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Upcoming Live Event: March Full Moon

Join in one of Tandy's intimate live moon ritual events in NYC: get on the mat, meditate, individual tarot reading, tea ceremony and more.

March Full Moon Sunday March 8th, 2020, 2PM - 4:30PM EST: Buy tickets below.

This super full moon in Virgo with the sun in Pisces is a unique energy. Known as the Worm Moon it shows is the first true signs of things beginning to sprout in Spring (March 20th). We're pushing at the edges of true transformation but still underground. We are called to make lists, organize and really get things in order to begin true growth. 

Come to begin or continue your practice of self evolution and the return of the Divine Feminine energy.

  • This ritual includes 30-min of pilates & yoga movement crafted to harness & balance this particular lunation in our physical bodies.
  • Transition to build an altar of plants, flowers, crystals, herbs, candles, and essential oils, discuss the current lunation, where it sits in the zodiac, how it will affect us as a collective, what it calls us to ask or understand.
  • Experience a guided meditation + full energetic healing & sound bath
  • Ground with tea to stabilize & integrate the energetic healing
  • Receive a single card tarot reading. Tandy will read for 'What is the next best step for my highest & greatest good?" She will channel additional information as it comes through with each card. *These readings are done seated together, as a group.

Our circle has limited seating. Spots always fill!


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