EP 51: Sagittarius Season 2023 Tarot Forecast

This episode is our single card tarot forecast for November 22nd - December 21st 2023.

1 card for the spirit in which to move through things. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Sagittarius native and have your sun, rising and or moon in this sign. 


Sagittarius in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana -  is represented by The Temperance card - In the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck it's depicted by an angel, not just any angel this is the archangel Micheal with one foot in a stream of water and one foot on earth, pouring water from one chalice to another. There’s a sunny glowing crown in the background, and our angel has a full expanse of red wings with an orange triangle with the point facing upward on its chest/gown. 


This card traditionally offers us a move from the unconscious emotional space (the foot in the water) to grounded 3D expression of the unconscious (the foot on the earth) with a new horizon of perspectives (the glowing crown) the flow of water between cups offers a harmony in the flow of ideas, inspiration, and emotions as well as spiritual connection. 


This card says alchemy is at hand. That we are more protected than we know - Micheal is the kitchen sink of archangels, a warrior guardian to call in when we may not know any other angels - it says we are more protected than we know in the changes and healing we want to move into. 


Temperance calls to balance but it’s not so pedantic - it’s about past and future and how we create balance with them, in this moment. 


This card has always offered me, my readings, and my community as a time of transformation, if and when we can take out emotional and energetic lessons/healing/shadows and work with them differently than ever before. It’s a time to explore new perspectives, habits, and tactics to move forward in ways we’ve not been able to before. It’s about being willing to be wrong. To admit mistakes and truly move forward fresh and free. 


Sagittarius seeks liberation at all costs. Temperance asks us to balance our karma by intellectual exploration that’s put into action. Want a different outcome? Do it differently. 

It offers magic in the functional practical doing. 


Temperance is so much the epitome of finding our current balance of practical and magical . 


It fuses the personal and celestial words. Divine energy can actually touch down in the 3D world. In this cycle you may discover you are more than you ever dreamed. It’s a time when your soul personality can fuse into physical form  when anchored in self love and faith + relationship to the divine cosmic expanse.  


Temperance is number 14 in the deck 4+1 = 5 the number of change

Sagittarius, as an energy of the zodiac always, offers us:


  • The magic of education and philosophical  exploration. 
  • It asks what IF and leaves an opening for unknown and new answers. 
  • Healing the wounds of worthiness, confidence, and manifestation,
  • The power of the pull back for tension in order to get our arrow to fly to our bullseye goal.
  • The power of enthusiasm to get us started and carry us through. 
  • The challenge of laying foundations and getting enthusiasm focused.
  • The focus for manifesting bigger in our lives. 


Honor Sag this cycle with a short trip. Think road trip or hike. Horseback riding, a workout of any kind but particularly those that focus on the lower body, thighs, and glutes, documentaries, podcasts, books, classes, tutorials. It’s time to open and expand your mind. Explore the possibilities and potential that you have never known prior. 

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign - adaptable -  in the suites of the Tarot - Fire  is represented by wands - this is the element of willpower, creativity, and inspiration.  It's unpredictable, hot, and wild. And in imbalance it's an illusion, a non-constructive ego that only says me first, it can be impulsive, and seriously lack direction or purpose, and even have us in feelings of meaningless.


The imbalance of Sagittarius is foot in mouth, crass, moving too fast too soon and simply creating chaos for chaos’ sake with burnout and exhaustion that puts you in the worst confusion and mind spiral. 


Fire is primal. It’s also the element of magic. Transformation. Change. Alchemy. Fire is considered the seed through which all life springs. It’s creative life force.

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