EP 56: Pisces Season 2024 Energy Forecast

Welcome to Pisces season and all it has to offer us February 18th - March 19th 2024.

The Sun shifts into Pisces, it is the beginning of a new zodiacal season.

Pisces season always brings moody, dreamy, artistic, romantic, creative, empathic, sensitive, idealistic adaptability - as we say goodbye to the futuristic, humanitarian, way-out-there, non-binary, no boundaries, no-right-way-to-do things, rebellious brilliance of Aquarius season.


This transition has us taking a pause with our planning, plotting, mapping, and fresh ideas from Capricorn and Aquarius season and asks us to release. Let go. Purge, grieve. Release. Cleanse and heal. It says whatever you don’t want to carry into the astrological new year (Aries season) LET IT GO. It may hurt. It may really scratch the scab off a wound. But it’s for healing. After all, Pisces is the ultimate healer. The final sign in the zodiac wheel. It requires release.  


This season always empowers us to truly heal. To let false narrative go. To start truly fresh in the Aries season. To not sandbag ourselves to the bottom of the ocean floor. It requires us to feel all the feels, because…why? You’ve got to feel it to heal it. You don’t have to understand. You don’t even need to know why. But you will need to allow feelings up, out, and through. If you’re a native to these emotional gymnastics…let’s GOOOO…if feels are the last thing you want to get into, especially the challenging ones, like anger, rage, frustration, embarrassment, shame, judgment…this season is going to need you to recruit more support. Because without the willingness to go there and feel the yuck….we simply can’t explode into our fresh cycles with full vitality come spring. Tis the work of healing. Tis the work of spiritual and human evolution. Tis the calling of magick, shadow work, empowerment, and wisdom growth. 


This season has us in the fetal position either in a calm restorative sleep to emerge new at the Equinox….or in deep heaving weeping to finish a cycle of somatic release to finally give us access to our full breadth of healed energy in Aries season. As always, it’ll probably be a cocktail of both. 


In this Pisces season:

Feb 18th - Sun moves into Pisces

Feb 19th - The north node is conjunct Chiron

Feb 23rd - Mercury -> Pisces

Feb 24th - Full Moon in Virgo

March 9th - Mercury -. Aries

Mar 10th - New Moon in Pisces

Mar 11th - Venus -> Pisces


This cycle - Pisces season - As a whole, is fairly calm. Things will still move forward. All the planets are still direct. As a collective we’re on the magical mystery tour of staying in witness, remembering that the lessons of the collective do not have to be the lessons of the individual, we’re finishing out our evaluation period of the last year and preparing for action, or are moving into light action. We still have a collective win in this cycle…with a careful eye and understanding that Pisces season is always emo. It will always ask us to let go of something. Internal or external. The channeled info on this energy is that this go round it’s internal….it’s about being wrong…constructively…and finally letting expectations, narratives, unconscious and subconscious programming up and out for true healing. SOme lessons you do get to fully let go of…never to repeat again in this lifetime…or others. Our moment with the north node conjunct Chiron has this energy to it. We are moving into our benevolent leadership power…and to do that old stories, expectations, shames, limitations, or misunderstandings on a frequency have got to go. 


It’s exciting energy that could be exhausting to move through…AND on the other side of it it is truly new, fresh, vital, abundant, fun, and downright joyful. There’s a lightness to it we haven’t felt for a very long time that’s available to us if we’re willing to excavate, be wrong, and finally fucking let go. Let go is the phrase that keeps moving through. It’s less of a purge and a loss this season…it’s a let that sh*t go. Erase, erase, erase. Quick carrying it around. GIve it to the goddesses. Give it to the Universe. Burn it up in your cauldron. ACTUALLY INVEST AND BELIEVE IN MAGICK. Sometimes it's just time for things to be lighter. 


AND …..

It’s still shadow season. 

We’re walking out of the catacombs

This is still the season of old emotions and yet in pisces season they have an opportunity to truly release and be on their way. The cleanse is real. 

Pisces swims between reality and fantasy….and isn’t the fantasy in a 3D experience to be truly healed, to not have to repeat some healings again and again and again? To truly rise, fly, and embody the fullest expression of your soul in THIS particular lifetime? Let the constructive fantasy in. Believe, believe, believe. Connect to source. Trust the process and the practice. 



The twelfth and final sign of the zodiac chart - It says you must have endings, you must learn to navigate the ocean of human emotion, rather than get capsized by it. It says anything is possible, if you can dream it, you can be it. It says to have faith in love, happy endings, equity, and humans actually doing the right things. 


Pisces - the two fish - swimming in opposite directions constantly working the balance and flow between reality and fantasy. Or as I tend  to explain pisces  - it's the ocean of emotion of the zodiac -  the wise divine feminine, the oracle, that offers us intuitive knowing, psychic gifts, wisdom, empathic magic, creativity, escapism, whimsy, love and loyalty.


Pisces offers us the deep feelings of kindness, self sacrifice, healing and compassion.


Pisces floats and may seem flakey or too sensitive - in all the ways - food, body - EMFs - their systems register all the things at a level other signs can’t even imagine. Yes….we can hear the buzz of electricity running in the house. Yes, we noticed it was cooked in canola oil and not olive oil. And yes, that shift in energy from that person across the table was palpable and now we’re going to need to change seats.


Pisces has no boundaries, by nature. Meaning it can go and carve out unseen paths to unimaginable things…it can equally capsize in fatigue, resentment, and fragility because it does not learn to create boundaries. 


We  may not be able to put a fence on the Ocean, but we can learn to wear a wetsuit, or drive a submarine. 


Pisces must learn how to be in the ocean of emotions, not identify as the ocean or said emotions. Afterall emotions are incredible and valid data points but they are not always facts.  


In Balance: Pisces offers powerful, soft patience, clarity, and gentle power that can erode mountains. It offers the power of feeling and allows emotions to roll through at full velocity, without squelching, pushing them down or pretending they don’t exist. They allow the flow. The torrent flows through so there’s no build up that breaks the dam. In balance Pisces flows between the seen and unseen with grace and cosmic sparkle, it takes a dream and makes it reality, flows with the plot twists, knows how to navigate death, loss, and broken hearts and forever embarks on another round of miracles, manifestation and new loves. 


In Imbalance:  Pisces is the capsized emotional mess, in the corner, on the floor deeply invested in its depression and intent on proving all the losses, not quite achieved goals, hurts, and mess of humanity as the only facts there are. It’s victim nature at its best that says nothing is ever good so why would I even try? I’ve been hurt before and all that’s out there is more hurt. In imbalance it gets stuck in the narrative of lack and limitation. And therefore perpetuates more of that because that’s all it’s entertaining. 


Pisces in either part of its spectrum is the epitome of where attention goes, energy flows. Belief is everything to Pisces. 


Boundaries are a challenge in this energy. 

Not improbable or impossible, but not particularly easy. 

Ever seen that meme where they’re hammering nails into the sand on the beach trying to create a fence on the ocean…yeah…that….the struggle is real with pisces. 


Pisces offers a floaty, magical, spaced out energy that can either have us accomplishing nothing and backsliding OR integrating deep truths of the soul and emotions for grand transformations and wise growth. 


Pisces ritualizes grief, mourning, and loss in direct proportion to love, and healing. 

There is a die off that will be followed by rebirth and new growth come Aries season.


Pisces is sacred, deep, intense, as well as gentle, soft, and fluid. Don’t mistake it for fluff. It’s the epic badass flexibility of the unknown and unseen. It’s the darkest deepest part of the ocean we’ve yet to explore. It may give us the bends…it will most likely  have us awakening to a bliss point, but don’t  forget it offers an opportunity for an energetic orgasm we thought only existed in fairy tales.


In Pisces season:

  • Get more sleep <--Pisces needs all the sleep…prioritize rest and recovery. 
  • Get hydrated (half of your body weight in ounces of water a day + 1 tsp pink salt..no, not tea, not coconut water etc....WATER).
  • Set more time alone (whatever more mens to you) 2 minutes, 3 deep breathes while hidden in the bathroom
  • Schedule time to wander.
  • Make something - connect with creativity in tiny and mighty ways - coloring, stringing beads, making a meal that is aesthetically pleasing, embark on glamour magick, mix some essential oils
  • Call in Aphrodite - she is a goddess of the water element and offers us a heavy dose of fuck around and find out, she is not all fainting couches and roses as the patriarchy would have you believe, she is connected to her pleasure and when she is pleased she is abundant….money circulates, opportunities come, friendships, partnerships blossom…
  • Get on the mat - it’s somatic mobility work that balances strength and flexibility…it balances reality and fantasy - like pisces…it gives structure and strength to pisces’ flow. 
  • Prioritize sensual pleasure. Sex, masturbation…Pisces is deeply sensual and sexual. But only if it’s emotionally connected. Engage in foreplay with yourself, with partners. It’s the experience and energetic soul connection for pisces….this offers us the magic of Goddess culture…when we worshiped the goddess it was thought those who identified as male could not experience gnosis without being brought to the temple for sacred sex ritual. Yup, men couldn’t know Spirit without having sex with a priestess. If you’ve never heard that before…sit with it for a bit. 
  • Foam roll, jump on the mini trampoline, get a massage,  or jump rope. Actively support lymphatic flushing …push things through to flow, don’t let it get stuck. 
  • Dance - in the kitchen for 2 minutes is enough
  • WOrk with your shaking and tapping series in the Magick offering on Unicorn Wellness Studio
  • Do a belief inventory  what do you believe? What did you used to believe that you don’t anymore? Clean up your internal dialogue as much as you can. 


We all have Pisces in our charts somewhere. 

We’re all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


For those who are Pisces natives - sun rising or moon in your natal chart - welcome home, embrace that you have been returned to your full resources. 

Pisces rules our hands, feet and lymphatic system. This energy has everything to do with getting and staying grounded and present in this 3D incarnation. How are we moving forward in the world, with what narrative, what story, what belief? How are we using our hands? In love -  to caress and connect with others, or are they stuck wringing each other in freeze mode, or are our hands pulling someone back or striking something down? 


In our Pisces cycle Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com - will work with a foam roller for flushing and detox of the lymphatic system, you’ll see fish pose, dolphin pose, mermaid crunches, boat, rotations in the deep hip sockets, wrist and finger work. We integrate hips (our deep emotional storage) to release & strengthen, and footwork abounds in our workouts for stability and grounding.


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