EP 29 Taurus Season Energetic Deep Dive 2023

Spring 2023 Hello, Taurus Season!


This episode walks you through the energies that Taurus season offers all of us, in depth.

You'll see our Tarot Forecast for Taurus season in its very own episode 30, published the day after this episode.  


Both of these Taurus episodes will carry you through April 20th - May 21st, 2023.

For my Taurus natives (IT ME! My sun is in Taurus) - those with their sun, rising, or moon sign in Taurus...this episode my ring truer or hit deeper. 


We all have Taurus in our natal chart somewhere, and we are all working with these energies. 

Along with the sun shifting into Taurus, the current Mercury retrograde is happening in Taurus - so the energies are exaggerated, AND we've got a new moon solar eclipse in Aries, smack in the middle of it all. 

Energy is going to be big, erratic, and unexpected. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up. Buckle your seat belt, pack extra snacks, assume the trip is going to take longer than planned, and be prepared for the plot twists. 

It's all medicine for healing. 

It's all about getting deeper and more connected to what supports and nourishes our long term stability and abundance.


Have faith that all the small things do add up, the tiny is mighty for shift and change in this lifetime. 


If we are open to shift and healing, it will come….slow… still gets to the destination. 


The words we speak, the actions we take,, the work we listen to, read, create, and circulate, the relationships we keep, the jobs we leave….it all matters. 


I can’t wait to hear what your magic spark is in this episode!! Simply slide into my DM’s on  Instagram to share with me. I love to hold space for you.


For those listening -  not -  in the northern hemisphere the seasons are different -  but the energies of the astrology, the zodiacal season, and channeled guidance -  are the same. Take what resonates, and leave the rest. This messaging is for everyone listening. 


In the northern hemisphere, we are officially in Spring. In general, the seeds you planted last cycle (Aries…or maybe a little before in {Pisces) might be showing signs of sprouting. 


If not, THAT’S OK. 


Did you start new things? 

Did you plant new seeds?

Did you take action?

Did you initiate or launch something? Anything? This can be a new perspective, a new way of navigating your inner dialogue, emotions, connection with self, or others - Aries is the I am of the wheel - initiating a deeper understanding or who you are is major…and remember Areies begins the energy of the wheel - it doesn’t come to fruition there, it begins and has courage to continue. 


Taurus is the epitome of tending and sowing the fields. It’s slow, plodding, and let’s be honest - BORING work. 


This is truly a time of rinse, wash, repeat……or old school ‘it’s time to make the donuts.’ 

This is another doing phase. The practice cycle. Success is about finding what works then being able to repeat it with a higher average of consistency. Just. do. The. things. Particularly the boring, basic, human stuck. Check the box. Loyally. Consistently. Get er done.  


This is what brings the things we started to a point of busting through…growth is here. 

In Pisces season we were releasing, cleansing and clearing….we are also plotting and planning. 

Aries season said take that plotting and and planning and BEGIN - do something - take action on the plan..even if it’s small, subtle, or internal.


Taurus says - keep doing. Keep it boring. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. ←this is what it takes to grow a crop to harvest. It says no one wants to do the boring stuff…but the boring stuff is actually what cultivates results. 


This cycle asks for the phrase tiny & mighty that I reference a LOT ←nothing more Tauren than this phrase. 

We get to the basics of how you achieve or manifest anything is how you achieve or manifest everything… in small steps repeated and layered over time, till they’re muscle memory and the outcome…you can count on more times than not. 


Success is about consistency and practice. 


And yes, you can be successful at outcomes you don’t want - simply because you have repeated and mastered the repetition that results in a particular way. 


Coolest part about being human? We are ridiculously mutable. We are capable of change. 

Our vessels, our bodies are a beautiful example of this. We can get injured, we are an open system, AND we can heal. When we tend to our vessel in care, bolstering, nurturing, and respect - it responds in kind. When we recruit support we do better. When we explore what works for us, individually and commit to our unique set of parameters and requests that this incarnation offers us…we are truly in co-creatorship and living in all its wild offerings. 


Why reference the body? Well, one it’s some the work I hold space for - wholistic body, mind, and soul revolution…and two - Taurus is the most human of the zodiac wheel - and what makes us human is our vessel….our body…our soul is the magic…so this season will always call us to lean deeper into the care and co-creatorship of our physical vessel…so our soul can expand and shine


The sun sits in Taurus April 20th - May 21st 2023

Taurus - The Bull of the chart -  As I said, it's  also the most human. It wants to know how something actually hit the concrete. It says show me how that makes a difference?  Taurus asks “Can I eat it, touch it, taste it, wear it or smell it? 


Taurus gets pegged as the materialistic of the chart…intrinsically connected to finances….but actually Taurus is the sensualist of the chart. Ruled by Venus - my girl Aphrodite - Taurus truly gets what it means to be human, in a 3D skin suit…that a balance of work and  pleasure is very much the point of this earth school - it knows financial resources provide food, water, shelter…that are necessary - it also allows us to explore what if what is necessary was also really pleasurable?


Taurus wants cozy fabrics like uber soft cotton, satin, or velvet. 

Food is its love language. 

And yes, Taurus does think it can buy its way to happiness -  or a solution. 


Taurus is a work hard rest hard mentality. It doesn’t really play…it rests or ENJOYS. It wants to lay on a beach, go shopping, eat well, sleep heavy, or better yet slowly walk and sit in a field sniffing daisies, grazing, resting, enjoying the pleasure of doing nothing. 


Taurus has a deep need for sex. For both for pleasure and grounding.

So weather it’s with a consensual partner or on your own….it’s a wonderful idea to prioritize sexual pleasure this season as well.


In this cycle lean into what is unique and pleasurable -> in a skin suit….there you will find Taurus. 


But be clear, Taurus  can be a workaholic. They are totally willing to put the effort in, to get the reward (cash money) to then invest and spend as they wish on a life they love. This DOES NOT HAVE TO SIGNAL frivolity or overspending….Tauruses seek and knows QUALITY. It wants what it wants, its totally willing to earn and pay for it…and don’t you dare question them on where their resources go, unless you’re the one paying for something (in time, money, or energy). 

Taurus is independent energy. 

They tend to go it alone 


And Taurus finds pleasure in a job well done. Effort bringing fruition can feel soooo good.


The Taurus mantra is I HAVE.

Taurus  is a fixed earth sign, stable, strong and typically inherently grounded.

With a strength that is deep and often formidable. 


Taurus can generate big manifestations when in balance…willing to meet the Universe more than halfway, knowing at their core they are worthy, clear about wants, desires, and needs…..with heartfelt love frequency for their things…they want and have. 


Everyone thinks it’s high vibrations that cultivate manifestations….but it’s really high vibration connected to GROUNDING. If there is no grounding there is nowhere for the magic to take root in this 3 dimensional life. Grounding is truly where the magic is…This season is prime for it. 


Taurus knows grounding above all else. 


In Balance Taurus is lovingly loyal for a lifetime. They are the earth parent energy that can and will hold anyone…It's sturdy, grounded, stable, realistic, calm, and they are genuine problem solvers and nurturers….through practicality - these are some serious kitchen witches - herbal, tea, food healing. Taurus is strong and clear with words, actions, and boundaries. They are fierce. They dish out harsh truth and tough love like no other.. It can work their asses off for incredibly long periods of time to get where they need and want to go. Taurus stubbornness in exaltation shows up as the capacity to stick with something, to keep trying…for really long periods of time. What is pegged as obstinance can also be commitment and longevity. 

Taurus  tends to be a slow learner but the time it takes Taurus energy to understand something…. It actually cultivates mastery along the way…once Taurus ‘gets it’ it reeeeally knows it and can truly cultivate expertise and mastery.  

In imbalance Taurus can skew towards being a label whore and in general  too - much ness- it has a real hedonistic streak when out of balance. Couch potato, overspending, over indulging in all the things (particularly food or shopping) hello hedonism-, sticking with a career or partner waaaaay longer than was healthy because….#thedevilyouknow …..The obstinance is real. The ultimate Taurus imbalance shows in its stubbornness to be ‘right’ and its anger….ever watched a bull fight? Well…if you continually poke or taunt a Taurus you will absolutely get the horns and danger IS coming. Be clear…you will NEVER convince a Taurus native of anything and the more you push a taurus….the harder we resist. Eventually we’ll just sit down….ever tried to move a bull? Not Happening. It can out wait ANYONE…and honestly it cultivates sadistic joy in us to flex our capacity to do so. In imbalance…Taurus can be plain ole lazy…mmmhmmm I said what I said. Evvvvverrrrthing can feel like soooo much work ughhhhh - this signals there hasn’t been enough rest time. 


Taurus needs an abundant  work/life balance - and that doesn’t mean spending or having tons of money, but whatever brings them pleasure and rest MUST be consistently a part of the equation. Again, they are fully willing and able to work hard…then they NEED to enjoy at least a portion of what they earned. Effort and Pleasure. 


Taurus is the prime of example of one of my teachings…”If you’re not tending to your vessel, you’re not tending to your magic’ Taurus IS THE BODY - IT IS THE VESSEL - Our body is the home of our soul - our body is heaven on earth and when we tend to it with sacred practices - particularly the practical ones like movement and fuel….it rewards us in every way…both seen and unseen. Getting into our body - getting embodied - is a sacred act of connecting to our soul - and therefore a celebration of both our humanity and our divinity. 


In Taurus and Spring energies we are still burning off the hibernation and hermitting of Winter, in the northern hemisphere…we’re also trying to grow up and out of the impulsivity, childishness, and beginnings of Aries season.


We’re being asked to take the courage of Aries and practice it daily. 


Taurus energy can feel stagnant and stuck in the mud. 

Taurus is a fascinating balance - swinging from too much to too little….but in balance and harmony…ooohhhh can it manifest out of consistent effort. 


Taurus finds magic in the everyday. It’s deeply connected to its home, living space…and might just have a hard time leaving it (heyooo me….works from home because I LOOOVE IT, why would I want to be anywhere else?)



This is a time of working hard and resting hard. 

  • Get more sleep <--Taurus wants all the sleeps and naps. 9- 10 hours a night
  • Lay in the grass, get grounded in mother nature. 
  • Get some fresh flowers in your environment (blooming flowers…we want to see what comes to full fruition in a life cycle). 
  • Eat things you LOVE, out of hedonistic pleasure, what pleases your mouth, your taste buds.
  • Move your vessel - get on the mat - try not to slip into couch potato cozies too often - balance is key - lean into the pleasure of a vessel that moves in any and all of its abilities. This si about pleasure, NOT punishment….I know that will strike a few sparks - movement/workouts/wellness is not supposed to be about punishment…we’ve grown up in a culture that has consciously and subconsciously programmed us to think it is..but the goddess, our soul compass, knows it’s not. It’s about celebration and pleasure in the skin suit. We GET to move in wonderful and weird ways, we CAN be strong and supple, fluid and flexible, sturdy and empowered…we get to be all of the things…when we are in companionship with our vessel. It’s a process to learn but interestingly enough Taurus season invites us there. 
  • Lean in to your senses - PLEASE yourself this month <_ mmhmm I said that sensual pleasure, safely partnered or alone….that's a big yes for taurus energy. Again, reignite what’s fun about being human, stuffed in a skin suit… we KNOW what’s hard and challenging…this season lean into the pleasure. 


  •  Have you forgotten what music lights up your soul? Lean into fabrics that feel cozy and safe, organic cottons, hand knit things, satin, silks….Taurus has a major treat yo self vibe. 


  • Change up the scent you wear, light florals, roses, jasmin…warming scents like amber and vanilla…bring them in. 



We all have Taurus in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


One of my favorite sayings…we’re all in the same storm, but different boats. 


For those who are super sensitive to earth energy - it might feel like things are stuck. Like things are heavy and mundane. Issues of budget, triggers of the 1%, feeling like all you’re doing is working all. The. time. ….you may need to plan your way into fun rather than serendipity dropping by. If earth feels confining…try to remember that energy, electricity, is nothing and potentially dangerous unless grounded, Taurus energy grounds us to pull magic/energy/into tangible fruition as something’ in the coming months. 


Taurus simply doesn’t give up. It can be wildly resilient and really good at resting, not quitting and simply outlasting everyone else out of sheer endurance. Don’t dismiss that stubborn moniker, when harnessed it's quite the superpower in a tech exhausted world that moves too quickly at times and assumes that because it wasn’t a wild success out of the gate it couldn’t be valuable for the long haul. 


Earth is the element of resources; time, money, energy, body, mind, and soul. All of these will be called in for inventory in this season. If one or many of these in your life  need support, tis the season to try new things that last -when you implement now. 

Taurus rules our neck; thyroid, voice, tonsils, vocal chords, and throat. This energy is inherently grounded and yet can get stuck in the mud. Taurus energy needs warm herbal teas with a quality to keep things moving and sunny; peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, blue lotus, and calendula. Things that soothe and support the throat. We’ll find our imbalances in this season if we have growth work in the area of speaking our truth, stating what we want in terms of support and growth…and singing…simply for the joy of it, but also because it’ll raise your frequency vibration. Sore throats, laryngitis…you’re throat energy center is getting an upgrade.


In our Taurus cycle Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com - focus on strong movements at an even & thoughtful pace to prevent stagnation and plow ahead. Taurus pulls from the earth to provide for the road ahead. Taurus energy asks us to get real and It needs to stand strong, move at a thoughtful pace. This energy will also have us working with our foundations that root us for abundance (lower body - pelvic bowl and legs). Members experience deep hip work to lighten the emotional and energetic load for mobility forward (don’t let your old emotional wounds allow you to get stuck in the mud). 


Members will also work with neck stretches and strengtheners, cat/cow, puppy, mountain pose, and our modified warrior series. Taurus needs to keep moving, slow and steady, one foot in front of the other, no sudden movements..nothing silly or trendy. 


Energetically we always tend to all seven traditional energy centers - this cycle lends extra focus on the throat this cycle.

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Now - remember, you’ll find our Taurus season tarot forecast + a little ditty about The Hierophant card-  in their very own episode, tomorrow, if you’re listening in real time, or directly after this in Episode 30. 


I hope the new format helps to process and utilize this work.

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