EP 65: Cancer Season: Dive Deep into Self-Care and Emotional Healing


This episode dives into Cancer Season, lasting from June 20th to July 21st, 2024.


Key Dates:


  • June 20th: Sun enters Cancer, Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere
  • June 21st: Full Moon in Capricorn
  • June 29th: Saturn stations Retrograde in Pisces
  • July 2nd: Neptune stations Retrograde in Pisces, Mercury moves into Leo
  • July 5th: New Moon in Cancer
  • July 11th: Venus enters Leo
  • July 20th: Mars enters Gemini
  • July 21st: Full Moon in Capricorn


Cancer Season Themes:


  • Self-care, family, home, creativity, hermiting, protection, and emotionality
  • Balance between patriarchy/matriarchy, nourishment, and healthy human development
  • Focus on the Cancer-Capricorn axis: Cancer (home/self) vs. Capricorn (career/legacy)
  • Emotions take center stage, ruled by the Moon (intuition, feelings)
  • Importance of healthy emotional expression and processing 



A Call for Equity:


  • This season highlights the need for balance and dismantling internalized Patriarchy
  • It questions traditional gender roles and advocates for fair treatment for all
  • It asks if we are in balance with how we get to our goals and how we care for ourselves



Personal Growth in this Cycle:


  • Focus on personal healing and empowerment to contribute to collective change
  • Tiny and mighty actions lead to significant shifts
  • Understanding and processing emotions is crucial for personal growth and collective healing



Water Sign Sensitivity:


  • This season might be emotionally intense for those sensitive to water energy
  • Techniques for navigating emotions are provided




Cancer Season Practices:


  • Connect with home: clean, decorate, spend time there
  • Connect with water: swim, bathe, listen to water sounds, hydrate
  • Focus on water-based foods
  • Meditate, journal, seek support
  • Use rose-related products and calming colors
  • Wear specific crystals (aquamarine, rose quartz, larimar)
  • Explore internalized patriarchy and misogyny
  • Evaluate boundaries and self-worth




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