EP 50: Sagittarius Season 2023 Energy Forecast

Sagittarius season runs November 22nd - December 20th  2023.


Sagittarius season always welcomes the forward motion, breath of fresh air, new ideas, fun, and fresh perspectives after the deep dark of Scorpio.


In this Sagittarius season:

  • Uranus is still Rx
  • Mars enters Sag on the 24th
  • We have a full moon in Gemini on Nov 27th 
  • Mercury retroshade begins on the 29th
  • Mercury enters Capricorn December 1st
  • Venus moves into Scorpio Dec 4th
  • Dec 6th Neptune stations direct
  • We have a new moon in Sagittarius on Dec 12th
  • And on Dec 13th mercury stations Rx


In some ways it’s a mellow cycle. 

The big shifts are a mercury Rx and it's still not that big because it happens 3xs a year. 

And Neptune stations direct early december. 


The astrology will unravel and reveal itself more in my weekly moonday newsletter (if you don’t receive it already hop on the list at the link in the show notes). 


The channeled messaging is all about taking it slower than we want to, or than Sag likes to. 

It’s all about not immediately solving anything, but being aware of things, accepting them, and setting them on the shelf…then exploring potential solutions….as we sift, sort, evaluate, think about, and feel into all our options for solutions….and implementing and taking action LATER.


I say this every year. 

AND it's louder this year. 


We’re seeing more of where we want to go. 

We’re allowing ourselves to connect, perhaps for the very first time ever, to what we, on our own terms, want and desire. WITHOUT shame or sandbagging ourselves. 


And Sag season has us all excited to jump into it - as it does every year..part of the fun and love of the holiday season (if you resonate with that) is not about the holidays at all it’s about the energy of Sag. 


This is a major moment of understanding the beauty of feeling excited and having truly amazing ideas and visions, and to learn to use it for a long game plan, rather than an instant gratification moment (over spending on gifts that brings shame the rest of the year). 


Go slower than you want. 

Actually slow yourself down. 

It’s still shadow season. 

We’re still walking the catacombs. 

It’s not time to activate, initiate or do. And the longer you work outside the energetics the farther you are from your goals, and from the healing you want. 


I know how hard this is. I have a ton of fire in my chart. I have years of moving too fast. Did it still produce some amazing things and a lot of fun. Yes. but could those wins have been bigger or more sustainable with less burnout and clean up and recovery - for sure. 


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter…therefore this season is also ruled by Jupiter. 

Jupiter is considered the Santa Claus of the chart. Some astrologers prescribe that Jupitarian energy is benevolent and brings gifts wherever it goes…but nothing is just ONE thing…Jupiter EXPANDS its a gas giant that can gas us up having us think just because we have energy to do something that we currently have the skills to back it up (when we don't). 


Jupiter also speaks to the indulgence of the season that has us in a lot of shame over spending, eating, wellness, and overall self-care by January. It can be a massively overindulging energy that gaslights us into thinking this is just how it is because it's all we’ve known or seen. 


Just know, sometimes energy can be trickster. Mercury for sure is. The Magician in the tarot can be. And so can Aphrodite. We can feel and know and be in the energy but discernment and wisdom is still a necessity. Just because we feel the energy doesn’t mean we should hop in and ride along. 


Stay awake. 

Be present. 

Practice awareness. 

Just because you’re offered something or CAN do something doesn’t mean you should. 

Make wise choices on your own terms. 

This is a massive slow down in our culture. 

It builds stable foundations that stand the test of time and in disposable times, in a capitalistic culture we can very much feel everything should be quick or is easily replaceable - it shouldn’t and it isn’t. 


Focus on quality, endurance, mastery, honesty, and stability. 


Hot and fast is okay for a few seasons…but it’s not this one. 


Slow and low is still the tempo.


Sagittarius season will always have us wandering and expanding, interested, excited and enthused in new ways to do all the things. However,  it requires focus, so you don’t get dragged or exhausted or miss actually getting something done. 


Sagittarius is a centaur - half horse half man, and an archer. It’s the second athlete of the zodiac chart. It’s primal and capable, capable of being a workhorse,  needs to burn off steam and synthesize ideas and concepts PHYSICALLY. SUPER educated, but needs blinders on in order to keep their eye on the bullseye - when focused - they always hit the bullseye - but without constructive discipline they are wandering around the world, literally. 


This season will have us asking:

  • What haven’t we seen or explored? 
  • What could we be more open about?


It’s got very Hanged One (from the Tarot) vibes. A shift of perspective could change everything. 

These things offer us new solutions, and peace, to old triggers and trip ups.

Things we never thought we were suited for, things we never imagined we’d be embarking on…this season says, imagine…explore…and perhaps run towards it and into it.


Sag is represented by The Temperance card in the Tarot which we’ll dive deeper into in EP 51 in our Sag season tarot forecast - which seems counterintuitive…and yet…it’s all the wise medicine. Sag is enthusiastic and ret - ta - GO in an instant - but temperance reminds us that it takes time to build greatness, knowledge, and understanding. Temperance gives the medicine of slow down, support, plot, and plan, and above all learn to recover when working with Sagittarius energy because although it’s creative and capable, it tends to move too fast and run the major statistical risk of failing at a project, simply because they took it too fast. 


As much knowledge and learning that Sag offers us…it equally  offers us mistakes and feet-in-mouth moments to  show how easy it can be to LET IT GO and just move on…as well as the embarrassment that moving too fast or with too much confidence can generate. 


This cycle invites us to be playful, be open, be willing to explore and be willing to own our mistakes, openly…..to finally solve for good or for better. It offers us steps into wisdom. It’s always a matter of taking and embracing the learning and the glow up.  


In balance Sag energy is fierce, passionate, curious adaptability. It will find answers in strange places that others don’t dare to explore. It's a fire sign with massive capacity to get things going, finish something up, with stamina for dayz. It can manifest. It's super fun at a party….and again, when focused…..will hit the mark. Exalted sag is a fierce educated leader, constantly learning and inventing, capable of seriously pulling a magic rabbit out of a hat. It’s lit and balanced, fun, sexy, solid and capable. 


In imbalance, it’s a wild ride. Spinning wheels, wasting time, wandering lost…convinced it’s having a great time, disconnected from feelings, sending itself up about what a great time is being had by all. In imbalance it's ungrounded, erratic, and its still fire…soooo can quickly get destructive. Burning down the forest when all it was trying to do was cook dinner. This version needs grounding and to get into the vessel QUICK….best way is a workout, and I don’t mean yin stretches, it needs to push, pull, launch, jump, or jog. It needs to MOVE and push the boundaries and engage in adrenaline to a certain extent. 


In imbalance Sag is saying all the wrong things, and making weir mistakes, and breaking things…while at the same time being too embarrassed about it all to even attempt an apology - they’ll just keep galloping past all the things and pretend they didn’t happen - cause they earnestly don’t mind…they just don't always realize that other people do. 


Fire is the mighty magic element - when we can focus and channel it - it becomes the miraculous wand of manifestation. It imagines, creates, calls in and transmutes. It’s capable of earnestly bringing anything to manifestation….Sag is the imagination with vision and philosophy…it can however lack grounding, rails, a logical to-do list and actionable tactics…it’s possible, but can you take the steps to make it probable. 

Sagittarius rules our legs, and specifically our thighs. This energy is intrinsically connected to our capacity to move forward in the world, on our own terms. Sag NEEDS TO MOVE, remember when I said it was the second athlete of the chart? When in motion, it flows. This season asks all of us if we are strong enough to move ourselves forward - as well as asking - do we have the stamina for what we want to see brought to life? Issues with our legs may crop up to bring us to exactly these questions - ailments and issues in the legs right now want you asking these two questions and implementing healing NOW. 


Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com transition into Sagittarius energy - on the mat -  with movements that ask us to move athletically with strength from the ground up in new ways for the legs, glutes, and hips.


This cycle calls us to ground our strength, to move forward and through discomfort for a true phoenix flight (after scorpio season)  with endurance and enthusiasm. You’ll see kneeling squats, monster walks, and my signature single leg series with a focus on hip, and glute/hamstring strength. 


Energetically we always tend to all seven traditional chakras, you’ll see continued work on the root, sacral, and solar plexus and the earth star this month. 


Vibe check…are you connected to your joy, creativity, education, philosophy, reading, listening, learning, and expanding? Do you trust exploration and expansion? Do you attract what you want? Do you galavant enough…in thought…feelings…actual travel?


It is time to. 


Let me state  this is a time to implement the idea of slowing down in order to speed up later. Sag is also an archer…..arrows can only fly with the proper amount of tension on the pull back….this is a time of learning what actual balance is for you. You’ve got ideas to explore. Can you finally make the plan, make the to -do list and implement one step at a time in the life you currently have as you’re on your way to move of the life you want? It’s not a one leap, one step process. You’ve to learn that excitement doesn’t last but plans and processes do. Once the initial adrenaline excitement has worn off…can you to the boring doing that gets you to your ultimate bullseye? It’s a time to focus on the goal. Do you know what you want? Your why power has to grow into more than your willpower and adrenaline, dopamine hits. 


In this cycle it’s time to: 


  • Commit or recommit or continue with your movement practices. Get on the mat with me, on UnicornWellnessStudio.com. Lift heavy things. Add a little cardio (for your heart). Create a flow of strength, mobility, core, and cardio. Sag is fierce when it’s grounded and connected to the vessel. And by the way….you can just get on the mat with me and add 3xs a week of walking to keep thing really simple in your fitness practice. If you need more guidance on this - because everyone is different - feel free to ask questions in the members only private facebook group or drop in my DMs on IG. I’m here to help. 
  • Hydrate. The heat and excitement can have you burning up or out from the inside out. Half of your body weight in ounces of water a day with a teaspoon of pink salt in those TOTAL ounces.
  • Wear or diffuse lemon, peppermint, orange, or lavender. Sag needs calm and balance + these keep a cleansed, calm, joyful and good luck energy flowing. 
  • Keep eating your root veggies and  anything and all things red, black or orange…..black rice with black radish, sweet potato, orange bell peppers, carrots…blood oranges are amazing in this season if you can find them. 
  • Work with or wear anything orange - glamor and color magic are always with us; orange is the color of the sacral chakra and it calls in joy, creativity, it moves stagnation out - so if seasonal depression is something you experience this color and scent is highly supportive, it calls in opportunity, and supports our ambition (which we all need in order to get to our goals…whether they are external or internal goals). 
  • Mediate. 
  • Use your tapping and shaking healings in your UNicorn Wellness Studio Library
  • Expand your mind - travel if you can - watch movies, documentaries, listen or read books you might not typically choose, go outside your typical comfort zone. What’s a topic you know NOTHING about or a topic you pretend you know about…support it. 
  • Cast your spells with orange candles in this cycle. 
  • Work with carnelian - healing crystal. 


We all have Sagittarius in our charts somewhere. 


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