Unicorn Wellness Studio is an online subscription based wellness center created by Tandy Gutierrez. Tandy pioneered online wellness in 2013. There is still no other online offering like hers: boutique, exquisite high-end training, healing meditations, magical tarot readings, with a genuine, loving & connected community that distinctly improves the body, mind, and soul.

Members, also known as Unicorns, get access to a new 30-minute workout, every three days, new & full moon tarot readings, a guided meditation each and every month. Additionally, members get access to the Unicorn Wellness Community private Facebook Group, a highly sought after private community of Unicorns sharing their unique journey and interacting with Tandy every day.

Every video is crafted in accordance to the current lunar cycle & astrology to harness & balance the energies at play in the physical and energetic body. 

The practice of getting on the mat, sitting in meditation, and working with the messages of the tarot make physical fitness, health, joy, healing and manifestation the foundation of your life rather than the sporadic occurrence. 

Listen to what Tandy has to say about Unicorn Wellness


About your teacher ... 

Tandy is the founder of Unicorn Wellness and the author of The Unicorn Wellness Handbook, Everything you need to know about transforming your wellness through movement, fuel, self-care and spiritual ritual.

She is a busy momma of two boys, the step-mom to a third son, a tarot reader, intuitive psychic, thriving with three autoimmune diseases: Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy, living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is a Unicorn and believes in the magic of a life on the mat, in the kitchen,  and anchored in spirit. 

Tandy Gutierrez is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates and fitness experts with workouts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine and celebrity clients such as Sendhil Ramamurthy of USA Network’s Covert Affairs and NBC’s Heroes, Lucy Hale from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and Emmanuelle Chriqui from HBO’s Entourage. Tandy’s client list also includes professional athletes in the Olympics, NFL, MLB, and the Iron Man Competitions.

Tandy has a background as a professionally trained dancer with 20+ years of movement and injury healing to draw from with additional certifications in pilates, yoga, martial arts, functional movement and sports & strength conditioning. She was a featured presenter at the Idea World Fitness Convention, Los Angeles, CA in 2016. 

What a member sees:

As a logged in Unicorn Wellness member you automatically start in My Library where all products purchased from Unicorn Wellness can be found. 

From My Library click on the current month to find: that month's workouts, tarot readings and links to Tandy's weekly live "Weekly Forecast" tarot reading on Zoom.

Each workout has a date to show you the three days in which you do that particular workout, the prop (if any) that is needed, and a brief description of the focus of that workout. 

Tandy explains the month's workouts and readings and why they are crafted in the way that they are for that four-week cycle. 

There is always a list of props for the entire month so that you are never caught off guard, and the link to our props page where you’ll find Tandy’s preferred props and links to buy them (and discount codes to special ones!).

Every month you have your wellness foundation mapped out & ready to go: a daily meditation, new and full moon tarot readings, and workouts written in accordance to the moon cycles to harness & balance the energies at play each day. All you ever have to do is log in to your account and press play to reap wellness rewards!

Every month on the 1st your account will update with a completely fresh set of videos. 

Again, all you ever have to do is log in and Tandy is there waiting to take care of you on the mat, in meditation, and through the tarot.

The Unicorn Wellness Handbook

This handbook teaches you to invoke & cultivate your inner unicorn and show up in the world with the maximum amount of sparkle & shine via; movement, fuel, self-care, and spiritual ritual - in an easy to follow four week format. I share my personal wellness journey of how I created the Unicorn Wellness lifestyle & how and why it heals in practical and magical ways, not only for myself but for all Unicorns across the world.

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