EP 25: Pisces Season Tarot Forecast and Energetic Deep Dive

Pisces Season Tarot Forecast and Energetic Deep Dive


What does this Pisces season have to offer us in the realm of lessons and blessings?

What unique messaging is it calling us to take action on? In this episode we swim through the energy of this specific Pisces season, February 19th -  March 20th 2023, as well as a general deep dive into Piscean themes and offerings. 


Are you a Pisces native? Are any of your big three; Sun, Rising, or Moon, placed in this magical sign? There is extra messaging and magic here for you. Welcome home. 


To lend deeper insight and guidance to this zodiacal cycle, not just the Pisces natives, I pull a single card tarot reading to give us guidance and clarity on the spirit in which to move through this season. 


Cause there’s no way out but through. 


Want to know what tools, tactics, supports, personas or perspectives do we need to, not only, keep us on track, prevent us from capsizing…but to heal, and *feign surprise* manifest?


The Pisces cycle always welcomes purge, release, and cleansing of our victim nature, false paradigms, delusion, love, or happy endings that have zero roots in reality. It always has the potential to show us our personal balance between reality and fantasy and how to bring it into better harmony. 


This cycle offers us the power of our emotions and our feelings.


It also lends light and support to finally understanding, or understanding better, the difference between feelings being valuable data points that require exploration, but the reality that they aren’t facts.


All of the personal planets are stationed direct through April 21st. There is energy here to move ahead, make progress. There is momentum….but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. 


Pisces is the end of the zodiac wheel. We are in a season of endings and completion. We must finish it our before the true fresh starts and new beginnings of Aries season, in March. 


This episode offers us:

The power of our mantra I no longer lie to myself. 

The benefit of asking At what cost?

The wisdom of our triggers. 

The power of our personal stories…and the power of releasing them. 

A new fire lit in our sacred self love.


Pisces energy offers us wisdom and healing. 

The tarot offers us the sacred fire and commitment to joyful foundations. 

It’s time for a personal revolution, simply by hearing your magic spark in this episode. 




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The deck used in this reading is The Wild Unknown Tarot


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