EP 36: Summer/Cancer Season 2023 Energy Forecast

Welcome in, Cancer Season/Summer/Winter Solstice!

In this episode we dive deep into Cancer season and all the cozy, loving, nourishing, and supportive maintenance it offers us June 21st - July 21st 2023…AND…quick witchy unicorn PSA - this is also an episode to take notes on. It’s also our energetic overview and guidance for the next 4 months; June 21st - September 23rd 2023.  

The Summer Solstice will take place TODAY (if you’re listening the day this is published) Wednesday, June 21st in the northern hemisphere. A Solstice is one of two times a year when the sun’s path is farthest north or south from the earth’s equator - sounds like magic already - when the sun is farthest north from the earth’s ecuador, here in the northern hemisphere… welcomes summer, in the south…winter.


For those listening not in the northern hemisphere the seasons are different -  but the energies of the astrology, zodiac, and channeled guidance -  are the same. So, as always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest, there are always magic sparks here for everyone. 


If you were with me as a listener last year - THANK YOU - you might remember that it wasn’t about a #hotgirlsummer it was all about the #hothermitsummer…..now this year the channeled insight coming through thinks it’s real funny...because this year they’re offering up hot witches summer. 


And what does that mean you might ask…I mean..I asked as it moved through….


It means this next season is a time of brewing your magic. Not particularly of healing but of gathering and essentially stashing energy. Imagine putting gold stars in a bank all summer long and each start is not a coin per se but it is an energetic resource.


This season says, don’t make big wishes or bet on major manifestations…it says grow your capacity…stash your magic away ...sit on it…and bolster your coffers. 


It says meditate. Get on the mat. Fuel with intention and pleasure to bolster and flourish from the inside out. Read books. Get in nature. Hang with friends. ENJOY yourself….but don’t roll off the rails instead of reckless abandon…bolster yourself with things you love, that expand your heart and mind. Lean into the care of yourself as a pleasure practice rather than an omg-i-have-to-do this-and-it’s-draining-me practice. 


This season is this interesting blend of being very present, playful, and pleasurable…with a mission that come fall you’re going to be well bolstered for whatever wish, intention, goal you will feel called to make and make good on. 


There is maintenance here. There is also massive frequency expansion. 


If you listened to the episode about this year 2023 (both the gregorian and astrological new year Jan and March this year) I talked about how 2023 is slated to bring us more healing, abundance, joy, pleasure, love, joy, calm, and peace than we’ve ever known before….we’re in the window of this NOW with this seasonal shift. 


Does it mean things are easy and smooth sailing..perhaps..for some..but likely no..my community and listeners, clients, and members…well our energetics seem to massively push us for healing and for us to blossom into these next up levels, we’ll need to have truly moved through some lessons, we’ll need to be taking new and different actions, as well as moving and responding in healthier and more equitable ways…signaling to the Universe that we have healed, that we understand where we needed growth or surrender and we are now willing and showing up like the energetic badasses we are. 


This season marks an opportunity to walk our talk in bigger and more consistent ways. 


It’s all well and good to talk the talk…especially in Gemini season…or to spiritually bypass and be ‘positive’ and grateful…but it’s quite another to accept situations, past or present  and take constructive action, that signals…I have grown…I put myself on the scales…I navigate based on my intellect, intuition, and heart EQUALLY…I tend to desires and dreams as equally as I take care of my food, water, shelter. I re-mystify my life and welcome magic in AND I am super practical and handle the numbers. I no longer play small. I’m ready for my life by design…and be clear this magical life by design…this is a grand title but it doesn’t need to mean it’s fanciful or adrenaline fused. Your most magical life mind be down right BORING to someone else..but beautiful calm foundations may sound boring to a celebrity obsessed culture, but it may be your deepest desire. 


Your wish is yours. 


It’s all you. 

It’s your deepest heart’s desire. 

It’s your soul calling

It gives no fucks and accepts no side eyes and it does not receive feedback. 


It’s between you and the goddesses. Between you and the Universe. No one else….it might INCLUDE others, but before you even reach that point….it’s you and the magic.


So, this summer, do the things that make you feel witchiest and powerful, peaceful, empowered, and like the person you most want to be. 


How do you grow into the person you want to be?

Think about it. Dream it up. Journal it out…then fake it till you make it...this magical version of yourself? She’s in there. She may just need practice to fully evolve. 


Lean deeper into that this summer. 


What does your inner witch need to grow?  That’s the question to ask this June, July, and August…but make sure you’re not just asking….take action with the insight that comes. 


These are the main messages for this season summer in the northern hemisphere/winter in the south….don’t go making a million wishes, casting a ton of spells…store up your frequency for when the universe directs us to focus and take laser aim on our next big manifestation.

Now, let’s talk Cancer basics. Because the Summer solstice occurs when the sun enters Cancer - the fourth sign of the zodiac chart. Cancer is the crab of the chart. It’s a cardinal  water sign, ruled by the Moon (oooh, the feels ya’ll)  and represented by the THE CHARIOT card in the Tarot - let’s take a hot second to pause on this - if you’re following along in my newsletter or IG stories - of are in Magical Mentoring…..you KNOW this is important - because The Chariot is the card of the year for 2023. 


Back in Summer of 2022 I let you know, here on the pod, that last summer was foreshadowing THIS ENTIRE YEAR. So, number 1 - think back, what was going on LAST summer/winter (depending on hemispheres) for you? Number 2 - do some leaning into my Deep Dive into the Chariot if you bought the master class earlier this year - and if you didn’t i am SO sorry butit is not currently available….If I’ve got time to do a bonus episode on it, I will, I’ll try to drop some love on this in IG stories as well in the next 2 weeks…


But here’s a tiny dive - The Chariot offers a heavy dose of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a unique way. It offers us the driver's seat in this lifetime. IF and when we can overcome our over-giving, martyrdom habits...as well as our habits of force based willpower…or our damn wound of worthiness.  It’s a synthesis of feminine and masculine…in many ways it’s completely fluid, non-binary in its exaltation.


 It puts us in the driver’s seat and says drive your lane or change lanes…it’s up to you boo…it calls us to up to our capacity to harmonize ourselves from the inside out.ya’ll the reasons we’re not going anywhere? The call is coming from inside the house..it you boo. Whatchu gonna do about it? 


Schedule that tune up, trade in, and map that adventure. IT’S TIME to move out of the driveway. 


It’s all about short trips…think road trips…vehicles, lot’s of driving, going somewhere vs. stalling out.


The Chariot - number 7 of the major arcana - is a transition from the outside to the inside. It begins a new glow up. It’s a bit of a ‘test’....the info you have gathered, the work you’ve done…it signals a time to apply said lessons and tools. 


And in numerology we think 7 as lucky number 7 - but what is luck? It’s when preparation meeting timing…the timing is this window…now…have you been preparing for your next adventure/journey? It’s about to be time. 

Cancer’s mantra is I FEEL. Cancer is GREAT at loving, supporting, and nourishing things. It is soft, subtle, sweet. It carries amazing capacity to truly balance our human-ness - our humanity. Cancer is wired to care.


In Balance Cancer is the great mother energy. The crab of the chart. It scuttles between the ocean and the sand - earth and water - psychic, intuitive, healing, knowing, softness and the 3D implementation of work, effort, bolstering, and nourishing. It wants to generate good human’s above all else - Cancer is known as the great mother energy - in balance that starts with themselves…with self care/ boundaries, dare I say balanced flow of work and rest -  giving and receiving….. In order to lead by example, model healthy, constructive behaviors, teach, nourish, hold space, support, and help others. TELL THE STORY - 


In imbalance Cancer straight becomes the martyr… the imbalance says I have to do everything because a. No one else is capable (spoiler alert…that’s not true…we’re just being control freaks) b. No one cares c. No one ever shows up for me  d. I don’t communicate my needs or set boundaries (DING DING DING - we must all learn to recruit help, take things off our plate, and simply admit….certain things aren’t that important and no one is actually going to die). 

If I were to throw a little shade here…I’d offer that Cancerian energy, tho it is the great mother energy of the chart, in imbalance can be emotionally  immature…thinking that worth and love are earned, or that someone’s magically coming to take care of them/things. It runs both routes as it is a water sign and can run the rails of too dreamy and run into escapism or delusion. 


Cancer rules the chest, stomach, womb, and breasts When we talk about cancer in relation to self care, wellness, and my online studio, Unicorn Wellness, we’re going to be working with releasing guilt, cultivating a fair emotional labor load, boundaries, co-dependency -and  focusing on relationships perhaps more than focusing on yourself 


For members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com, in this Cancer season You’ll see more chest and shoulder work to open and strengthen our heart & throat chakras to keep or get us into empowerment through boundaries and self love rather than hiding in relationships, codependency or simply loving others without an equitable balance. 


Members will work with shoulder flossing, hug the floor, clamshells, and my signature crab series to ground generate fluid strength-  to know when to give and when to take. 


Because what we learn on the mat, absolutely influences our life off the mat in conscious unconscious ways. 


When you trust your body, when you strengthen your body, when you generate mobility and flexibility in your body….it generates those things outside of your wellness time too. 


Cancerian energy is fierce once it knows how to set and keep boundaries, when to care for the self vs. others, and when to be honest about how sensitive they really are..and what kinds of action and boundaries it will take to keep them stable and safe.


Energetically we always tend to all seven traditional energy centers, this cycle pays extra attention to the heart and throat.  

I’ll say it again, Cancer is the great mother energy of the chart - and will always bring up issues of The Mother Wound ←bonus episode intended soon. It deserves and requires its own space. But for most of our community you’ll now what this means, and if you’d like to discuss it further with me or ask questions PLEASE pop in my DMs or on a post over on Instagram tandy_gutierrez


This season will always have us between hiding and healing.


This is a time of invoking: 

  • a staycation - even if it’s only a day or a week Cancer loooves it’s home and needs to love it, take an edit of the space you live in, does it need a revamp. A refresh, or do you need to actually move? Time to get real about this. 
  • Get on the mat - take the time to signal to your vessel and to the energy that YOU are worth care….I know everyone always says you can’t pour from an empty cup but I see people all the time saying that and still trying to squeeze earl gray from bone dry china.  
  • Get hydrated - water signs need major hydration
  • Lean into water energy - wear light blues and turquoise, listen to water sounds for a meditation, visit or get in body’s of water and yes your shower or tub count.
  • Wear or diffuse ylang- ylang - this is a heart healer as well as supports healing form chronic fatigue - it’s the over giver’s little helper
  • Eat cooling foods, things from the ocean, seaweed, fish, as well as broths, cold soups, any and all greens….particularly cabbage and microgreens are calling. 
  • Work with larimar healing crystal…known as the dolphin stone it reminds us to keep calm and carry on but with a balance of playfulness and intellect - particularly those we that we love in trust in our families and framilies - chosen family
  • Mediate. 
  • Pull tarot cards, maybe lean into one a day and just jot and journal what it means to you. Ground all the feels , magic, and healing wanting to come through in this season



We all have Cancer in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


Remember this is our Cancer season breakdown but it’s also offered as an energy forecast for this summer -.when in doubt in June, July, and August…lean into these tactics. 


UWS members also have an offering in their library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Cancer you can snag more cancer wisdom there. 

You’ll find our Summer/Cancer season tarot forecast -  in its own episode, tomorrow, if you’re listening in real time, or directly after this in Episode 37. 

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