EP 42: BONUS Hot Witches Summer and Black Moon Lilith in Leo

In this bonus episode it’s just me and the channeled cosmic energies and messages that Lilith wants to be seen and heard….it’s feeling like there might be more of these. 


If you’re interested in better understanding the energetics of Venus retrograde in Leo while Black Moon Lilith is snuggled up in Leo, press play.  


This is not ‘straight’ astrology, this is channeled messaging that I was called to share. 


There are simple to-do’s in this episode you can do to step deeper into the energies at play, as well as an offering to why Magical Mentoring could really be supportive for you this year, in this time frame September - December 2023. 


Highlights in this episode: 


  • Channeled energy and messages for Summer 2023
  • The shadow season energy of Cancer and Leo season 2023
  • Who is Lilith in mythology?
  • What does Black Moon Lilith represent in our astrological natal charts?
  • What is shadow work?
  • What are the vibes of Venus Rx in Leo
  • What does Black Moon Lilith in Leo offer us energetically and thematically?
  • Channeled work to do now through December 2023 from Aphrodite and Lilith
  • How Magical Mentoring could help all of the above

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