EP 39: Leo Season 2023 Energy Forecast + Deep Dive

Smile for the camera, it’s Leo Season!

In this episode we dive deep into Leo season and playful, bravery, step-out-front-you-only-live-once vibes it offers us July 22nd - August 23rd 2023. 

This cycle, as always, offers us some distinct shifts in the astrology. 


Venus stations Rx, Chiron stations Rx, Mercury moves into virgo, full moon in Aquarius, Mercury moves into its retroshade, and we have a New Moon in Leo.


The overall vibes feel full of fun and potential..and yet..we’ve been forewarned that we’re still in healing and bolstering mode. Don’t blow your wad, don’t start running, flex your li8on lying in the sun that has their partner bringing them everything they need (we all know the lady lions are the one that provide). Work on your regal energy that has your frequency set to receive, receive, receive. It’s giving sitting in your thrown power pose vibes, it’s giving goddess bath vibes…and it’s giving satin or silk robe vibes. 


For some of us, we slide into the yes-you-can-wait-on-me room service vibes as if we have always sat on the high seat in the priestesses temple…for others that internalized patriarchy still has a chokehold on people pleasing, taking scraps, and saying i’m sorry 15 times a day. It’s going to take some effort and a willingness to get uncomfortable to make strides to your leo frequency. 


This season is about confidence. Unapologetic glimmering…and this year…it’s from the chaise lounge, from your desk chair, from your couch, from a rock alongside a trail ... .it's an understanding of our divine rights and inherent glory nature as children of both the cosmic expanse and of earth. 


Leo energy is a mood. It’s not a bank account.

Leo says, I know who I am. I know my worth. I expect and accept miracles. Not out of ego that says what I get takes something away from someone else…but out of constructive ego that says I get this incarnation to shine as bright as I can in exaltation of source magic. It says I am source magic and so are you. It says I am wonderful and you are wonderful and being human CAN be wonderful for all of us….if and when we stop playing small and use our voice to demand equity. 


The Leo mantra is, I will. 


Leo is Strength, from the inside out. It’s empowerment. It’s knowing your worth is inherent and has nothing to do with dollars. 


Leo is the Lion. The biggest heart of the zodiac. Leo is wired to be out front, as a teacher or a performer. The energy wants us to take all the selfies and lead by example - that confidence comes from loving ourselves, our personal wins and successes inspire others. It says I am the sovereign royalty of this matrix…this is my territory…I protect it fiercely…and if you cross the boundary ... .I'm going to bite your head off…you had a clear warning…so don’t act surprised when the claws and teeth come out. I deserve to take up space, I deserve the best and anyone who thinks otherwise will be dismissed. 



In Balance, Leo is epic love and exalted support. Filled with constructive pride for self, family, and anyone they love. The energy is the best corner person in a fight - they’ll wipe your wounds, fill you with words of praise to get you pumped up, hydrate you, smear gloss on your lips and send you back out…ready to be your  backup if you need. 


You know clearly when a Leo loves you. They hold hands, and pet those they love, they shower you with words of praise and give the best hugs. They’re the most fun entourage…always opting for table service, with a seat up front, or a way to skip the line. Leo will help build and support your goals - especially the entrepreneurial ones -  like no one else. They truly want abundance and joy for all…they know that we all deserve it. Leo wants you to feel ROYAL. 


What most people don’t tell you about Leo energy, is it’s really a kitty cat at heart. Actually quite shy. It too, needs a fierce team that will love them as presently and fiercely as they love. They can get typecast as egocentric - constantly seeking external approval…when really the energy just needs to know that their efforts are valued. That what they are teaching, giving, doing, performing is wanted, needed, and appreciated…cause otherwise…why waste the make-up?


Leo’s need for approval comes from a very genuine place. It’s wired to be out front. Not everyone is. Being out front is risky. Vulnerable..and can feel really unsafe at times…they need to know they at least have a safe den to return to. 


Leo energy is big, and unabashed love, desire, and celebration. 

What is given, is fairly expected in return. 

It doesn’t do martyrdom. It knows its worth. 

Leo is pleasure, and play. 

Sex and equity.


…sound like anyone else we know? Aphrodite? Lilith vibes anyone?


Leo is true shameless empowerment. 

Ain’t no shame here…only goddess nature.


Exalted Leo energy IS liberated, heart expansive love with confidence. 


In Imbalance all the attributes that create Leo beauty quickly turn to its downfall in imbalance. Self centered ego can truly take hold. Anger and rage steal the show and burn the jungle down…pulling in major self sabotage. It can get caught in thinking likes and shares are real love with true value. It can rule as a dictator and trip on itself thinking Leo values are the only values. It can get vain and roll with perception and exteriors -  that prevent grounded value. If/when leo feels ignored or undervalued for too long - they will roar, bite, swipe and scratch to get attention. 


Ego and Heart beware.. in Leo season


Just as equally as Leo is brave with brave authenticity and a heart centric path only…it can get kicked and told to step aside for higher learning and wisdom. 


This energy wants growth…but not at all costs.

Growth with spirit and soul worth…only.  


Leo simply cannot thrive unless it LOVES the path it prowls. 

Leo only grows forward; it CANNOT go backwards or the results will not be present. 


Leo marks the season of enthusiasm and joy. It’s playful and connected to our inner child. It has us seeking and cultivating fun, fun, fun….and it can also show the stark contrast out loud in the mirror of how little joy, pleasure, and fun fill our days. 


Leo says - do the thing. OVER DRESS - be the star in our own show - everyday - even if it’s in your own apartment. Leo says take the selfie. Leo says ONLY head down the path of your heart's desire. Be your own biggest fan, vote for yourself,  and take no mind of the haters ...cause they especially want to be as free and confident as Leo..otherwise they wouldn’t hate. 


Leo rules the heart, spine, spinal column, and upper back; It’s all about  feeling like someone has your back, that you’ve got others back, what, who, and how you love….out loud, words of praise, and protection. When it comes to wellness, Leo is strong and fierce and needs to keep its strength up. They do, afterall, rule the jungle. This energy needs a balance of catlike reflexes, supple, sexy, fluid, strength…and REST remember how much time they spend lying around? Their flex keeps most predators at bay…


Leo season encourages us to get honest about what makes us happy and will push the ways we may be keeping said happiness from ourselves. 


Vibe check…are you committed to your own joy? We’re pulling in a little 4 of Wands energy here ...pleasure doesn’t just drop in our lap, we have to tend to a garden if we want it to grow…if we ignore the garden it can dry up and die. How are you tending to the garden of your heart? This season will either amplify it or challenge it. 


It is time to be brave, bold, and courageous in exploring your heart’s truth.


This is a time to play. Get silly. Dopamine dress. Act under your age. Do something that’s a little YOLO. sing karaoke. Post the selfies out of self respect - cause you are one of the universe’s works of art - you are meant to be seen. 



Let me repeat  this is a time of pleasure, play, joy, abundance AND bolstering your energetic coins in your frequency bank

  • Get IN your body - get on the mat with me, dance, stretch, get a massage, have sex, masturbate, slather lotion or oils on your skin. The vessel is sacred, if you’re not tending to your temple, you’re not tending to your magic…it is meant to be ENJOYED by YOU. 
  • Take goddess baths - slather yourself in olive oil and honey (yup both - be careful getting in the tub)- when entering the tub state - I am a divine goddess - I return to my temple - my body - and there I return to my magic - I am designed to receive pleasure. 
  • Get Aphrodite on your altar - make offerings to her
  • Get Lilith on your altar - make offerings to her
  • Wear or diffuse wild orange essential oil - joy in a bottle. 
  • Eat your root anything and all things red, orange, and yellow to tend to the root, sacral and solar plexus energy centers. 
  • Work with or wear any yellow or gold healing crystals. Invoke abundance from any and all places. Shine bright and call in your true place in the sun.  
  • Mediate. 
  • Buy sunflowers - they are Leo’s flower and always turn towards the sun - vital life force, willpower. 
  • Do a little sun worshiping - with sunscreen of course- soak of the vitality.



We all have Leo in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.

This particular Leo season offers some extra magic because Venus Rx is looping her cosmic rose through the sign OF leo. This is all the aphrodite vibes of strength and flex, pleasure, and the energy….as my magical mentees of…. fuck around and find out…Venus rules our finances and love.  


There's a trickster energy here. In the tarot the trickster is The Magician…we’re massively getting called to remember unexpected manifestations reside here. FUN ONES! Pleasurable ones. Delightful ones. There’s a frequency here of What if everything went right? What if the weirdest fallout has the best recovery? 


This season calls us into the unique and authentic  miraculous expression of divinity we are. 

It’s time to sparkle - unabashedly. 


UnicornWellnessStudio.com  members also have an offering in their library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Leo 

You’ll find our Leo season tarot forecast + a little ditty about The Strength card -  in their own episode, tomorrow, if you’re listening in real time, or directly after this in Episode 40.


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