EP 40: Leo Season 2023 Tarot Forecast

Leo Season 2023 Tarot Forecast


This episode is our single card tarot forecast for July 22nd - August 23rd 2023.


1 card for the spirit in which to move through things. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Leo native and have your sun, rising and or moon in this sign. 


Leo in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana -  is represented by The Strength card - In the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck it's depicted by a goddess petting a lion -  this card offers us 

an energy of a true midway point on the spectrum. It’s most traditionally placed as the 8th card - movement, circulation, empowerment, the balance of humanity and divinity, this is a focus on ourselves -  It says, you can attain your wants through will power….. IF and when we can make peace between our constructive AND non constructive ego. It greatly contributes out our personal magic and capacity to manifest/goal get/ and heal. 


The lion on this card is symbolism for the non-constructive ego. It is an expression of the patriarchal, toxic masculinity… a me, myself, and I - only - focus. It gives ‘I’ll have exactly what I want, by force….all others be damned’ mood. This is an  imbalanced expression of the Lion, of leo …all ego.


The constructive ego is represented by the goddess, the creatrix energy, divine life force, unconditional love of the rose energy, the divine feminine… aspects of ourselves.. 


The Strength card says, if we can tame our human 3D ego, our inner monsters, OR more commonly known as our shadows…

…..when we can learn to love our shadows but not let them lead… 

When we figure out how to move through the world with compassion, acceptance, grace, and self love….we then step into our true power and are able to weather or navigate any storm. 


We are then able to heal through anything no matter how long it might take…and the quieter, more gentle steps we take towards it, are rewarded. 


This card offers that the other side of the journey is worth the scratches and bites we might experience in our efforts to calm…but also respect the wild, fierce power of our primal life force energy. When we calm and care for our shadows, they can actually serve  us when we might need to call on them  to protect and hunt.


It says make friends with rage and anger, know when to unleash it for protection, change, and transformation. 


AND this card has always offered me, my readings, and my community the energy of Lilith. This is a longer conversation that I may offer in a separate episode but think using your voice for visibility, consideration, and equity AND roaring, setting boundaries, and protecting yourself with fierce pride through integrity says it all. 

Leo, as an energy of the zodiac, offers us: 

  • Healed wounds of worthiness, 
  • Unshakable self pride, 
  • Tangible love for others, 
  • Protection of those we love, 
  • Protection and connection to our inner child, 
  • A life lived out loud, shamelessly. 
  • Joy


Honor Leo with play, pleasure, empowerment, all the sparkle, shine, bravado, selfies, and a dash of YOLO. 


Leo is a fixed fire energy - In the suites of the Tarot -  Fire is represented by wands - this is the element of magic, manifestation, willpower, enthusiasm, creativity, and playfulness.


Leo energy is also anger, frustration, and rage. 


Please take note that these are a part of the human spectrum of emotion and experience, they are all a part of the healing process, they are important and can be very powerful for change. 


We’ve mostly, as a culture only experienced anger as violence but it can also be massive cathartic change that says never again, not on my watch ... .not today patriarchy. 


Fire…is alchemy that transforms…raw food turns into a warm meal - dough turns into bread - at the end of the day it’s super creative magic - fire turns things from what you don’t want to what you do…because you will it so. 


This energy could feel like to ‘too’s’ too much, too driven, too feisty, too fast…perhaps too much hustle - there’s still a flag for burnout here….because…fire….if you’re sensitive to fire…if people being proud and big and out front living their best shameless life triggers you…there is curiosity here to delve into - where are you hiding? Where are you holding yourself back? Where does the unconscious internalized patriarchy have you thinking quieter, pleasing, and smaller is better?


I love me some leo season, as a leo rising, but this year has some additional considerations to it with the energetics of a Venus going RX in Leo July 22 - Chiron stationing Rx July 23rd…the nodes have just recently shifted resetting a macrocycle tone for the next 18 months (they shifted into Libra and Aries) + Mercury enters it’s Rxshade.


And as I record this episode I can’t help but think of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie that comes out July 21, 2023…for this Venus rx in Leo adventure…from the write ups and director there’s twists that honestly, I am super excited and on board for…now I may change my tune after seeing it, but based on the director alone... this feminist is IN. 


If the Barbie movie doesn’t say Venus rx in Leo,I don’t know what does.


UnicornWellnessStudio.com  members also have an offering in their library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Leo 

Article about the Barbie movie mentioned in this episode:

Them: This Queer- Favorite Classic Movie Inspired Greta Gerwig’s Barbie

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