EP 66: The Driver's Seat of Your Life: Tarot Forecast for Cancer Season

Welcome to this multi-layered tarot forecast episode covering both:

Cancer Season (June 20th - July 21st, 2024) and

the entire Summer season (June 20th - September 23rd, 2024) in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere).

This episode explores the energy of Cancer through the lens of The Chariot card as well as a full 5 card tarot reading, offering guidance for navigating your summer with self-compassion, empowerment, and a balanced approach to self-care and nurturing others.

Key points:

  • The number 66 carries the message of unconditional love and support, especially during challenging times.
  • Cancer, a cardinal water sign, is ruled by emotions and intuition.
  • The Chariot encourages us to take the driver's seat in our lives, balancing our inner masculine and feminine energies.
  • We are invited to confront our shadows and step into our power to navigate towards new goals.
  • Finding balance between self-care and caring for others is crucial during this Cancerian influence.

Whether you're a Cancer native or simply seeking guidance for the summer months, this episode offers valuable insights for navigating your emotions, fostering healthy relationships, and embracing your inner strength.


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