You are Magical.

You are Love.

You are Loved.

You are Sacred.

Step into it.

Spring Group Magical Mentoring is for those who are focused on no longer dying on the same hill that holds you back from joy, abundance, manifestations, and goal getting, in 4 months. This is a time to learn how to fall in love with yourself, invoke your goddess nature, and get real about amplifying your sacred frequency, on the daily. 
Enrollment begins again February, 19th, 2025
We begin again March, 7th  2025









Schedule your Free 30-min Consult Call

See if Group Magical Mentoring is a fit for you - only 20 spots available. Consult call with Tandy required prior to enrollment.

How Group Magical Mentoring Works


Each cycle you'll get a to-do list ,  with no more than 5 actionable tactics to get you to your goal(s)/healing. It may include - but is not limited to - unique mantras, journaling prompts, crystals, creating flexules (flexible schedules), meditation, mirror work, recommended reading, easy to source teas, or essential oils.



Every cycle of Group Magical mentoring will include a check-in via journaling prompts, at the end of week two.

The first prompt each cycle simply asks if you have done the things on your to-do list. Then you'll take stock of what inspires you, things you've manifested, are keeping you grounded, or are bringing you joy. Next you'll inventory anything you may be resisting, that's brewing anger, frustration, or sadness. Your final prompt is ' What is loudest to you in this cycle, so far'.

Monthly Circle

We gather live for 120-mins. This video call is a true healing circle where mentees energetically hold space for each other. We start with a short guided meditation then each mentee shares one item of inspiration and resistance in the current cycle. These calls organically unfold. Tandy channels what needs to be heard or worked through as a collective and culminates with additional or reworked to-do's to carry you thru to the next cycle. Recordings are accessible within 48 hours.

Tarot Reading

Every cycle you'll receive an offline 5 card tarot reading from Tandy. 1 card for the theme you'll be working with in that cycle, 1 card for next best steps towards your goal, 1 card for big steps towards your goal, assets to the situation, and the outcome all in reference towards your goal(s) & healing. You will receive a total of 4 tarot readings during this coaching. 

Are you ready to step into your most empowered self to date?

Are you willing to break through blocks that have held you back for too long?
Do you trust Tandy's expertise & channeling to achieve your goals?
This coaching series is based in healing foundational, energetic wounds but extends to the legacy you will leave in this lifetime. 
What do you want to accomplish? Career, finance, health, wellness, self-care, or relationship...whatever blocks you need to move through to achieve your goals, this is the process to finally do it. 

Group Magical Mentoring will ask you to get on the mat & meditate with Tandy via Unicorn Wellness 4xs a week as a foundation for your capacity to focus, implement ritual, clear out negative energy, be a true student and do things you are not a master of yet, and see how things that are seemingly unrelated (like workouts and financial abundance) support and feed each other for real results. 

Utilize Tandy's 20+ years of experience as a coach, mentor and healer to grow in ways you never have before in a truly unique and magical way.

This is the only program of its kind. 

Spring Group Magical Mentoring will invoke and channel the energies of Aphrodite and Mary Magdalene. We ask these four questions via the tarot:

How to Invoke Aphrodite energy in your life

How to Heal the Wound of Worthiness

How to Invoke the magic of Mary Magdalene

How to Embody Unconditional Self Love

You do not need to have any prior experience or knowledge of these goddesses or themes in order to flourish in Group Magical Mentoring. You simply need to be open and called to the work. This is truly a practical and magical process and open to all levels of seekers.

This is soul care - body, mind, and spirit.  

Schedule your Free 30-min Consult Call

See if Group Magical Mentoring is a fit for you 20 spots available. Consult call with Tandy required prior to enrollment.

After your consultation call with Tandy

If you both decide this session of Group Mentoring is a fit for you, you'll submit payment to secure your spot! Spots go quickly and are a stepping stone to 1:1 Magical Mentoring.

Refund & Payment Policy 

Magical Mentoring is a limited engagement offering, therefore, it is non-refundable. Payments may be made in full or in installments and all participants are responsible for full payment of the full amount of the course whether they choose to complete the course or not. We are happy to discuss extended payment plans if this allows the work to be more accessible to your personal budget. We also offer a limited amount of scholarships each session. Do not let resources be the issues you don't explore this offer and book a call. Magic is real. There are options and support if this work is a fit. Don't count this opportunity out before you even explore. You've got to believe in Magic for it to present itself. Always leave a window open for a miracle...even if a door appears to be closed.



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