What if you could brew your most empowered self on the mat?

Get Witch's Work

What if you could brew your most empowered self, on the mat?

With WITCH'S WORK you can
Get Witch's Work

The ultimate magic lies in your vessel

This collection of 30-min mat based workouts focus on igniting, amplifying, and expanding your ability to manifest while balancing (equal strength & mobility) your personal cauldron: hips, pelvis, pelvic floor, deep core & lower back.

Get Witch's Work

You, you are the magic & the spell

Witch’s Work digs deep into the practical & energetic tools to balance the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

These energetic centers speak to our ability to feel safe and take up space in this lifetime, to our joy, passion, and creativity, as well as our confidence to step into our true place in the sun through constructive willpower.

Get Witch's Work

This is a witch's best-kept secret... until now

Witch’s Work includes:

Eleven 30-minute mat-based movement videos
A PDF of how to best work with the videos
A unique guided meditation & energetic healing
Access to the Private Unicorn Wellness Facebook Group
Access to our two non-social media private community groups
Monthly newsletter

Each video is:

  • Infused with a full chakra balance of Reiki healing, by proxy
    • You only need to be open to receive energetic healing to return to your original frequency of wholeness & unconditional love
  • Accessible to all fitness levels
  • Written with extreme care on a physical and energetic level to heal, release, strengthen, and empower your personal cauldron to heal and balance the vessel as well as to manifest bigger, with more accuracy!

If you're not tending to your vessel,

you're not tending to your magic

Embark on Witch's Work Today 

Get To Know This Witch

Tandy Gutierrez is the founder & creator of Unicorn Wellness.

She is a Wellness Witch, High Priestess, tarot reader, intuitive-psychic, energetic healer, mom, wife, step-mom, and author, thriving in an autoimmune body (Celiac, thyroidectomy, IBS) with 20+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry.

Tandy is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost Pilates experts featured in Allure, Seventeen, Self, and Elle Magazine, and was the first Pilates Regional Manager for Equinox Fitness SoCal.

She currently lives in Austin, TX with her husband, two sons, and their blue-Russian cat, named Mouse.

Tandy loves Lilith, Hecate, Chiron, healing, espresso, fashion/glamour magick, dismantling the internal patriarchy, Paris, and Barcelona.