Cast a spell with your life.

Let Tandy lead you out of the labyrinth of decision fatigue & disconnected tactics to your soul's highest expression, to date. Courage is rewarded when you aim to heal unhealthy cycles. Ready for your goddess era?

How We Do It:

1. Magical Mentoring

For those who are focused on no longer dying on the same hill that holds you back from joy, abundance, fierce authenticity, manifestations, and goal getting. Offered twice a year - Spring & Fall - in either a one-on-one or group setting. 

2. Personal Readings

For those who want personalized guidance, in one-off increments. Tandy facilitates 3, 5, and 8 card Tarot Readings, or a full tour of your astrological natal chart in her Simple Stars offering. These readings are reserved 4 - 6 months in advance.

3. Unicorn Wellness

Tandy's online wellness studio established in 2013. For those who want a daily practice that is fully inclusive. Members have access, every month, to 30-min pilates based workouts (unique every three days), new & full moon tarot readings, and a monthly energetic healing…all macro & micro cycled in alignment to the current zodiacal season and lunar cycles. Member Library includes Astrology & Magick tutorials.

Tandy, known as, The Practical and Magical Mentor, is the Founder and Creator of the Unicorn Wellness Studio, an internationally recognized wellness educator, Master Pilates Instructor and  NSCA CPT with 20+ years of experience, celebrity trainer, coach to professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, Ironman participants, and Olympic hopefuls, busy mamas, fierce she bosses, professionals, those suffering from autoimmune disorders, and chronic injury. 

Tandy and her husband/business partner, Mateo Gutierrez pioneered the online wellness platform after she transitioned from her position as Regional Pilates Director, SoCal with Equinox Fitness to launch her online studio in 2013. Read more about the studio here. 

Tandy is also an author, mentor, mother of two, step-mom, wife, cat mom, business partner, tarot reader, intuitive psychic, astrologer, thriving with three autoimmune diseases; Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy...she's a polymath that refuses to be put in one single-lane.  

She believes in the magic of a life grounded in a combination of practical & magical habits to balance humanity and divinity in this lifetime - for the highest and greatest good of all involved.

Tandy holds space from a trauma informed perspective. Both personal and educational. She can navigate the deepest and darkest of experiences...because she has walked through them. As an adoptee, abuse survivor, experiencing major trauma post natal with her first birth (both medical and legal)...there is truly nothing that surprises her. Her work aims to be a safe space to normalize sharing our shadows, in order to heal through and with them. Alchemy is the name of the game with her. 

She graduated from Stephens College, one of the few remaining all women's colleges in the U.S. She is a fierce intersectional feminist that teaches from the perspective and narratives of; the witch, the dark goddesses, the unicorn, shadow work, and dismantling the internalized patriarchy inherent in all of us. 

Tandy is equal parts shadow and light. She is villain and heroine...depending on who you ask. She helps her clients and mentees step into the same. Her offerings support clients welcoming back the full spectrum of their fragmented parts, heal core wounds, and live a life by design, rather than a life by default.

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What Clients Say

It's been a rocky road over the past few years, so I took a leap of faith and signed up for Tandy's Magical Mentoring program. One group and two private sessions later, I am developing into the best version of myself. I have so much more to process and learn, but the flexibility, forgiveness, accountability and support is unprecedented. If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind, mind-blowing life transformation, Unicorn Wellness is THE place to be. If you are willing to put in the time for yourself that you give to others, what's waiting for you is nothing short of pure magic. - Kim Elwell


Tandy's offerings have changed my life. I've been a member since 2015 and haven't looked back since joining. Through Tandy's guidance in Magical Mentoring, I've learned that even the tiniest steps of self-care and working toward my goals can make a big impact and I've manifested big life changes because of it. The community is a safe, supportive place to share the highs and lows of your journey. I feel like a whole human again thanks to Tandy's work and guidance and I can't recommend it enough. - Katie Sides
Magical Mentoring was heart-opening, a beautiful experience to be in community with other women and to learn about the shared struggles of defining our identity after being held captive by life for the last few years.
I love the intuitive connection of leaning into tarot readings and the total recall with fellow mentees. I felt changed after magical mentoring, and the impact was palatable to my everyday life.
It's so rich. You delve into yourself and uncover your layers. I had yet to learn how much shadow work I had to work through. We inherently know that we must do the work to get past those things that haunt us. And it can be challenging, but the only way to unlock your full potential is to clear out the cobwebs in your mind, which is what Shadow Work is. Every step you take gets you closer to your holistic well-being.
What I love most about the magical mentoring experience is that there is no hand-holding; Tandy creates and holds space for you. Then, she challenges you to step up and show up for yourself: "You've got to level up to glow up."
Her work as an energetic channel, a conduit, ensures the messages that need to get through, the voices of our ancestors, and our narrative can be heard. She uses a language that is transmutable and relatable. Her approach helps reshape, retrain, and reprogram who we are individually and collectively to lead a sustainable, healthy life. We're taught to practice meeting ourselves wherever we are in the moment, spiritually and physically on the mat.
 One of the phrases she uses repeatedly is "tiny and mighty," which underscores the value of incremental movement as it applies to change. We don't always need to take big steps; sometimes, the smaller ones are enough. - Andrea Prezzioti

The Unicorn Wellness Handbook

Ever wish you had a handbook that addressed you, equally, as both a spiritual and physical regards to your health and wellness? 

Well, I did, and in 2015 I wrote the book I wish I'd had at the beginning of my wellness & ascension journey. It gives equal attention to the practical 3D human issues at play and the energetic, spiritual, and magical energies contributing. 

Written in a 4-week how-to format, it includes chapters on workouts, meditation, crystals, tarot & oracle cards, and includes my food Reset - to crack your personal food code & heal.

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