EP 49: Scorpio Season 2023 Tarot Forecast

This episode is our single card tarot forecast for October 23rd through November 22nd 2023.

1 card for the spirit in which to move through things. 


This episode may have more weight or significance if you are a Scorpio native and have your sun, rising and or moon in this sign. 


Scorpio in the Tarot, in the Major Arcana -  is represented by The Death card - In the traditional Rider Waite Smith deck it's depicted by a skeleton in knights armor, riding a white horse, carrying a black flag with a white rose and 5 ears of white corn, 4 human figures, a child, 2 adults, one dead, and one bishop…all looking up at the figure of death on the horse. 


It’s one of the few cards people truly fear in a reading. It’s one of the cards that perpetuates untrue myths about the tarot. 


The death card doesn’t literally mean death, tho it can and is clearly connected to tales of the four horsemen of the apocalypse…it’s allegory and myth and symbolism. 


It teaches us that endings are  a part of life and necessary. That we cannot avoid of skip them. That we must learn to flow with them and embrace them and simply make our way through. Look them straight in the eye, process them. Experience them. Work through them. Rather than pretend they aren’t happening, disassociate, deflect, or flat out reject them .


Acceptance is key with this card. What is happening IS happening. Best to not be surprised, or confused or waste time ‘wishing’ it wasn’t happening. IT IS. NOW WHAT?


This is the card of winter - as a season. It says die off, letting go, and endings are necessary and generate fertile compost, healthy soil for new things come spring. 


It’s a time and card of processing. What has worked in the past year(s), what didn’t work, what has never worked, what do you want to keep, what should you keep doing, what do you need to let go of or walk away from regardless of want or comfort. 


This card has always offered me, my readings, and my community the depth of the magical, healing and  transformational energy of the dark goddesses.Lilith, Hekate, and Kali. In the dark is where healing happens. 

In the dark is where all life/creative endeavors are borne. 

This is the essence of the witch - in the darkness we know our true empowerment. 


It’s the number 13 - the number of the goddess, the number of moon cycles every year, also the number of the amount of moon cycles those with uterus’ typically experience. 

This card is deeply connected to the cycles of life - and of creative life force. 


It does represent endings. It says digging in the shadows, the dark, in death, mourning, and loss are necessary fodder for rebirth, creation, and new life. 


Scorpio, as an energy of the zodiac, offers us:

The power of trust through vulnerability

Healing subconscious and unconscious wounds

Shadow work

The benefit of making friends with death, sex, and the occult….anything hidden or unseen reveals for healing


Honor Scorpio with a tarot reading, a trusted therapist or a leap of faith in trying to work with one, gett witchier….whatever that means to you, 

delve into your shadows for shadow work, share the stories we would rather be hidden in safe spaces, create celebrations of life, honoring those who have passed, ancestry and friends, or simply humans we’ve never known but honor their transition, knowing it is a part of the cycle of this life experience. Lean into endings, grief, mourning, and loss. Scorpio season is a time to plot your epic rebirth, come spring. 


Scorpio is a fixed water sign - in the suites of the Tarot -  Water is represented by cups - this is the element of emotions, feelings, psychic healing, channeling, and the connection to spirit/source. 


The imbalance of Scorpio is super shady…it wants revenge and destruction and pain of others.It wants someone to pay - it wants retribution for their hurts.  It wants to avoid feeling any hurt and often responsibility. The imbalance resists emotional growth and would rather kill itself then feel pain or emotional responsibility.  It can look and feel like anger and rage….remember that anger can be sacred and is honored here - it is also just really loud sadness…so if we can get curious in the triggers we experience - and dial back to the origin pain point, we can turn the imbalance into balance through healing. 


Water is an element that can take over and flood everything. And in a water season we need to remember, on the regular, that feelings are incredible data points, they matter, and they are valid but they are not always facts. Get diligent about getting curious in your own strong feelings to see if they are really facts and how they can be worked with for the better ... .rather than get stuck or sunk in them or flood others with them. 

Want more Scorpio insight: UnicornWellnessStudio.com members have an offering in their membership library - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Scorpio


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The deck I used in today’s reading is The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot

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