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We pride ourselves on live 24/7 US based support. We don't farm our support out, and you never get a bot or a canned response. We have Shawn, our on-staff account manager, and he's here to help you and to get to know your unique needs and concerns throughout your membership. Shawn will respond within 24 hours with any of your customer support concerns or questions.

Account support: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. We charge monthly, every three months, six months or annually. You choose. With your subscription you get access to a new workout every three days by Tandy, a monthly meditation by Tandy, and access to the private group. Your account always has a total of 74 30-minute workouts available, access to hundreds of recipes, the 41-day food Reset, that month's newsletters, and specials on private sessions and group coaching not accessible to non-members. 

Yes you can.

If you signed up using a credit or debit card (not with PayPal):

Log in to your Unicorn Wellness account and click "My Account" at the top right of the page, go to "Billing Info" and then click the cancel button. You will not be charged again.

If you signed up using PayPal: 

Log in to your PayPal account (not your Unicorn Wellness account but your personal PayPal account) and click the settings (gear) icon at the top of the page. Click “Account Settings”, click “Money, Banks, Cards”, and in the “Automatic Payments” section click “Automatic Payments”. This takes you to your list of merchants. Click “Unicorn Wellness” from the list and then click “Cancel”.

Please note: When you cancel your account your account will remain open until your next billing cycle and close just before you would have made your next payment. So, you will always be able to use your account for the amount of time paid for. 

If you are a legacy member from our older site, please contact [email protected] and he will help you deactivate and cancel your account. 

There are two private groups, one on Facebook and one hosted here on Unicorn Wellness. Both are only open to paying members of Unicorn Wellness. The groups are both private and safe spaces, no racism, sexism, bigotry or otherwise non-inclusive language or behavior is tolerated in any form. They are places to safely and calmly share your wellness journey and learn from each other.

1. Facebook: The Unicorn Wellness Community Private Facebook Group is accessible on Facebook. Once you become a paying member you may join the group here.

2. The Unicorn Wellness group hosted here on can be found in your library with all of your products. Simply click on it from your library and you will be taken to the private group. 

Yes we do. We have a dedicated U.S. based account manager who will personally handle any and all of your account needs if they arise. We pride ourselves on intimate and personalized care for each and every one of our customers. You will never feel like you signed up for something and then couldn't get in touch with us. We are here for you live and real and ready!

Tandy produces a new workout every three days, so depending on the month you will get either 10 or 11 workouts.

Unicorn Wellness is fully mobile and tablet friendly. 

For the optimal mobile experience of Unicorn Wellness we recommend using the mobile app, which can be found here: Open that link on your phone. Install the "Kajabi" app. Insert your email, the same one you use on Unicorn Wellness, when prompted. Choose "Unicorn Wellness" and your library will be right there waiting for you.

For tablets just log in to a browser as usual - the site has been optimized for all tablet types and works beautifully. 

In addition to a brand new 30-minute mat workout video from Tandy every three days that is in alignment with the current astrology, you get: 

  • A monthly guided meditation video
  • 22 "Healing Protocol" 30 minute mat videos that can be used for any issue areas, including: shoulders, hips, hamstrings, feet, knees and wrists.
  • Extras: access to hundreds of Tandy's favorite recipes for every meal of the day and snacks, treats and sauces
  • Access to the full 41-day Food Reset.
  • Access to the private Facebook group and the Unicorn Wellness private group for those who do not choose to use Facebook.
  • The monthly newsletter
  • Access to discounts for private sessions and Magical Mentoring


Magical Mentoring is for those standing on the precipice of deep personal transformation and who want to be under my wing for the next 2 or 4 months with support & guidance to make breakthroughs you've never made before.

Sessions are available periodically throughout the year with a limited capacity and fill up months in advance. 

Learn more here: Magical Mentoring

You do not have to have props to start. Every other workout includes a prop. If you do not have the prop in the video of the day you can do the workout before or after that does not have a prop. Over time, you can build your prop tool box. Visit our props page to see what props we use and where to buy them.

Log in and click "My Account" at the top right of the page, scroll down and you will see the option to change your password.

Yes you can. Log in and go to your avatar at the top right of the page, click it, click settings, click credit card information, and you will see a button to change your credit/debit card.

If you are using a coupon, a discount code or an extended trial code simply insert the code in the "Coupon Code" box and click apply when you check out and it will immediately take effect, then proceed through check out as usual.

If your debit or credit card on file expires or your information changes and you forget to update your card info, our billing system will send you an email letting you know that your transaction failed. We will try to run your debit or credit card three more times over two weeks at which time your account will be closed. So, please always log in and update your card info if it is out of date.


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