EP 59: Spring and Aries Season 2024 Energy Forecast


We dive into Aries season and all it has to offer us March 19th - April 18th 2024. As well as the overall energetics for Spring in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern hemisphere March 19th - June 19th 2024 + Happy Astrological New Year!


This is a big shift. An important transition. And in my opinion the most fun time of the year. 


Aries season always welcomes the high energy, impatient, competitive, ambitious, confident, bravery as we say goodbye to the moody, dreamy, artistic, romantic, creative, emo, grief, empathic, sensitive, idealistic adaptability of Pisces season.


This transition has us taking the release and healing we got in Pisces season…as well as all the evaluation we’ve been doing since the fall about what works, what has never worked and what we want moving forward….Aries season supports us to finally start the new things we’ve been sitting on, thinking about, plotting and planning. 


We won’t reach all the goals in this season. We probably won’t see manifestation this cycle,  but we start, we leap, we sprint a fair distance into them. Fire is welcomed back to the chart, to the energetics and fire is magic. It’s an exciting time meant for taking risks and attempting things we’ve not tried before. The risks are supported! Not a yolo type of risk but calculated risks…that we’ve been weaving through and around since Libra season, September 2023. It’s a long time, but it’s the synthesis and understanding of your life lived last year.  


Aries season asks us to rebirth ourselves, better, stronger, more empowered, and confident…because of the digging, thinking, feeling, shadow work and exploration we’ve been willing to do. It’s not random action. Exalted, wise, Aries is not impulsive. Under Evolved Aries is impulsive, implosive, and definitely does not think about the long game…..but balanced Aries…now that’s a whole other story we are learning and growing into particularly in this cycle. 


Let’s break it down. 


In this Aries season:

It’s eclipse season

Mercury is in pre shadow

March 19th - Sun enters Aries

March 22nd - mars enters Pisces

March 25th - Full moon lunar eclipse (penumbral) in Libra

April 1 - Mercury Stations Rx

April 5 - Venus enters Aries

April 8 - New moon solar eclipse (total) in Aries




This cycle - Aries season - and for this community's purpose also an umbrella for all of spring.   as a whole it’s going to be a bit wild. Communication is going to be taxed, shifted, weird, and wonky. Both internal and external. And yet there’s so much that offers expressions of communication and growth. Clarity. Brashness. Honesty at a whole other level from yourself and to others. There can be self trust here like never before and you function off of that. It won’t always be received well by others. 


It’s a time to take the weird way (isn’t it always, around here). A time to not overthink things. Check in with the body, how do you FEEL? Check in with the brain, what do you think? Whats YOUR truth of the situation…..take action based on these things. We are being asked to move into our wise leader (exalted Aries) with a focus on putting ourselves first - moving away from people pleasing and codependency and into the divine I can I am. There is sovereignty to be gained here if the risks are calculated, understood and taken with grounded faith and surrender to your connection with the unseen. 


There’s a LOT going on here - simply with the eclipses. 


Aries season and spring ask us to take action. Do. Based on our evaluation of the past year. It’s a mix of cerebral functionality - a little pro and con list here is constructive for Aries….and soul fire audacity. This cycle wants us to jump forward. 


The nodes of fate are mathematical points in the sky that shift clockwise through the zodiac wheel every 18 months. They denote where the eclipses will take place - as well as what themes/healings are being asked of us as a collective for that period of time.

We are asked to LEAVE the non benevolent aspects of whatever sign sits in the south node and to grow into the fully balanced aspects of the current north node (also known as the true node).


This will have an even bigger effect on the lives of those with natal placements in the particular nodes. 


Currently the north and south nodes are in Aries and Libra. 

They shifted into Aries and Libra July 17th 2023 and will remain there till January 2025. 


We are all being asked to move out of people pleasing and codependency, non-decision-making flakiness of imbalance Libra and to move into our self reliant, confident, bet on ourselves manifesting capacity of the benevolent leader of Aries energy. 


If you have your sun, rising, moon in Aries or Libra - it could be a very bumpy and uncomfortable period of time through January 2025. More so for Aries placements - I said what I said and I’ve been saying it trying to give ya’ll the heads up so you’re not suffering the entire time but getting curious, pivoting, experimenting and above all choosing new actions and paths. 


Knowing the energy isn’t the excuse we needed for everything to whirl and twirl in chaos…it’s the opportunity to prep and play along and also to say not today Universe, not on my watch….I saw that and I redirect this way….and the Universe rejoices in our participation and says Yes, goddess. Yes. You came to play. 


A reminder or a knowing for the first time - eclipse season is erratic. 

They’re like buckets of magic dumped on us. 


It’s not recommended to cast spells or set intentions in these cycles. Have I? Yes. But I don't recommend it because it is big and wild. AND there’s no right way to be a witch. If you feel that you can channel, wield and ground this energy…that you’ve put your time in in your practices and at your altar…you go. 


Eclipses have us uttering ‘I did not see that coming’. It could be a gift or a reward or an opportunity that brings joy and pleasure…it could also be a tower mess that Kali has been waiting to make so you’ll wake up to your power. 


Eclipses offer us the opportunity to purge deep emotional set points that it's well past time to give up. They no longer serve us. ANd in Aries and Libra it massively asks for maturity. Wisdom and understanding true partnership versus childish codependency - martyrdom - imbalance caregiving - and a massive understanding of our self worth and what empowered confidence really looks like in this lifetime. 


A reminder in this energy cycle to be clear about what you want and desire. 


WANT and DESIRE are the big deal for 2024. Enough of taking scraps…and yes…when we say  whatever the universe wants for me or sends my way’ is scraps. It’s a cop out. It takes away the responsibility of aiming at something. 


YES, saying you want something is a risk. You may not get it. That’s real. But - when you do - you’re being honest with yourself and the Universe. 


Truth is always better than hiding. And the Universe responds and resonates with truth. 


If you can finally get honest about what you want and desire……and start navigating in soul honesty…and communicate in that truth…well..that’s quite a miracle right there. 

That’s some miracle frequency magic right there. 


This cycle is our step into this magic. 


Quit pretending you don’t have wishes, wants and desires. 


What would please you this year?

Aphrodite is here

Lilith is here.

Blood and sex magic are here. 


Time to resurrect. Time to rebirth. 

Time to bring back the ways of the goddess.

Time to play our way into our power.  


The astrology will always unravel and reveal itself more in my weekly moonday newsletter (if you don’t receive it already hop on the list at the link in the show notes). 


The channeled messaging here always has mysteries to reveal as we go.


We are finally in 2024. 


Time to play. Time to grow. Time to manifest. 


Aries  is ruled by Mars …therefore this season is also ruled by Mars. Mars gets a bad rap…but let’s talk about it. 


Mars is the god of war - and therefore is often demonized and diminished to all violence, all the time. Yes, this is part of Mars’ full frequency. Although I don’t prescribe to violence, there are times we must protect ourselves, protect that which cannot protect itself  and state clear boundaries out of health, care, and love. What mars whats us to lean into, in this community more and more, is their energetics of body. Moving through and to something. Mars represents the body, the vessel. As the vehicle to and through our wants, wishes, desires. It rules our sexual desires. It governs our personal energy (the Sun rules creative energy), it rules the ego and our blood….we’re talking vital life force here. That’s much deeper than the fire and brimstone Mars we tend to know as a culture. Mars is primal. Passion. Desire…and yes aggression.


It wants us in self discipline of our self care in order to have a vessel/vehicle (the body) that can DO THINGS in the world. If you want to get to someone or something you’re going to need a reliable way to get there - so Mars always calls us to physical practices that allow us to thrive and continue on. 


Mars can also be constructive rage that when channeled, has us getting up and saying never again, not on my watch….and then taking direct action to put that sentiment in place. And if you know you know…this puts Mars in alignment with Lilith. 


So for Aries season themes will always shift towards desire, sex, pleasure, want, and moving forward to these things. 


Mars is not all bad. Nothing is. Embrace the balanced spectrum of Mars and you have empowered self confidence and trust in what your body communicates with you and what you can accomplish with and through your vessel. 


Now - let’s shift back into Aries season basics - the first sign of the zodiac chart. 


The Spring Equinox coincides with the sun entering Aries - the first sign of the zodiac chart. Aries is the warrior, athlete and child of the chart. It begins everything -hence why it’s the astrological new year. 


It’s a cardinal fire sign and represented by the Emperor card in the Tarot ←which I’ll talk more about in episode 60.


Its mantra is I AM. 


Aries is GREAT at starting things. It is OFF AND RUNNING. It carries incredible manifestation energy because of its ‘young’ ‘new’ and often ‘naive’ energy. It's prone to beginner's luck. 


Aries is wired for battles and is the warrior you want on your side, because odds are…..it’ll win..this energy is relentless and fresh….and sassy salty It thrives on feedback pressure - it needs to hit, push, shove things….simply to feel the resistance.


In Balance Aries fights to protect that which it loves, or cannot protect itself. It evolves into the benevolent leader (the balanced exaltation of The Emperor in the tarot) and truly aims to provide for the highest and greatest good. It’s got passion, drive, and enthusiasm for days -  and can often get people to follow because of this fire. 


In imbalance Aries can get super egocentric and truly only put itself first. Arguing to win EVERYTHING, even things it seriously doesn’t care about. It can get wildly egocentric, immature, and will stir shit up just because it can. Again, Aries needs feedback…pressure…hence why workouts are the perfect outlet to channel this energy into constructive goals. Rather than punching walls or…good goddess other people. 


It’s represented by the ram for a reason. Stubborn. For days…and can get sucked into adrenaline/dopamine hit responses real quick…Aries can trip into addictive behaviors faster than you can say gaming…..also - Aries lesson in this lifetime is PATIENCE…so when in doubt…cultivate patience, Slow down. Don’t give up. Rest don’t quit.


Aries rules the head…remember the stubborn ram with those fabulous horns? 

Energetically when we talk about Aries in relation to self care, wellness, we’re going to be working with connecting with the head as well as energetically getting out of the head. 


Aries runs hot, fast, and furious and needs to move to burn off the heat…but not cardio. That will overheat the system. 

Aries is a bit of a jack russell terrier energy. SUPER smart, tiny and mighty, but they will tear shit up if you don’t keep them engaged or stimulated enough to generate interest. 

Think neuro festive brains as well. Needing stimulation to find a constructive zone of focus.


Aries needs movement and cerebral dexterity. 

Being the mother to a double Aries, I know the blessings and challenges of this energy so well. 


Aries needs to move. But not just any movement will balance its energy—too much drive and heat will blow it out and only generate more anger, frustration and injuries ….did I mention aries is prone to injuries? When they get stuck in their head or push too hard…..there will be an injury.


Remember Aries is ‘young and child-like?’ this energy needs to play. 


It also needs to balance the heat with flow - short bursts of movement rather than long drawn out things. They must learn flow and movement that cool…generating steam to go the long haul - to win the war not just the battle. 


Hydration needs major attention in this season. For everyone but especially Aries natives. Half of your body weight in ounces of water a day…and slip in a teaspoon of pink salt daily so you have the proper electrolytes for you body to actually absorb the water. Cooling foods is a must as well, anything green and mint, mint mint!


As I mentioned before - Aries rules the Head - eyes, and adrenals. 

In this cycle, in their movement patterns, Unicorn Wellness Studio members will see headstand preps and headstands - to connect to that 7th chakra and pull in divine messaging, but getting a fresh perspective to not get ‘stuck in their head’ with these messages. Members will also see our crab series; crab walks, table top, crab rolls (nope, not sushi…pilates), and rabbit pose to keep things playful, grounded from head to toe, cooling, and circulating through the vessel.


If you’re having headache/migraine issues - head to my Healing Protocols signature series - and utilize the Shoulder Stability protocol to help relieve tension and support postural elements that prevent tension that feed into these headaches. Double down on hydration - headaches from too much caffeine and not enough hydration is a thing. 


Spiritually Also, stop and ask yourself, what am I thinking but  not saying? 

Headaches can herrold a lack of authentic expression. 


And finally get curious about

What messaging is trying to get through to me and I’m subconsciously blocking, or pretending I don't know what  the message is? 



In Aries season:

  • Begin or prioritize a movement pattern - workout - what you start now has the support of the cosmos to go the long haul for the year - it’s truly time to get on the mat with me. 
  • If adding some strength training to your life is resonating…this is a great time to do so. 
  • PRIORITIZE hydration
  • Meditate
  • Set a bedtime. Aries in general runs hot and needs sleep cycles to cool down. 7 - 10 hours of sleep a night. 
  • Put time limits or timers on your gaming and social media. These brew ‘heat’ energetically. 
  • Make time to play - outside - fresh air and grounding matter
  • Share your thoughts and feelings with a trusted human
  • Whatever you’ve been considering, plotting, planning, evaluating, and re-evaluating - it’s time to take action. 
  • Up your greens - green juice, a handful of fresh greens at every meal, and all the mint, some sprigs in your smoothie, peppermint tea. Make cooling a part of your practice. 
  • Lighten the scents in your like peppermint eo, lemon and wild orange incense


Doing the above supports endurance through this season and through this year. 

Only one way to not experience burnout… and that’s to be in care, consideration and response to your vessel, emotions, energetics in all seasons, but how we start is so important to how we finish. Start fresh, with intention. No one is asking or aiming for perfection around here. We do the best we can with what we have. We can all hydrate mindfully, we can all take 5 minutes to close our eyes and breathe, to take the step out o f the convo to cool down, and to prioritize sleep. 


This is a time of balancing our constructive creative inner child that remembers that anything is possible with our wise inner adult that says yes - with constructive self discipline of fuel, rest, hydration, and work/effort. 


We all have Aries in our charts somewhere. 

we’re all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


For those who are Aries natives - sun rising or moon in your natal chart - welcome home, embrace that you have been returned to your full resources. 

For those who are super sensitive to fire energy - it may feel like everything sped up and is moving way too fast. Remember you can always take a time out, to slow down, to take the pause and  cool off, hydrate, and check in with the body to see what you think and feel. Get curious for your own healing, why speed, confidence, bravery, or impulse might be triggering you. 


Fire is the element of creativity, magic, manifestation, alchemy, and willpower. I will it so. Magic is in essence our will power- we cast spells in co-creatorship with the unseen forces to bend our 3D experience to our will. Fire is all of that. Nutshell. It’s the capacity to create - life by design - experiences by design - our design - hopefully in harmony with the greater energetics at play. Hence why we say ‘ these things or something better for the highest and greatest good of all involved’ because as humans we don’t know everything and tho we are tasked with wanting - we are equally tasked with releasing our attachment to the desire once a spell has been cast. 

Fire is a transition. It takes raw food and makes a meal. It takes a solid and turns it into liquid. It takes us from one identity to another. It wants new. It wants creation. It wants you making something else out of what you have.


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Spring & Aries Season 2024 Tarot Forecast

This episode is our full five card tarot forecast for March 19th - April 18th 2024, as well as March 19th - April 18th 2024.

  • 1 card for the theme of this season.
  • 1 card for what to release.
  • 1 card for what to learn.
  • 1 card for the BIG steps for your highest and greatest good this season.
  • 1 card for the NEXT step for your highest and greatest good this season. 

This is a multi-layered episode of both a micro AND macro cycle. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are an Aries native with your sun, rising or moon in this sign, or have major placements or a stellium in Aries in your natal chart. 


Aries in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana is represented by The Emperor - this is another often demonized card that gets stuck in toxic masculinity narratives of control, willpower by forces, or power hungry motivation. In truth The Emperor is all about strategy and long term goals. It has a genuine connection to entrepreneurs, to father energy, and yes, to colonization and empire. 


In balance this card brings us balance and secure foundations through conventional values of community, family, what we cultivate and contribute to these structures. It is constructive boundaries, practical matters, food, water shelter….loyalty and fairness. It reminds us we have free will and to exercise our own power to constructively get to what we want, wish and desire. 


The Emperor is the master builder. Who creates based on soul destiny and personal soul/moral compass. This card represents empowerment through independence and authentic expression. In exaltation it is manifestation based on proficiency of one’s personal power/will power through integrity. The emperor is the external embodiment of inner potential. 


The emperor in exaltation is the benevolent leader that makes decisions based on the greater good of all. Says we can provide for all and is fair and right to do so..it’s all in how we allocate our resources. It’s in awareness of resources and how to maximize, allocate, and utilize them for the long game. 

In Imbalance it is all the toxic masculinity, force, ego, violence that takes and wants at all costs, particularly at the cost of others. Cruelty, domination, control, and violence are present here. WIth zero to little concern for long term outcome. It is unchecked desire. It is immature and undereducated - functions from fear and lack of confidence….it is truly the expression of anger being really loud sadness….lack of empathy, lack of love, lack of compassion, and a lack of emotional intelligence. There is a massive disconnect from emotions here. No tools for constructive processing or healing.


This card will always call up:

  • What are your long term goals? 
  • Are you planning and acting in accordance with the long term?
  • Are you in active emotional processing and growth?
  • How is your relationship to power?
  • Do you exercise constructive empowerment? 
  • Do you make decisions? 
  • Do you shy away from decisions in order to make others the villain and keep you the victim? 
  • Do you make decisions to allow yourself the power you do have in every situation, even if you don’t love the choices, to shine and grow your integrity and path?


We have so much goodness to gain from this highly misunderstood card. 

Aries is cardinal fire energy - In the suites of the Tarot -  fire is wands. Wands represent willpower, creativity, and inspiration.  It's unpredictable, hot, and wild. And in imbalance it's an illusion, a nonconstructive ego that only says me first, it can be impulsive, and seriously lack direction or purpose, and can have us feeling meaningless.


Fire is primal. It’s also the element of magic. Transformation. Change. Alchemy. Fire is considered the seed through which all life springs. It’s creative life force and ultimate potential. 


Want more Aries  insight: UnicornWellnessStudio.com members have an offering in their membership library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Aries


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