EP 48: Scorpio Season 2023 Energy Forecast

Scorpio season runs October 23rd thru November 22nd  2023.


Scorpio season makes a silent and stealthy entrance. And in my opinion, it began October 16th, when the moon entered Scorpio - directly after our new moon eclipse in Libra...just for 2 days but it was amplified by the magic of the eclipse…that then thickened with Mercury moving into Mercury on October 22nd. 


We’ve actually been in these energies for a hot minute. 


This cycle offers us some distinct shifts in the astrology. 

The most magical of which is our full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28th - this will be the convo that won’t quit for at least 2 weeks, but actually closes out the 18 month cycle of the nodes of fate in Taurus/Scorpio January 18, 2022 - July 17, 2023…so this is no small lunation. 


Nov 4th Saturn stations direct

Nov 8th Venus enters Libra

Nov 10th Mercury moves into Sag

Nov 13th is our new moon in Scorpio

…the overall vibes are of course magical as fuck. It’s shadow season. It’s the witch of the chart, in the witchiest time of year. This is an alchemy moment. 

Scorpio is death and rebirth. There are layers of rebirth moments in this cycle. 


The eclipses are always buckets full of magic being dumped into the Universe. The energy is giant in a full moon, and utterly unpredictable. Our job is simply to be present and ride the wave AND this eclipse closes a massive cycle…sooo my channel says…if you have major placements in Taurus or Scorpio - sun rising or moon - or a stellium in either - there’s a grand finale that’s possible here. A gift or reveal from all the grinding, melting, and alchemizing that was done January 18, 2022 - July 17, 2023. There is a major moment here just waiting for us to utter ‘ I did not see that coming’ or mutter ‘plot twist’. Now whether this is the miracle you’ve been praying and casting for, or the curveball you simply don’t know how to hit…..it’s transformational and in general for the greater good of your path in this lifetime. 


Don’t waste time trying to understand it. 


Maybe allow for a hot second to feel surprised or to process…

But above all, ACCEPT IT.


Scorpio’s main lesson is trust. Mostly learning to trust themselves. But this falls in the faith and surrender category. If we trust ourselves, our intuition, our wants, desires, creativity, pings, and pushes…..then we have the capacity to trust the Unseen forces, to embrace that the UNiverse has our back, that we’ll know when to exit a situation, that we’ll hear when things have taken a shift that no longer serves us. Scorpio offers us presence and navigation of the moment. It offers us the release of controlling things and offers us a dance with co-creation. 


One of the key pieces to healing, progress, or change is acceptance. 


The messaging in this cycle is don’t waste time trying to understand things. It’s super ego/human based to think we should or need to understand everything. We don’t. We can’t. We’re not meant to. 


We’re here to accept and navigate. 


This Scoprio season is taking us deeper into the underworld. Further into the dark, to allow us to fly higher into the light when the time comes. 



The Scorpio mantra is I desire.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that has the capacity to heal unconscious and subconscious wounds, once we get crystal clear what we actually want and desire. 


Desire is necessary for alchemy. You have to want something in order to manifest or heal. 


Scorpio  - the witch of the zodiac -  it does not do surface, it goes deep and loves all the improper dinner table talk; death, sex, and the occult. 


Scorpio offers us the value of things we have been falsely conditioned to keep hidden. It allows us strength and authenticity when we are brave enough to dredge from the bottom of the pond.


This season offers us the depth of our human experience in the duality of light and dark. No judgment, just honesty about what is. What do we desire? What do we want? What do we lust for? Who do we trust or not? 


Take note this cycle of where you feel unseen. Where you are uncomfortable, or being triggered with shame or guilt. This is Scorpio trying to reveal something to you, for healing. Sit with the feels. Talk to them, listen to them…push yourself to go deeper with them, get curious...Scorpio healing looks like your angel and devil walking off into the sunset holding hands.


In balance Scorpio is the sweetest authenticity and truth that gives no fucks for anyone's side eye. Scorpio knows the delicate dance of humanity and soul. It is the true advocate and guardian of truth and is here to bring what is dark to light….but also, to simply value the dark. As a place of creation, healing, rest, pleasure, reprieve, and restoration. It is the witch of the chart because this energy fully honors that our connection with the unseen…is actually just a connection to ourselves. We are not separate from the Universe. We are it. It is us. We are stardust in a skin suit. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it just shifts form, changes speed, clusters close or drifts far apart. 


Scorpio knows that when we connect to all that is unseen we’re really just getting to know ourselves better. It casts spells in co-creatorship with the Universe to bend the outcome to its desired will. Scorpio is at its most magnificent when it is casting spells and trusting that they will come to fruition. Scorpio leaps into the unseen. Scorpio is the risk for the reward. It is the delicate and magical balance of humanity and divinity, the seen and the unseen. 


It is the casting of a spell with all frequencies in alignment, a true strong heart, unconditional love, hope, and faith…that then…once uttered…is completely released. Fuck it. Whatever happens happens. I feel good about my participation in the potential outcome. 


EVERYTHING begins in the dark. 


In imbalance, Scorpio would rather kill themselves than feel pain. The story goes that when a scorpion is surrounded by fire, they get so freaked out, they sting themselves with their own venom rather than be in fear or pain…..meanwhile...they’re missing hope and faith that someone is just outside that ring of fire to either put it out, or pluck them from overhead…or that it’ll start raining.


In imbalance, Scorpio is vengeful, spreads rumors, and gossip, is angry, and builds all the walls to keep people out. But, only because they are actually the most tender heart of the zodiac and will do anything to not feel the pain of humanity….or get hurt again - for those who have a membership on Unicorn wellness studio.com - I go deeper into this story and this work in your New moon tarot reading and new moon energy forecast. 


Scorpio asks us to honor what  false paradigms we keep hidden. 


Scorpio rules our sex organs and excretory organs, hips, and pelvis; The hips and pelvis are our personal cauldron. All magic begins here. This is our root chakra. Our base. Our capacity to feel safe, secure, seen, and stabilized. It’s the place where all life begins. Creative life force lives here. 


Sex magic speaks loudly and well for Scorpio. This speaks to my Witches Work series I’ll speak to in a minute, but we need to be in excellent partnership with this area of our vessel if we are truly to cast spells, heal, make magic, and manifest. As a culture we tend to connect our genitals, desire, lust, and sensual pleasure to shame…..This is a lie of the patriarchy…this is goddess incarnate, the crossroads of humanity and divinity….LITERALLY…all humans…are sparks…nothingness…a soul…until it takes root in a dark womb. Witnessing the birth of a soul is truly the most magic we will ever truly ‘see’. Where there was nothing….then there was a person…we all come from a womb. We all started as nothing.


But I want to be clear - creative life force is NOT limited to couriering in a soul..it’s an example of magic made form in the 3D


This energy in our personal cauldron, our pelvis, our hips, our sex organs and genitals is capable of creating ANYTHING when the spell is cast in Joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, love, and fun….connecting, reconnecting, cultivating healthy pleasure practices are the key to fierce manifesting….this is one of the main reasons I say that if you’re not tending to your vessel, you’re not tending to your magic. 


On the flip side of a healthy relationship with this portion of our vessel…if this life experience is stuck to shame or bound to stagnation here….it’s going to be much more challenging to manifest consistently, for keeps, or to attract the bigger stuff. You’ll see dis-order and disease in these parts if there is healing to be done with pleasure, receiving, sex, the gender you do/do not identify with, or the shame of any of these. 


Scorpio season calls us to expand and strengthen our magic. We are meant to be clear that we are capable of making magic out of anything if we give it time, consistency, imagination, pleasure, joy and fierce love….while leading all of that out of shame.  


This is a time for shadow work.


Let me state  this is a time of alchemy. Of letting things go. Of saying goodbye, to closing things out. It’s a time of wandering, exploring, and lingering in curiosity in liminal spaces as things are revealed, come up, slither out, or spill over.  This cycle is not linear, neat, efficient, or basic. 

Don’t ask a fish to climb a tree. It doesn’t climb. Give it a place to swim. Or rather don’t ask a scorpio to be linear, devoid of emotion, or simple. It’s just not. 

  • Get IN your body - get on the mat with me, dance, stretch, get a massage, have sex, masturbate, slather lotion or oils on your skin. The vessel is sacred, and it keeps the score. You want healing, tend to the vessel. Invest time in somatics: pilates, shaking, tapping, massage, dancing, Feldenkrais.
  • Get one or all of the dark goddesses on your altar; Lilith in my mind this is truly her season - libra and scorpio season, Hekate, and Kali - make offerings to them
  • Wear or diffuse vetiver and frankincense - both are grounding and frankincense is deeply connected to the spiritual plane, realms, messaging.
  • Eat your root anything and everything red, black or purple…..black rice with black radish, beets, purple sweet potato, cabbage, carrots, radicchio…
  • Work with or wear any black, purple, or red - glamor and color magic are always with us; black for protection, purple for divine messaging and to remind us we are royalty birthed from the stars, and red for safety, stability, empowerment, and passion. 
  • Mediate. 
  • Do a little moon bathing. 
  • Walk and wander cemeteries
  • Reflect on Ancestors, look at scrapbooks, tell stories, ask for stories
  • Consider some ancestry work, lineage tracking


We all have Scorpio in our charts somewhere. 


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