EP 47: Bonus Witch History with Katy Hearne-Church - The Lineage of Elizabeth Woodville

Witch History with Katy Hearne-Church - The Lineage of Elizabeth Woodville


In this bonus episode I am joined by Katy Hearne-Church. Katy is the co-host and creator of Queens Podcast, a fun show about women in history.


I invited Katy to come tell us everything she knows about Elizabeth Woodville…and it turned into a gorgeous episode about a wonderfully witchy lineage beginning with melusina, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Elizabethe Woodville, and  Queen Elizabeth I and a returning serpent that had been painted out at some point in history.


And what better season to talk about historical witches, learn more about the lineage of witchcraft from the eurocentric lens, and dive deep into ancestry…than the witchiest time of year, spooky-shadow season. Right now. October, November, and December. 


In the heart of the eclipse portal and as the veil thins and we cruise towards Samhain we learn more about women who laid a trail for us as empowered females who didn’t bow to the norm. 


Buckle your seatbelts my dear community. We’re getting witchy, historical,  hysterical, and crass as Katy walks us through an education on historical women, well known and accused of witchcraft - because are you really anyone… if you haven’t been accused of occult practices?



Highlights in this episode: 


  • The story of melusina
  • A lineage of empowered, powerful, and witchy women
  • Jacquetta of Luxembourg
  • Elizabeth Woodville
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • A little Lilith 
  • Serpents and mermaids
  • The original Starbucks logo
  • A painted out serpent in a historic painting
  • The thread of symbolism in serpents from goddess culture to now


Connect with Katy via the Queens Podcast:

Instagram: @queens_podcast
Website: QueensHistoryPodcast


Podcast: Queens Podcast Apple Spotify


Episodes on Queens Podcast mentioned in this episode:

The Princes in the Tower - on the Queens Podcast <- I channel for Elizabeth Woodville’s son’s story

Jacquetta of Luxembourg part 1

Jacquetta of Luxembourg part 2


Images mentioned in the episode:


Modern Hot Pink Melusine Sculpture

Painting of Elizabeth I with Serpent


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Facebook: @UnicornWellness
Website: UnicornWellnessStudio.com

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