EP 63 Embracing Duality: Navigating Gemini Season with Wisdom and Connection

EP 63 Embracing Duality: Navigating Gemini Season with Wisdom and Connection


In this episode, listeners are welcomed into Gemini season which runs from May 20th to June 20th, 2024.

Gemini season is characterized by adaptability, communication, and curiosity. It encourages shifting perspectives, exploring new ways of doing things, and embracing duality and multiplicity in life.

The season is influenced by Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury moving through Gemini, bringing expansive energy and emphasizing communication, learning, and relationships. It's a time to be open to new experiences, challenge old beliefs, and integrate wisdom from information, decisions, and experiences. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, symbolizes duality and communication.

It encourages active listening, sharing knowledge, and being open to changing one's mind. However, imbalance in Gemini energy can lead to gossip, indecisiveness, and being distracted by noise. To balance Gemini energy, employ grounding practices like connecting with nature, meditation, and getting on the mat with me, are essential. It's a time to stay open to new perspectives, engage in conversations, and cultivate wisdom through experience.


Listeners are advised to focus on integrating mind-body practices during this season, especially emphasizing the importance of physical grounding to manage swirling thoughts and anxiety. Engaging in practices that connect the mind and body, like pilates, can help maintain balance during Gemini season.

Overall, Gemini season calls for embracing change, being willing to learn and adapt, and staying grounded to navigate the energetic shifts successfully.


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