EP 37: Summer/Cancer Season 2023 Tarot Forecast

Cancer/Summer Season 2023 Tarot Forecast


This episode is our five card tarot pull for the next zodiac season, as well as the season as the globe turns and the light shifts…Summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere - one card for:

1 card for the theme of this season

1 card for what to release

1 card for what to learn

1 card for the next BIG steps for your highest and greatest good this season

1 card for the NEXT step for your highest and greatest good this season. 


Cancer energy is represented by The Chariot in the tarot - it offers a heavy dose of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a unique way. It offers us the driver's seat in this lifetime. IF and when we can overcome our over-giving, martyrdom habits...as well as our habits of force based willpower…or our damn wound of worthiness.  It’s a synthesis of feminine and masculine…in many ways it’s completely fluid, non-binary in its exaltation.


The Chariot puts us in the driver’s seat and says drive your lane or change lanes…it’s up to you boo…it calls us to up to our capacity to harmonize ourselves from the inside out….ya’ll the reasons we’re not going anywhere? The call is coming from inside the house..it you boo. Whatchu gonna do about it? 


Schedule that tune up, trade in, and map that adventure. IT’S TIME to move out of the driveway. 


It’s all about short trips…think road trips…vehicles, lot’s of driving, going somewhere vs. stalling out.


The Chariot - number 7 of the major arcana - is a transition from the outside to the inside. It begins a new glow up. It’s a bit of a ‘test’....the info you have gathered, the work you’ve done…it signals a time to apply said lessons and tools. 


And in numerology we think 7 as lucky number 7 - but what is luck? It’s when preparation meeting timing….the timing is this window…now…have you been preparing for your next adventure/journey? It’s about to be time. 

Are you a Cancer native? Those with your sun, rising, or moon sign in Cancer...this episode may ring truer or hit deeper. 

We all have Cancer in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


This episode offers us:

The importance of a building energetic coffers

The magic of getting called out

The permission to admit inherent misogyny

The power of tough love

The wonder of feminine rage and anger

The guidance that dismantling the internalized patriarchy is more accessible than you may think

And the energy of constructive maintenance


Cancer energy offers us to balance the care of ourselves with the care of others. 

The tarot offers us all the layers of this magic cake.


Books mentioned in this episode:

Rage Becomes Her by: Soraya Chemaly

Eloquent Rage by: Brittney Cooper

Burn it Down by: Lily Dancyger


Netflix Show Mentioned: 

How to Get Rich with Ramit Sethi


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