EP 43: Virgo Season 2023 Deep Dive and Energetic Forecast

Do everything you can to cultivate goddess nature in your life! It’s Virgo Season. 

The sun enters Virgo August 23rd and stays there through September 22nd. 


This cycle, has shifts - at a glance - none of them are earth shattering (thank goddess) and we know that tiny is mighty and subtle is transformational….so keep in the flow of the daily work but here’s the breakdown so you’d heard it:


Aug 23rd Mercury station RX - officially

Aug 27th Mars moves into Libra

Aug 28th Uranus stations RX

Aug 30th Full Moon in Pisces

Sept 3rd Venus Direct

Sept 15th Mercury Direct (hey 2 weeks of shade)


You’ll get  details on all that, every week, in my moonday newsletter.


This Virgo season is taking us away from the typical surface virgo themes and directly into the goddess energy.


The Virgo mantra is I analyze ot I scrutinize

Virgo is a mutable earth that can feel quite airy. 


Virgo is the Virgin. She who is sovereign unto herself. It has nothing to do with ‘virginity’ as we know it in western culture. In fact, it’s linked to sensual pleasure in partnership and service to the body - the idea that gnosis could only be attained by men by entering the goddess temples and engaging in sex rituals with women. Virgo is an extremely pleasurable, and yes, sexy energy.  And this season she is calling for us to prescribe to all things goddess. Our very own return to goddess culture - interested in more of this history - you might check out the book When god was women by Merlin Stone. Want to dismantle some internalized patriarchy - read THAT book. 


Virgo is often considered goddess of the wheat - Virgo’s role is to analyze, sift and sort the harvest to establish what is useful and what is not…moving forward. 


Virgo thrives being in service to those they love (but watch out for it - this energy can slide into a martyrdom…. as well so in this season be on the lookout for PROVING how much you love someone/thing or how WORTHY you are by working SO HARD). 


Virgo season offers us a time to get back on track. To put the play, expansion, exploration, creativity and restoration of Leo aside (at least a little) to return to constructive discipline…..schedules…practices and habits….list making…and HEY O spiritual hygiene …meditation, pulling tarot, goddess baths, energetic cleansings…come back to or start anything that allows  us to begin ‘cleaning up’ all the wide big energies and ideas/downloads and breakthroughs….to generate laser focus implementation...to be on path…to get to a point…to manifest…to check off the fucking list and get shit done. 


Earth signs are interestingly often out of the emotions of things. 

This can be super efficient and support in balance…as well as ridiculously harmful and toxic at others.

Virgo is dedication, purity, and service…Virgo nourishes in sneaky ways…it is all the mood of the phrase tiny & mighty.    


There is a process of goddess quality upgrades in this season, if we don’t get caught in too many nit-picky perfectionist details…or avoid emotional messes. 


In Balance, Virgo is the most amazing teacher, the BEST personal assistant, and the epically impeccable stage manager - this energy knows how to break down a goal, then follow it up with a simple, organized, actionable to-do list and  go one step at a time to check off the to-dos and make things happen. It analyzes EVERYTHING to ditch what isn’t needed, what slows the process down, or won’t add to the experience. They’re functional, but also sensual. They want to achieve. They want clarity, organization, and above all NO MESS on the path to the achievement and making a real point. Virgo says Let’s learn. Expand, get things done. 


Think of Virgo as a fierce editor, pulling things apart, striking, and asking for rewrites…but not to be annoying or attack your ego, to make the story better, clearer, more connected and richer….so the story PROVIDES for its readers. 


Exalted Virgo energy IS sexy librarian —smart, educated, practiced, but clear on what works and doesn’t work - on how to get to a goal with the least amount of dilly-dallying. And once the work is done…there’s an easy handed necessary loosening up of sensual pleasures, specifically connected to the vessel…a little celebration, a beverage…and yes sex. The goddess receives. Remember the pleasure principle in this season. Work. Focus. Put constructive discipline to WERK…then feel, receive, celebrate, nourish, purify, restore.



In Imbalance - oooh Virgo natives (sun, moon, and rising) ya’ll may feel some shade on this one…..in imbalance this energy hoots and hollers and claims ‘JUDGMENT!” You’re judging me…when Virgos J-O-B is judging. Said without shade, judgment is cognitive discernment. It’s what separates humans from the animal kingdom. We are  designed to judge. We’re all judging all day long. It’s how we make decisions. There is an exalted beneficial aspect to judgment….but it typically gets wielded as a defense mechanism - Virgos are sooo intelligent that they will have you tapping dancing around yourself convinced you’re ‘judging’ them when they’re gaslighting and deflecting from either messy emotions or straight up just not wanting to feel them or address them. They’d much rather criticize someone/thing else than work on their own emotional healing. Virgo doesn't do mess. Cause what’s the messiest human thing? Our emotions…and Virgo don’t like to do mess. So be clean when you’re trying to get emotional with a VIrgo and they have yet to do their healing and balancing work….they’re going to try and ‘out analyze’ the entire situation and have the other person thinking they’re undereducated and somehow wrong. 


In imbalance Virgo is the perfectionist and the procrastinator. Which are actually two sides of the same coin. The No mess, goal achieving themes of Virgo can also create incredible self sabotaging tendencies….NEVER starting projects because they KNOW there is no such thing as perfection (VIrgos can’t help but strive for it) and that can turn into futility…well if it can’t be perfect…then why even try? 


Ugh….this energy is so real but it’s not truth. We have to remember trying DOES move the dial forward. Our actions do matter, if we give up trying, we give up hope, and therefore will never find constructive solutions. 


This mutable earth sign must learn to pivot on the info it finds from analyzing, sifting, and sorting. It’s most empowered when it can let go of some details and implement, with a tad bit of mess…in order to get to a goal.


Virgo season marks the season of purification. Habits out of integrity with your soul frequency…it’s time to let them go.


Virgo rules the digestive system; the intestines and spleen most specifically so it’s a major season of cleaning up your foods or cracking your personal food code - it may just be time to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. I’ll have more to offer on that at the end of the episode. This season will also have us processing what ‘we cannot stomach’ philosophically or literally. Remember the body communicates in LOUD ways for us to understand energy and emotions better - this season can be a loud one physically. It also offers huge upswing in physical healing, if we are willing to dive into the details of our food and physical self care.


Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com, in Virgo season will experience a return ​​of classical Pilates patterns, this back-to-school vibe has a heavy dose of rotation for digestion and detox - both literal and metaphysical. We lean into the precision of Virgo with an eye on process to build strength and have this month count for something in real results, through ticking the box to get them done..one step at a time. It’s definitely time to be a good student, trust your teachers, and simply follow directions, repeat and turn in your homework on time. 


This is also a season to lean into my 41 day food reset -  Since Virgo governs the digestive system - if your vessel is communicating with you through bloating, fatigue, cystic acne, gas, additional weight on your vessel that is stubborn to release, anxiety, or depression…Virgo season is PRIME TIME to embark on this food adventure to crack your personal food code - for healing and wellness. My Reset is included in a Unicorn Wellness studio. com membership.or buy it on amazon link in the show notes. 


 My Food reset literally saved my life, as someone with a thyroidectomy, celiac, and IBS.

UnicornWellnessStudio.com members - also have in their library - in the Astrology section - Zodiac Basics: Virgo - for even more support.


You’ll find our Virgo season tarot forecast + a little ditty about The Hermit card episode in Episode 43.


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The book I mentioned in this episode: When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone 

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