EP 58: Magical Mentoring From the Inside with Nathan Foster and Meghan Taylor

EP 58: Magical Mentoring from the inside - with Nathan Foster and Meghan Taylor

In this bonus episode I am joined by two of my Magical Mentoring clients to share their experiences with and through the containers I hold.


There’s no real way to explain what happens inside Magical Mentoring - it is both practical and magical. It’s personal. It’s fun, and deep. Straight forward and liminal. it’s intuitive and has quite a bit of flow to it - yet -  there is clear structure. And it unfolds in its own expression during the process. Each session is unique. 


The only way to truly KNOW what it’s like is to embark on it. But, I know, it’s an unknown…so that can be scary or weird so people don’t take the risk…which means they miss out on the rewards. 


This episode is a safe way to try and go behind the curtain to better understand, and to perhaps see if it’s a fit for you, at some point on your path.


It’s also a wonderful way to get to know the community of Unicorn Wellness and Magical Mentoring. 


Spring Magical Mentoring is open for enrollment the week this episode is published. 

I’m scheduling exploration calls February 20th through March 1st, 2024. 


If this episode piques your interest, head to the link in the show notes to schedule your 30-min exploration call with me to begin Mentoring this March, 2024. 


If you’re listening to this after these dates, don’t worry, Magical Mentoring happens twice a year. Hang tight till Fall 2024. Those doors will open for exploration in August. 


If you’re not interested in mentoring, this conversation offers joy, exploration, support, and healing processes. There is a spark here for everyone. 


My guests on this episode have only worked with me for 4 months. This is a share in real time of their healing and manifestation practices, both tiny & mighty.


They are both amazing, magical, space holding educators. 


Highlights in this episode: 


  • How Magical Mentoring work 
  • What it feels like to step into spiritual growth
  • Why feeling nervous can be such a good sign in growth
  • What it feels like when you’re on the other side of shadow work
  • How to step into Lilithian Language - language that creates equitable boundaries and opens up conversations rather than shuts them down
  • How and why to work with resistance
  • What it’s like to be coached in a truly non-patriarchal space
  • How surprising how magical the practical aspects were - particularly the workouts


Ready to explore Group Magical Mentoring NOW?

Read full details and schedule your complimentary 30-min call with Tandy at https://www.unicornwellnessstudio.com/springgmm 

Calls are February 20th - March 1st. Your first tarot reading and to-do list arrive March 8th. 



Who is Nathan Foster?

They is a Queen! Unapologetically. He’s a little bit crunchy, and a little bit Rock n Roll! 

One of the two amazing hosts of the top rated Queens History Podcast…because, who needs to listen to His-Story when you’ve got Her-Story? He’s a Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising, Taurus Moon, who speaks his mind, yet is grounded and fluid. They like cuddles, long walks on the beach, and meaningful conversations about oppressive patriarchy. Hit ‘em with intellect, and you’re in for a good time!


Connect with Nathan:

Instagram: @queens_podcast

Podcast: Queens Podcast on Apple or Spotify
Website: QueensHistoryPodcast.com


Who is Meghan Taylor? 

Meghan is a wife, mother to a two year old and three year old, a high school English teacher creeping on 10 years, and a side-hustle calligrapher and painter. She is a huge history enthusiast that has always felt called to discover more about the past, while simultaneously encouraging others in the present to live authentically and believe in themselves! She’s a Taurus sun Leo Rising Sag moon!


Connect with Megahn:

Instagram: @megtaylor17


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Connect with Tandy: 

Website: UnicornWellnessStudio.com

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