EP 31: The Magic of Being Seen: Creating Safe Spaces Through Rejection

The Magic of Being Seen and Rejection, through Creating Safe Spaces

In this episode of The Magic Spark, a personal wellness witch and her guest, an intuitive medium and mental health therapist, explore the four questions of vulnerability to uncover the true bravery and healing available when we normalize conversations about our shadows, wounds, and traumas.


In this episode Tandy asks :

  1. What is Dr Maria Rothenburger's magic in the world?
  2. What is the current wound, trauma, or shadow Dr. Rothenburger is currently healing through?
  3. What is Dr. Maria Rothenburger’s wound of this lifetime ? 
  4. What’s coming up in Dr. Maria Rothenburger’s community, and how is she holding space and helping?


"We are told where to shine and not shine. And I think that’s ridiculous."

"Shining is so uncomfortable! I create safe spaces for people to learn to feel the fear and do it (shine) in spite of the discomfort ."

Dr. Maria Rothenburger is a mental health therapist, an intuitive, a spiritual fertility coach, a medium, meditation coach, and a crystal healer. 


She is also the #1 Bestselling Author of Transcending Infertility: 9 Keys for Improving Fertility, Creating Miracles, and Being a Better Human 


She uses a combination of grounded, scientific strategies and mystical, spiritual tools to help people who are struggling to build their family.


For the last 17 years, she has helped people move from brokenhearted, frustrated, and stuck to open, connected, and peaceful.


She is also the host of The Reluctant Medium podcast

During the episode, we discuss our shadows and how we can use them to help and support others. Dr. Maria shares her experiences as a safe space holder, the value of post traumatic growth, learning to be seen, cultivating greater authenticity every day, as the daughter of a narcissist,with a deep wound of rejection, which also presents as The Father Wound, and The Wound of Acceptance. She shares the beauty and support of surrendering to herself, and passes this wisdom on as she teaches it to her community and clients .

Her magic in the world is to help others see their magic, trust it, and to use it to shine.

"Healers, practitioners, teachers, coaches and mentors, we don't really know more than anyone else. We're just up ahead on the path with a flashlight and a first aid kit, shouting back tips and tactics and warnings of fallen trees and pointing out rest areas and prime photo spots. We aim to not let our shadows be in vain, and we hope that they serve a purpose of helping and supporting."

Connect with Dr. Maria:

Explore all of her offerings on https://www.drmariarothenburger.com

Mighty Network https://miracleshappencommunity.com/

Listen to her podcast The Reluctant Medium

Instagram: @drmariapc

Buy her book Transcending Infertility, 9 Keys for Improving Fertility, Creating Miracles, and Being a Better Human

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