EP 46: Fall and Libra Season 2023 Tarot Forecast

Libra season runs September 23rd - October 23rd 2023 This episode offers our Tarot forecast for not only for these dates but for the full Fall season in the northern hemisphere/spring in the southern - These dates run September 23rd - December 21st, 2023. 

This is a multi-layered episode of both a micro AND macro cycle. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Libra native with your sun, rising or moon in this sign. 


1 card for the theme of this season

1 card for what to release

1 card for what to learn

1 card for the next BIG steps for your highest and greatest good this season

1 card for the NEXT step for your highest and greatest good this season. 


Libra in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana -  is represented by Justice - this card offers us Clarity on what is right and retribution for the wrongs of the past. It focuses on the mind, and intellect…rather than the feelings about any of it. What are the facts? What are the parts? What needs to be done to improve,be fair, integrous,or heal?It typically signals a time of NOT DOING - but rather of reaping/receiving karma…or energy and actions you’ve put out in the world prior. It’s a time of things sifting out. Balancing. It also reflects The High Priestess card in action - your knowing is finally guiding you. You know what needs to be done, now will you be grown enough to do it?


In balance it signals efforts you've made in the past are finally coming to fruition either literally or energetically. Baggage is being dropped, Healing is happening. 


In Imbalance Life is going sideways and is out of balance or integrity. Revisit your value system. Are you acting in integrity to what you believe in. Adjust. Pivot. Make shifts towards the more adulting, wiser, or fair.


Libra is a cardinal air  energy - In the suites of the Tarot -  air is represented by swords -  intellect, acumen, thought process, our words. Swords are a call to review what are we listening to, reading, thinking, repeating, saying, and stating? What are the conscious and subconscious systems running in us…now? What needs to be adjusted, educated, or supported for constructive expansion. 


Libra offers us a literal beautiful balance of this  3D incarnation of fairness in our civil liberties for ALL NOT some and beauty and pleasure in our human experiences.  At its very best it clarifies communication, meditates, and advocates for better understanding and as much fairness as possible in each situation. . At its worst it’s people pleasing, over talking, spiraling on non action and indecision and hiding in retail therapy or making things look pretty when under the service things are super ugly. 


Libra has us honoring our thoughts and values in partnership and relationship to each other and other things. While allowing us to realize things will never be perfect, we just need to think about how we show up and be present, do the best with what we have and know and drop the rest and enjoy this life. 


This energy could feel like the whole goddess mode and era. Feeling your body, mind, spirit, energy, and empowerment with a balance in things looking good and DOING good for self and the greater good…OR it could have us lost in earning our worthiness through co-dependent partnerships, overthinking things, stirring into toxic anxiety and never taking action. 


Grounding matters in Libra season and for Libra placements…BIG time. Expand your education, thoughts, and words this cycle….stretch for better understanding of re-indigenizing, dismantling internalized patriarchy, unraveling toxic methods of communication, and upleveling through glamor magick. I know. It seems disconnected and yet…multiplicity is the language of this lifetime. 


Love and expand yourself and you learn how to offer grace, love, and expansion for others. 


This episode offers us:

The power of a glamor magick

The magic of fair language

The permission to step into your witchiest self

The power of balance and harmony

The wonder of unseen spaces

The guidance to embody the goddess


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The deck I used in today’s reading is The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne


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