EP 44: Virgo Season Tarot Forecast 2023

 This episode is our single card tarot forecast for August 23rd - September 22nd 2023.

One card for the spirit in which to move through things. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Virgo native and have your sun, rising and or moon in this sign. 


Virgo in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana -  is represented by The Hermit card - In the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck it's depicted by a human with a long white beard in a cloak head bowed holding a lit lantern in front of them with one hand with a grounded staff in the other. The card is marked as  number 9 - but it’s actually the 10th card and this alone is interesting


Nine is the number of karmic closures and cycles ending. It’s another turning point of leveling up. This time moving us into wisdom. It says, you’ve come this far..do you want to go farther? Are you moving and navigating from your internal soul compass or are you continually seeking outside direction?


Ten is about fresh starts and new beginnings. Again, are we going farther? Or have we paused on the path? Are we following good advice - ours and trusted teachers - or are we stuck?


Very classically The hermit is known as the teacher, that goes off alone into the woods to meditate, pray, daydream, wander, rest, nap, channel, journal… but always with the intention of coming back to community and society to put into practice the insights gleaned while alone. 


We think of hermit and we think alone. This is an entirely yes AND situation.


The Hermit has us doing all the things. 

Recruiting mentors and teachers, taking time alone to meditate, cutting out the noise of the world and other voices and opinions, in order to know our own. It also has us exploring other voices and opinions in order to stay pliable and flexible and fluid in our knowledge. 


Life and its mysteries are ever mutating, so must our relationship with it. 


The Hermit can have us feeling lost in the liminal space. 

The hermit is epic quiet and stillness. 

It is grounding. 

It is centering. 

It may feel like magic has abandoned you. 

And yet, it’s the time our magic and connection to the mystical is expanding at a rate we’ve not known prior. 

This is mysticism itself. 

The great unknown. 

The ever unfurling path and adventure. 

The hermit welcomes us into a place of not repeating the past by working our experiences into wisdom and moving forward rather than sitting in the middle of the path looking back. 


It hikes up the mountain, only to come back down. Knowing that every retreat generates the next advance.


This card is deep and yummy with all the presence of Hekate - cause the lantern, the path, the quiet - she says I’ll guide you, I won’t leave you alone, I’ll light the way, I’ll show you the path, and when the time is right I’ll hand you the keys to the doors and gates on your adventure but I won’t do it for you. You have to do the doing. 


Hekate is mostly a silent guide. She says you’re strong enough. You’re smart enough, You’re magical enough YOU decide. Make a decision. Which way do you want to go?


…See why Magical Mentoring always starts in Virgo season? 


I’m called to share the hermit invocation I wrote for my Magical Mentees many moons ago - consider this an invocation for the season:


I understand at times I must walk a solitary path. 

That I must move through loneliness in order to value being alone.

I take action on recruiting teachers and mentors to expand me, to connect me to my own channel. 

I willingly marry myself to the path of healing and expansion. 

I know that I have everything I need.

I know I am at the point on the path I’m supposed to be. 

I am not late. 

I am not too early. 

I am learning. 

I am present in this moment. 

I pause 

I think

I ponder

I remember and I imagine what has never been. 

I value the timing to be my own guiding light. 

I commit to the light I become simply by shining. 

My existence is modeled behavior of magic and divinity. 

I don’t have to speak. 

I feel. I know. I trust. 

And then I take action. 

I am integrity in expression.

I am ever learning and exploring. 

I am sovereign in my own beliefs, and hold space for that in others. 

I am the combination of all experiences in this lifetime so far. 

I live from a place of knowing all and knowing nothing all at the same time. 

I am the synthesis of not repeating that which does not work. 

I am the mystic that knows this is the matrix. 

I am the witch of the woods that knows we enter and exit this lifetime alone. 

I am everything and nothing. 

I am the hermit.


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The deck I used in today’s reading is Britt’s Third Eye Tarot

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