddess nature, goddess culture, the goddess religion, the goddesses…..be clear the directive is to know and understand your desire and be willing to receive it. 


The astrology will always unravel and reveal itself more in my weekly moonday newsletter (if you don’t receive it already hop on the list at the link in the show notes). 


The channeled messaging here has mysteries to reveal as we go as well. 


This season takes us from 2023 to 2024….and if you’ve been with me since 2020…it’s important for us to remember that we had a massive cleanse in 2020 (hello, pandemic) and that the messaging has always been things won’t be anywhere near ‘normal’ until 2024…and that we needed to get to 2024 not for ‘normal’ but for exaltation, abundance, new, and rebirth. 2023 offered the gateway to more abundance than we’ve ever seen and known, and some of us were up for receiving in 2023 but that the real deal manifestations and healings were not slated until 2024…..ya’lll….it’s almost here. 


Every single bit of healing and work we’ve done matter and they have all been moving us towards and into 2024. Stakes get higher, the risks and the rewards get bigger. 

The question that is coming through is - 

Have you grown enough to play bigger? 


In some ways manifestation is easy…but can you maintain and sustain the frequency to hold? This community received the messaging that we needed a little more healing in order to hold the blessings and healings we have been seaking. 


This past Sag season directed us to go much slower than we wanted to, this season said explore, but implement later…Capricorn season is the first step into later.


We get clearer as to what mountain top we are aiming to climb to and we can begin making the plan, and even begin some of the initial steps up said mountain. 


AND …..

It’s still shadow season. 

We’re still walking the catacombs

Winter asks us to walk deeper down. . 

There is still healing here. There are still unknowns. This is still the season of old emotions..that offers us new healing for said emotions…and how do you heal it? By feeling it. Thus enters some trickster energy…we must feel to heal…but all feels are not facts. so , we need to feel, we also need to be willing to know even tho we may need to emotionally play things out, it’s not always a fact of what we need to feel through. Very Alice through the looking glass vibes. There’s a very strange liminal 




Capricorn  is ruled by Saturn …therefore this season is also ruled by Saturn. And oh my, Saturn gets a bad rap…but let’s talk about it. 



Saturn is considered the father and disciplinarian of the planets. Yes - we’re talking gender and binary now…but let’s do it and understand that all parents, people, and caregivers are more than one narrative - we are all the full spectrum - but let’s go with an old school binary for the themes and exaggerated energy in order to clearly understand. Saturn is father time. He is meant to teach us the benefit of discipline, self discipline, a good ole time out, or grounding. Why? Because his thematic goal is to make sure we have actually learned from our mistakes. Not to embody or live by shame or deprivation…but to understand the value of time, effort, and energy, and the value of getting to our goals while not repeating our mistakes. 


Saturn wants the best for us, but he absolutely knows that sometimes the best thing is uncomfortable. 

Rarely do humans learn from comfort. 

Discomfort is what propels us into different, new, and better.

If things are comfortable…there is no reason to change. 

Saturn’s role is triggering, disruption, and discomfort…in order to initiate growth, wisdom, and constructive change. 


Be clear, Saturn’s eye is on the long game…not short term, feel good gratification. 


So, if self discipline, or doing the things that serve the long game, adulting,  or if feeling ‘good’ is our barometer for life…we’re going to get called out, be put on pause, and sent to a time-out until we learn our lesson of quality over quantity. 


We will be on a loop, destined to repeat the same problems until we disrupt them with a new, more self disciplined, solution. 


Saturn does not do quick fixes. 


And will seriously wait us out…no matter how long it takes…for us to learn our lessons. 


And Saturn rules Capricorn. 


Capricorn - the mountain goat of the chart - which old school is actually part goat and part sea creature ... .is known as the goal getter of the chart. Want to achieve? Want to manifest? Want to hit new heights in your career or finances? You’re going to need to be besties with Capricorn. 


But be clear - there are aspects less known about Capricorn that are deeply spiritual and magical….because how do you think they can get so clear and know the path up the mountain? When Capricorn fully delves into their spirituality, their intuition, their brand of magic….there is no stopping them from getting to the goal. They know what is for them, and the way to it, with practicality, because of their depth of understanding themselves, trusting their messaging, and trusting the unseen. 


Capricorn energy just doesn’t wave their woo-woo flag (typically) for the public. In this area, they don’t need public recognition. They keep it deep, real, and often to themselves and their nearest and dearest. They’re not here to teach the magic, they’re here to embody it and take action with it. 


Capricorn is represented by The Devil  card in the Tarot which we’ll dive deeper into in EP 53  in our Cap season tarot forecast …so much shade in this combo…of demonizing discipline and goal….and yet I think with all our conversation about Saturn, and Capricorn in general, most humans think self discipline, adulting, and the work that is required to get to our goals is the devil…lol…soooo there’s that. We’ll talk about it in Ep 53, so come back to listen, if you’re interested. The Devil always offers us that the things that keep us chained and distanced form the sweetness of life…are our bad habits. Super simple. 


This cycle invites us to connect to the depth of our spirituality in our functional day-to-day practice - meditate. Light the candles. Burn the incense. Make the offerings. Talk to your benevolent ancestors. Invoke the goddesses. Get clear about what you want. Begin to create a map towards your desires. And hunker down into the self discipline required to get to it. 


This cycle asks us to Communicate with the seen and unseen better and perhaps differently than ever before. 


Let’s recap and round up Capricorn season basics - the eighth sign of the zodiac chart. 


This season offers intense focus on goal getting, achieving, doing, and taking the emotions out of the process in order to get to the point.


Capricorn offers us clarity, intent, stamina, and a way up…. any mountain. 


Capricorn offers us the time to create the map & the plan to any goal we can imagine. 


In balance Capricorn energy is constructively ambitious, persistent, practical, and disciplined. 


In imbalance Capricorn is a relentless workaholic who can get real touchy if the lens is swiveled onto them rather than the task. The energy can be dry and (tiny bit of shade) uptight, emotionally distant and cold. In other words sometimes with Cappy if you try to talk personal, they shut down.  


Hang in there, Cappy is an earth sign, so at its roots are warm, rich soil, providing grounding, stable foundations, and abundant growth for the long term…and yet…often what we experience of Cap is the cold gray stone of the mountain. 


Yes, Capricorn will achieve things that seem literally impossible and improbable...through sheer grit and focus...but might die on the side of that mountain on the way up because they forgot to hydrate, rest, play, or take a look at the view.


Capricorn's lesson in this lifetime is self care. It’s all about balance. Capricorn energy must learn to give equal focus to personal emotions, needs, 3D pleasure and joy...along with the tasks that get to the goal. It’s imperative Capricorn energy learns to pack a lunch, stop to enjoy the view, dance between levels, and simply rest along the way. 


Capricorn energy is fierce - can do energy. And when it leans deeply into its magic…it’s half goat half sea serpent - it’s super mythological, a creature of both worlds, highly misunderstood. In this forms, it straddles two worlds, the magic unseen, capable of imaginable feats, and this 3D experience of blood, sweat, tears, touch, taste, and sound…So if we are to fully express the balance of Capricorn - we must balance our practical with our magical habits and tactics to get to the goal - having a beautiful time along the way. 


This year, this cycle, this winter…is majorly calling us to reclaim not only the balance but the mythological nature of capricorn. The improbable mythology of achieving and getting what we want. Now, more than ever. 


This season, with its structure and road to manifestation, we will also require softening so our divine souls get to the top - along with our 3D vessel. This is echoing major notes of go slower….to get to the goal…so it lasts longer. No more quick shit. 


In Capricorn season:

  • Schedule time to play.
  • PRIORITIZE restoration, rest and sleep
  • Meditate
  • Get in water (swim, bathe, shower) and hydrate
  • If you’re already on the mat with me, stay on it. It serves us SO WELL in a go getter season of yin balance. .
  • Get organized.
  • This season will start to clarify what the goal actually is. 
  • Look at what has always worked in your life - keep it - look at what has never worked - ditch it - and look at what education, tools, tactics or support you've never had that could move things forward for you - PLAN FOR IT. 
  • Schedule active time out of each day to ask yourself how you feel….and what you need to nourish your inner mythological creature (what does my inner UNicorn need today? Greens, a smoothie, a walk outside, fun music, to doodle, a bath? LEAN INTO IT it will support getting to the goal). 
  • Recruit, hire, learn, and schedule new supports do that your path of the mountain is more support and better balanced than ever before. 


If you can do the above....you can see EPIC manifestations, healing, and transformations in your life in 2024. 


This is a time of being honest with yourself about work/life balance.

Or effort and receive balance.


It is a time of letting the tears out for feeling overburdened with functionality and calls us back to a our divine, magical, mythical soul. 

It calls us out on resentment, and expectations and people pleasing in what our goals actually are. Is the mountain you are currently climbing, really yours to climb? 

Is it time for a new mountain?


How are you honoring your capacity for expansion and growth?


The question we always ask in Capricorn season - Are you hiding in work to avoid the emotional and soul expressions seeking to be healed and let out to play? OR the reverse: are you hiding in play with no map, plan, or larger goal than the next 24 hours?

 Balance in all things my loves. 


Capricorn’s mantra is I use - or I utilize - or….. I create. Do you typically consider Capricorn creative? Achieving is literal creation. 


Use all the data points this cycle. But lean into your feels. And get honest about whether or not they are facts that you need to live by or stories that are holding you back. 



We all have Capricorn in our charts somewhere. 

we’re all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


For those who are Capricorn natives - sun rising or moon in your natal chart - welcome home, embrace that you have been returned to your full resources. 

For those who are super sensitive to earth energy - it may feel like you are being called up with receipts on EVERYTHING…you may want for life and people to just let some things goooo and let something slide…but this season says nope. There have been other cycles for that, this one takes us to task to check some lessons off the to-do list for good…but there may be some build up her. Hang in there. Take breaks, invoke rest, meditation, prayer, hydration, and bathing. .

Earth  is the element of our resources - our time, money, energy, body, mind, and soul….it reminds us that what we produce has everything to do with how we tend to our heaven on earth, our vessel, and ourselves in this 3D incarnation. Our subconscious programming + our practical doing, and self discipline vs. not will all be up for celebration or review in an earth cycle. Particularly in Capricorn season. 


Capricorn rules the Knees, Joints, skeletal system, and teeth -  What I’ll offer up here for this community is that knee issues may abound this cycle. Knees are connected to our Father Wounds, our relationship with money, resources, and career, as well as spiritual lessons we have learned but are not yet implementing…knee issues represent walking our talk as well as feeling cut off at the knees. …a quick note on father wounds and capricorn…some astrologers prescribe to the theory that your Capricorn placement in your chart also describes the energetics of your father in this lifetime….so another connection between Saturn - father time - and Capricorn father issues/father wounds. 


Last note - my dear UWS members remember you - also have an offering in their library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Capricorn - for even more Cappy understanding to support this season. 


AND You’ll find our Capricorn slash Winter season tarot forecast + a little ditty about The Devil card in the tarot -  in tomorrow's episode,  if you’re listening in real time, or directly after this in Episode 53. 

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