EP 57: Pisces Season 2024 Tarot Forecast

This episode is our single card tarot forecast for February 18th - March 19th 2024.

1 card for the spirit in which to move through things….that turned into two. The Universe has spoken…. Lean into this episode to hear what the Universe wants us to lean into in this particular Pisces season….it’s pure magic. 

Pisces is represented by The Moon in the Tarot. In the RIder Waite Smith deck it is depicted by two dogs howling at the moon, that blocks out the sun. One of the dogs appears wild, and the other domesticated. They stand on land with water in front of them with a crayfish crawling out of the water. The crayfish represents the fearful self…it looks towards a long path in front of it and offers us that thought of…others have done it, can I? There is a message here of the life of the imagination vs. an actual life of decisions. 


This card traditionally offers us an opportunity to develop our Spirituality deeper, or for the first time. It can offer an awakening of the third eye/pineal gland and the solar plexus…or a spiritual awakening in general. 


The Moon an alignment between body, spirituality, and psyche. 

It requires us to make decisions in order to move forward up, out, and away from fear. 


It’s number 18 - 1 + 8 = 9  karmic closures and cycles ending. Perfect for the last sign of the zodiac chart that finishes the astrological year and says purge, grieve, let go…in order to heal.  


Pisces, as an energy of the zodiac, offers us:


  • The magic of adaptability, creativity, artistry, fantasy, and idealism.
  • Healing the wounds of worthiness, lack, limitation, love, safety, creativity
  • The power of allowing your emotions out and through
  • The power of hope and potential
  • The challenge of creating and keeping healthy boundaries
  • The challenge of not remaining a victim
  • A true balance of humanity and divinity - our only assignment in life school

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Deck used in this episode: The Muse Tarot


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