EP 45: Fall and Libra Season 2023 Energy Forecast

Blessed Autumnal Equinox and a well curated welcome to Libra season everywhere!

Today we’ve got our deep dive into Libra energies along with my channeled offerings. 

Let’s see what this season wants us to hear. 

This is episode is an energetic overview with guidance for the next 4 months:

September 23rd - December 21st 2023.

You may want to revisit each month in this season. Listening multiple times is so empowering as you discover how these channeled messages actually play out in your life. It helps our energies sync and aids in your ability to synthesize and utilize these readings as coaching or mentoring, rather than just adding more noise in your life. 


Mark your calendars for the 12th - 15th each month.   


Every offering in this ecosystem aims to support you to live a life by design rather than a life by default. 


May you, forever, be deeply rooted and take action in personal integrity, intellect, intuition, and love.


The Autumnal Equinox takes place Saturday, September 23rd in the northern hemisphere. 


An Equinox is one of two times a year when the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of rays. Hence Equal. Light. 


It offers us a time of down turn in energetics and has us welcoming in restoration and contemplation. It asks for a balance of stillness in our lives. This is the official welcome of shadow season. There is magic to be had here, spells to cast, and manifestations to receive…but they’re all going to need to come from the deep inner stillness of our soul….NOT the hyper movement of our brain or culture...if we want them to actually come to fruition. This season does not play. It says you need to know your own catacombs. Intimately. If you don’t…welcome to the tour….if you do shit’s about to get wonderfully interesting.


For those listening not in the northern hemisphere the seasons are different -  but the energies of the astrology, zodiac, and channeled guidance -  are the same. So, as always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest, there are always magic sparks here for everyone. 


If you’ve been listening and following along in your Unicorn grimoires since this summer one - THANK YOU - and two - you’ll know we are just moving out of #hotwitches summer. A season when normally we’ve be out to play and living it up in playful loud YOLO style, enjoying the height of growth, yet we were guided to mellow, not to cast a damn spell, to do any and all the things that bolster our frequency, our wellness, our health, and mostly our energetic magical coins…..And to stash those magical units — in our magick bank and wait….until this season…to spend/cast on something big. 


When are we recommended to do this, you ask? 


The Full Moon in Aries on September 29th. That’s when. You’ve got lead time to prep. DO NOT MISS THIS WINDOW! I love to cast under a fire moon, not to mention an Aries full moon. Fire is the element of magic, in the sign of the initiator and high manifester. 


You want to start a wildfire? 

Invoke it under an Aries new or full moon. 


The channeled info for Libra season and Autumn in general….

This season says, pull all the things into balance…lol you know SIMPLE….Libra afterall is the scales - balance is the name of the game. But don’t get confused on what balance actually means….we’ll get into that in the deep dive, after this channeled messaging. 


There is still maintenance here. If you took action on the guidance this summer your frequency has expanded and you’re in the process of receiving upgrades. In the fall it’s about how you receive and hold them. 


If you listened to the episode about this year 2023 (both the gregorian and astrological new year Jan and March EP’s 23 & 27 this year) I talked about how 2023 was slated to bring us more healing, abundance, joy, pleasure, love, joy, calm, and peace than we’ve ever known before….we’re still in the window of this NOW. In fact most of us are just NOW stepping  into the thickest portion of this energy. Meaning if you’re not feeling the blessings, healing, calm, or receiving opportunities THAT’s OK. You’re waiting on your timing and or you’re needing a little more digging, playing, walking through the shadows to shine up your frequency for the goods. 


OR I’m also hearing, you may be doing the werk but haven’t written anything out with clarity about WHAT YOU WANT! This community tends to need a little extra support and expansion around want, wish, and desire. WHAT DO YOU WANT? No time for anything but SHAMELESS DESIRE> Take a page from Cardi B, Doja Cat, Lil Mama, the queen bee herself Beyonce, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jenna Ortega or Kim Kardashian - get to the core of what you want on your terms without shame. YOU DESERVE YOUR DESIRES. Want is goddess mode energy. 

Yes, of course it's connected to the wound of worthiness AND you don’t have to be ‘completely’ healed to lean into the frequency. Why? BECAUSE IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO BE FULLY HEALED. That’s a perfectionist, white savior colonized concept that keeps us from expansion


So much of this season is offering a fake it till you make it vibe. 

Act as if.

Model your behavior after those you wish to grow into. 

Not to copy, mimic, or fake…but to try on, test out, practice, and learn.   

Be inspired, and make your own way. 


This season marks an opportunity to hit some major growth points. 


What does your inner goddess need to come out to play…on the daily?  That’s the question to ask Now through December…as a macro cycle. It’s a follow up to Virgo season. 

…AND make sure you’re not just asking….take action with the insight that comes. 


This is embodiment. 

This is authenticity. 

This is decision making and ACTION.


Because you, at your core are divine nature, you are cosmic royalty.
You are Stardust shoved in a skin suit. …With energetic access to the knowledge of the Universe. 


These are the main messages for this fall summer in the northern hemisphere/spring in the south. It’s main character energy - it‘s you - you’re the main character - it’s  a glow up that will feel like rooting down. 


It’s showing octopus and willow and oak tree energy. 

Octopus medicine is the deep dark feminine, flexibility, regeneration, and capacity to go the depths of magic, energy, and emotion…and they do NOT stay where they do not want to be ... and they are deliciously intelligent.  


Willow offers us the ability to bend and sway, weave, and protect but not to break. It offers the wisdom of being fed by water, staying hydrated in order to flow (and channel) 


Oak is the sturdy, foundational, building and protection energy we all need i this lifetime. Oak says. It’s ok. You’re ok. It’s going to be ok. . 


It’s all here for us. 


This season could be a rewrite - it could be a makeover (hey glamor season yay) - it’s definitely a reboot, an expansion…from the deep dark of our insides. From our shadows, from our soul essence.  No more hiding. No more pretending. 


Libra season is the juice and goods of this energy. We’re going to see it thickest here..and it will stay with us till winter. 

Libra Season runs September 23rd - October 23rd 2023


Libra is the scales of justice in the chart. The only inanimate object on the wheel. A cardinal Air sign…the most stable of the air signs..yup, I said what I said…. ruled by Venus and represented by the Justice card in the Tarot - This energy is all about balance, relationships, partnerships, communication, beauty, glamor, soft romanticism, being seen, and being adorned.


The question we will be asking…is this or that, fair? 

The follow up question is…..And if so…fair to who/whom? 

One or all? Me or them?


Libra’s mantra is ‘I Balance.’ 


On one side of the Libra scales we have equality for all, civil liberties…all the fairness, food, water, shelter, being heard, accessibility, opportunity - and on the other - sensual pleasures…love, sex, glamor, fashion, beauty, music, art. It is ruled by our love - Venus - Aphrodite. 


Libra offers us harmony, communication, and mediation, with a heavy dose of beauty, and a very diplomatic and graceful quality to make our way constructively through very difficult things….IF the energy is grounded...if not...be on the lookout for avoiding confrontation, flakiness, giving up power left and right in order to do so, and self pitying grandiosity…with a massive side of false eye-lash batting and nude lip gloss. 


Libra can easily slide into dream, whimsy, and overly-romantic-co-dependency. 


Think of the activism fatigued non-for profit advocates that are just depleted…. not advocating for themselves, a system that isn’t advocating for them…...where’s the justice in that?


In Imbalance Libra will have us hiding from any decision making because it so desperately wants everything to be fair and sweet. It’ll cover up sadness, low level stuff, or big things that truly need addressing  with pretty paint, clothes, superfluous words, and busyness. Libra makes avid use of beautiful distractions. This is a version of perfectionism. Nothing is ever perfect and things are rarely completely fair - and though Libra helps generate balance -  will often stutter and struggle to make personal choices and decisions, being paralyzed by making a wrong decision, they often choose/do nothing. Libra & Virgo….they friends for sure. Neighbors on the zodiac wheel…they share some commonalities of being super intelligent, knowing nothing can be perfect, and sometimes getting caught in procrastination or being stuck in FREEZE mode, futility, self gaslighting, or intellsplaining judgment of doing nothing because it can’t be perfect or fair….and making it sound smart or right (when really it’s super toxic and just a hrd NO). 


The imbalance of Libra is massive people pleasing. 


Libra must remember to make decisions, take action, be brave to step out, and use the voice, be independent AND BE SEEN in all the glorious, sumptuous, human glamor. 


Libra must cultivate self love and personal neutrality to then be the ripple for the outer world…in advocacy of others.


Libra must learn to walk their talk. 


Libra must learn to be comfortable not pleasing others, things not being perfect, and being the villain in someone else’s story. 


In Balance Libra is excellent with clever ideas, beautiful words, gorgeously curated experiences, loving partnership, soft solutions, and earnest communication. When grounded, Libran ideas, words, mediations, and solutions take root in the physical plane and result in stunning and tangible shift and outcomes for the better.  


Libra in its divine essence will produce a gorgeous luncheon with stunning decor, intelligent speakers, all centered around making the world a better place…in equity for all. 


This season is a time of either copious abundance and manifestation, pulling in the resources for the harvest...or of being challenged with your tendencies to stay ungrounded and not make decisions. 


Libra wants you to use your voice for constructive change - and honestly also wants a little mini leo moment of being seen for the efforts and achievements. 


Here’s a little Side quest - Libra season is also  massively Lilith season. Equity, Voice, and glamor magick. She is here in a big way.  And in this community Aphrodite and Lilith have hooked elbows like the sisters you need to get anything done. They will absolutely fuck around and find out. In favor of themselves…..to the benefit of marginalized communities. 


Libra wants you beautifully curated in your clothes, make up, scents, jewelry - particularly necklaces and scarves. Libra is glamor magic. Whatever makes you feel amazing in the presentation of your vessel DO IT. Feeling not just comfortable but sparkly in your vessel helps the delivery of your message. Being ready for your close up, isn’t just for Leo energy.


If you feel like you need a change in the style department DO IT in this season for extra oompf. Do not disregard the power of creative, authentic visual representation of self. 


Have that pretty, dressed up luncheon - even just with yourself.

But a gorg personal talisman around your neck would magically be even better to invoke all the empowerment and balance of Libra. 


We manifest by matching frequency. The sassier you feel about yourself, vessel, hair…the more comfortable you are in your skin….the higher those frequencies get to pull in manifestations. 


Remember, there’s no right way to be a witch. And there’s NO proper aesthetic as a witch either. It’s always about authenticity, allowing yourself to shift, change, evolve…in all the ways we are in this 3D incarnation - Body, Mind, and Soul. We know we’re so much more than a physical vessel…but also please remember, this physical vessel can be a really fun pleasure point as well as creative endeavor. We are our literal life by design. Fashion, Glamor - however that expresses through you - can be so empowering, fun, and healing…and it works..it’s a spell craft all its own and it just might be your preferred method of spell casting. 


It’s important to remember that Libra is and can be the lovely, sweet,  romantic, balanced breeze that tends and serves their partner(s) in cream, khaki, millennial pink and lavender… AND in imbalance it can quickly get whipped up into a tornado of army green,dark grey,  and black disrupting all the balance in its path while exhibiting major codependency, shop-a-holic tendencies.


This season has us checking in that our partnerships aren’t  actually toxic codependency.<--this includes our work, and friendships…..



Libra rules the kidneys - the kidneys are all about balancing fluids and electrolytes. It’s time to live in a hydration nation, in the libra season. Drink half of your body weight in ounces daily to get hydrated. Add a teaspoon of pink salt to one portion of water a day so you have the proper electrolytes for your body to absorb and register hydration. - Drowning yourself in water alone does not equal hydration. 


Most people are dehydrated and don’t even know it…it could take 3 - 4 days to get yourself initially hydrated. Then it’s maintenance. This also speaks to Libra’s imbalance of over giving or being overly focused on themselves. Spiritually the Kidneys are about how much we GIVE. our hydration levels represent how we flow with give and take…are we in martyrdom imbalance trying to earn our worth and not allowing ourselves basic human hydration?  UTIs have a relationship to things we’re pissed off about but are not addressing, or working with.  Water is life. Drink up this season. 


Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com, in Libra season -  will see in their workouts Classical Pilates patterns get layered with low back, hamstring, glute strength, and balance challenges to harness the energetics in this season. 


Libra is connected to the heart and throat chakra - we get a focus on opening and balancing here in your workouts and the monthly guided meditation/energetic healing on Unicorn Wellness Studio.   

Libra season says this is a time of: 

  • Grounding YO SELF -  Libra an air sign…it’s just simply a challenge in Air seasons especially if you have prominent placements in air…or are sensitive to the energy.
  • Keep your movement consistent- consistency is just that - it doesn’t have to be every day - 2 days a week consistently can be waaay more beneficial then an all or nothing attitude in the long run. 
  • Eat more green & purple veggies…fresh starts and new beginning + cooling and hydration while allowing in messaging from the divine. 
  • Drink more organic herbal tea - particularly lavender and rose. Work the essence of love but also our glamor magick goddesses Aphrodite and Lilith. 
  • Wear necklaces, mala’s, scarves. This is true glamor magic to protect, amplify, and utilize our VOICE and heart. 
  • Privately or publicly use the word Fuck to clear your throat chakra. Not kidding. It’s powerful. It's free and it works. 
  • Play with a clean girl aesthetic if it calls - cream, white khaki, gray, black, army green monochromatic looks + gold jewelry. Nothing says goddess energy like gold. 
  • Work on unlearning self-pity victimization vs. venting, identifying, taking personal responsibility and taking the places where we feel unseen and undervalued into spaces where we show up, and speak up.
  • Shift all your I’m sorry’s to thank you Break the habit of apologizing for BEING NOW!
  • Work the scents of lily, vanilla, and lavender
  • Work your rose quartz, quartz, black tourmaline and amethyst crystals if it calls
  • If you didn’t catch this already - Lean into glamor magick BIG TIME



We all have Libra in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


Remember this is our Libra season breakdown but it’s also offered as an energy forecast for this fall -when in doubt in October, November, december…lean into these tactics. 


UWS members also have an offering in their library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Libra you can snag more energetic wisdom there. 


As always I hope this resonates. Take what works for you, leave the rest. 


And make sure to listen to Episode 46 (tomorrow if you’re listening in real time) or simply the episode directly after this one for our 5 card seasonal forecast for the fall (and yes, it counts as our reading for Libra season as well).


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