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Included in all memberships:

  • 8 30-minute workouts per month
  • 2 30-minute stretch series per month
  • Monthly guided meditation
  • Monthly new and full moon tarot readings
  • Access to the Unicorn Wellness Private Facebook Group and the private community group here.
  • Access to hundreds of Tandy's favorite recipes.
  • Tandy's 41-day food Reset to crack your personal food code.
  • The Unicorn Wellness monthly newsletter. 
  • A live 24/7 U.S. based account support manager
  • Priority access and discounts to group coaching, courses, and readings.

A Unicorn Wellness membership is for those who already do or want to learn how to live by the cycles of the moon & current astrological season. Membership includes monthly workouts, constructive rest (stretch (series), meditation & tarot readings specific to each astrological cycle, for you to harness and balance the energy of the current astrology, rather than be capsized by it.

Your Unicorn Wellness membership gives you access to new 30-minute Pilates, Yoga, and functional movement based workouts written and macro & micro cycled by Tandy, in perpetuity each month. The workouts gently & intelligently work with your body, mind, and energetics to cultivate tangible wellness results. Each video is infused with a reiki healing, by proxy. 

You get access to a monthly guided meditation, plus a new & full moon tarot reading from Tandy. Each reading is channeled to support your best version of you for your body, mind and spirit in that particular month, season, lunation & current astrology. 

"My Library"

As a logged in Unicorn Wellness member you automatically start in My Library where all products purchased from Unicorn Wellness can be found. 

From My Library click on the current month to find that month's workouts, meditation, and tarot readings 

Each workout has a date to show you the three days in which you do that particular workout, the prop (if any) that is needed. 

Tandy explains each month's workouts. You'll learn why they are crafted in the way that they are, what they focus on, what they heal, and what chakras they focus on in each four-week cycle. 

There is always a list of props for the entire month so that you are never caught off guard. You'll also find the link to our props page with Tandy’s preferred props of recommendation, the type of prop influences the work.

Every month you have your wellness foundation mapped, layered with intention & ready to go: All you ever have to do is log in and press play to reap wellness & magical frequency rewards rewards!

Every month on the 1st, your account will update with the next cycle's content. 

Unicorn Wellness is a practical and magical practice that cultivates empowerment and healing, inside and out. 


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