Unicorn Wellness represents the most comprehensive wellness program I've seen to date. Covering the physical, emotional and the spiritual. You just won't find anything like it out there. Not only do you get elite training at a budget price, but you get a friend and compassionate teacher in Tandy. Always be yourself, unless you get to be a unicorn...then always be a unicorn.


Before Unicorn Wellness I was losing strength and flexibility rapidly as part of the aging process. I felt powerless & overwhelmed by having to find time to do one more thing. Working out - something I had once loved - had become a nagging, unfinished errand. I feared for the future of my health, but with Unicorn Wellness I'm working out at home, just thirty minutes at a time and feeling the difference. I'm rediscovering my strength and flexibility. I'm having fun exercising and am no longer discouraged - instead I'm empowered & hopeful.


I can't believe how much this work has informed my every day movements! Today I was in the park with my toddler, and while I sat at the top of the slide, he called to me from behind, and I twisted around and said a silent gratitude for rotations!


Thank you Tandy, for the tools you put in the world! The meditation this month made me cry. I have been so in need of healing and grounding and every time I am on the mat I love the tiny & mighty connections in my body. The tarot readings all speak to my soul so clearly...and the food reset...has brought new clarity to my mind & body. I am learning things about myself that are surprising me. I'm so glad for all of these things.


Prior to my first reading with Tandy, I knew very little about the art of the Tarot. Do the cards tell the future? Does it involve invoking spirits? What portal am I opening? How do I know that this is legit LOL. After seeing her pull cards for unicorns on a New Moon Live exclusively on the Unicorn Wellness Facebook page, and reading the reactions of people in real time, WOW. I had to try. I meekly threw a question out there to test the waters... Long story short, I'd end up scheduling at least 4 readings with Tandy in the next 6 months. I now have two decks of my own and am learning how to integrate the Tarot in my everyday life more and more with continuous support and help from T and the other unicorns. It's been an incredible tool in grounding and turning up the volume of my intuition. It's been so transformational and invaluable to me that I regularly GIFT these magical sessions to those I love. It's a beautiful (zero waste!) way to encourage and aid yourself/your soul family in tuning back into the unsaid truths that live buried beneath the hundreds of thousands of thoughts we think a day. In the absence of data, our minds make up stories to cope with situations. Excavating and remembering my true story has been the most magical and empowering tool in learning how to co create with the universe. I'm THANKFUL for Tandy and to be a part of such a healing community.


I have been making appointments with Tandy for tarot readings in 2018. I have used both the online and offline readings. The cards are never wrong! There are always eye openers and reveals that are on point for alignment with the stars. I love the conversations that come out of these readings, both with Tandy, and with myself in a journal. This year has been a journey of joy and I have been riding out the changes that are so positive in my life. There are no surprises and my life continues to blossom with all of these wonderful readings for a path toward the higher and greater good.


If you’re thinking about booking a reading with Tandy, I have two words for you: DO IT. I had never really had a Tarot reading prior to having the privilege of meeting Tandy but I really needed clarity with my health at the time we met and I wasn’t sure what to do or who to turn to, so when I had a lot of health issues going on in my life, and just when I was needing a lot guidance and clarity, she guided me through some difficult situations. every. single. time. She gives me exactly what I need, whether it’s encouragement for the path I’m on, or course corrections to get me closer to my goal. I just had another reading and It was SPOT ON. Really. I didn't really have a specific question, but it explored all the major themes I needed more insight into. It confirmed a lot of things I already knew on some level but wasn't really able to trust, and provided other helpful insights and encouragement. I felt the reading was very clear and "down to earth" in a way I really appreciated - It was like having a good friend give it to you straight over a cup of tea. Tandy has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity and heart of a healer. It is an honor, a blessing and a privilege to experience a reading - I think you have an incredible gift and I'm thankful that you're sharing it with the world. So much love.


This is the most connected online community I've seen and it's because of the magic Tandy Gutierrez brings!

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