Unicorn Wellness Studio is an online, subscription based, wellness studio created by Tandy Gutierrez, who pioneered online wellness in 2013. There is still no other online offering like it: boutique, exquisite macro and micro cycled high-end training, alongside personal evolution healing work, astrology, and magic...that distinctly improve the body, mind, and spirit.

Unicorn Wellness has cultivated a truly loving and supportive private community sharing their unique journey with each other, and Tandy, every day for years. This is truly an offering that speaks to the long term relationship building with the self, spirit, Tandy, and community. 

Every offering on the site is crafted in accordance to the current lunar cycle & astrology to harness & balance the current energies at play in the day-to-day physical and energetic body. 

The practice of getting on the mat and sitting in meditation make physical fitness, health, joy, healing and manifestation the foundation of your life rather than the sporadic occurrence. 

This is a practice the works for those, long term, when nothing else has. 

Tandy teaches to the long game in all things. The longer you're here, the better it gets, and the more sense it all makes...together. 

Listen to what Tandy has to say about Unicorn Wellness


About your teacher ... 

Tandy is the creator and founder of Unicorn Wellness Studio, 1:1 Magical Mentoring, Group Magical Mentoring, The Magic Spark Podcast, and the author of The Unicorn Wellness Handbook.

She is a shame-less woman, partner, busy momma of two souls who identify as male, step-mom to a third, and thrives, with three autoimmune diseases: Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy, and currently lives in Austin, TX.  She is the Head Unicorn, High Priestess, tough-love-mama, and believes in the magic of a life anchored in spirit. 

Tandy is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates and fitness experts with workouts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine and celebrity clients such as Sendhil Ramamurthy of USA Network’s Covert Affairs and NBC’s Heroes, Lucy Hale from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and Emmanuelle Chriqui from HBO’s Entourage. Tandy’s client list also includes professional athletes in the Olympics, NFL, MLB, and the Iron Man Competitions.

Tandy has a background as a professionally trained dancer with 20+ years of movement and injury healing to draw from with additional certifications in pilates, yoga, martial arts, functional movement and sports & strength conditioning. She was a featured presenter at the Idea World Fitness Convention, Los Angeles, CA in 2016. 

Tandy is an adoptee, trauma informed, mentor committed to helping dismantle the internalized patriarchy, for the healing and liberation for every body. 

She is also a Taurus Sun, Leo Rising, Pisces Moon, Manifesting Generator.

Meet the founders ... 

Tandy and Mateo are real #relationship goals. Their soul collision is truly a magical story ... for another time. They are partners in life and in business, married in 2006 in Vegas. Mateo had the original idea to create an online subscription based business for Tandy to teach from. She, in her perfectionist theater background, originally resisted the idea ... a true Sagittarius vs. Taurus sun experience. 

Mateo is a true Renaissance man. With 15+ years in the tech industry spanning roles in customer service to CEO, a Bachelors in Philosophy and Masters in Painting, he is the behind the scenes nuts-and-bolts of Unicorn Wellness, while staying equally focused on his own art career. 

He is a father of three young men, a truly global citizen, and energetic healer. 

Tandy holds down the creative vision as well as all content creation and execution for Unicorn Wellness. 

They truly embody balance in partnership, in all the ways, honoring the mess along with the beauty of entrepreneurship, parenting, personal & professional, wounds & healing.

Our Unicorn Team ... 

Meet Shawn Keith, our Accounts Manager. When you hit the contact button here on the site, it goes to him. He’s here to help with any billing, account, or tech issue. If your inquiry requires Tandy or Mateo’s attention, he’ll forward it along to them. Shawn is Tandy’s surrogate brother since they first met in 2003. He was also her first strength & conditioning coach and inspired her to get certified. 

He has been a part of the Unicorn Wellness team from the very beginning. He’s a dad, an introvert, wellness enthusiast & educator and loves being behind the scenes...not in front. 

He has B.S. Exercise Science, 25+ years in the health & fitness field working in a Cardiac Rehabilitation unit, hospital wellness programs and as a personal trainer has been fortunate enough to work with a diverse population of people, including numerous athletes in the Special Olympics.

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The Unicorn Wellness Handbook

This handbook teaches you to invoke & cultivate your inner unicorn and show up in the world with the maximum amount of sparkle & shine via; movement, fuel, self-care, and spiritual ritual - in an easy to follow four week format. I share my personal wellness journey of how I created the Unicorn Wellness lifestyle & how and why it heals in practical and magical ways, not only for myself but for all Unicorns across the world.

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