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Tandy knows one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to your body, mind, and soul. You are a unique creature, who sniffs out bullshit, believes fiercely in hope & potential, wants a movement practice that doesn’t beat your body into submission or focus on how things look, and understands wellness isn’t reserved for one size, shape, color, stage, level, or age. So, Tandy rethought the entire model of fitness to reflect her personal values and that of the Unicorn Wellness community: efficient, effective, conscious, and honest self care for the open hearted, spiritually connected, witchy-woo-woo magic makers of the world. 

Tandy’s cueing is pure magic

What makes a Unicorn Wellness practice so special that it feels like magic? Tandy’s cueing is incredible, it allows you to connect to your body in a way that isn’t just a workout or a movement pattern, but develops a deeper relationship and acceptance of self. Tandy’s cueing and voice cultivate a space that is strangely personal. This is no stock workout or plug & play platform. Tandy is there for you, as a coach & mentor. Plus, the work of Unicorn Wellness addresses your self care at multiple levels, all at the same time: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. 

Self care isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not just a face mask, or a bubble bath (tho it can include them), it shouldn’t create anxiety around expense, accessibility, or time limitation. Self care shouldn’t be another stress inducing to-do.

Self care is anything that after doing it you feel: grounded, centered, more patient, more calm, capable of both making and trusting personal decisions and choices by knowing when to go with your gut, your intuition, and when to go with your logical-analytical brain - and when to marry the two!

Self care is care of the self. 

Duh, it’s in the phrase...we hear you, we’re not trying to be obtuse… but do you know what the self actually is? The self is the soul. In order to reap the benefits of self care you need to speak to the soul, your energetics, that tiny place you may have forgotten about, or perhaps wonder if it even exists. It’s the essence of you...stardust...infinite magic, the human spirit. 

Come for the mat, stay for the magic. 

Tandy weaves soul magic into every thread of a Unicorn Wellness. The practice is truly holistic body, mind, and soul. It tends to the practical and the magical in all of us by speaking to the functional, physical, and mystical with each word...every word she speaks in every video is a spell that brings members closer to their original frequency of hope, healing, infinite potential, and unconditional love. 

Half assed is better than no ass

The perfectionist nature that is woven into our subconscious, as a culture, has us avoiding things that we’re not already good at. Tandy is here to help you discover your own permission to be a hot mess and still be empowered and in practice.  Sometimes half assed is truly better than no ass. Meaning, showing up is the gig. If you never show up, you never progress, you never grow, you don't learn, and you simply cannot feel stable, grounded, capable, and calm. 

It's important, as humans, to know what we're not good at, and allow ourselves to be terrible at things in order to actually get better. 

 Experts and masters are such, not because they came out of the womb that way, but because they committed time to not being as good as they wanted to be, to failing, and getting better with each non-perfect effort. 

Unicorn Wellness is here to encourage you to always meet yourself on the mat, do what you can, leave the rest, and keep coming back to learn, evolve, and progress. Eventually, through the small, consistent efforts, big things happen. Unicorn Wellness focuses on the long game.

Your Unicorn Wellness Membership is Crafted with Extreme Care

Since 2013 Unicorn Wellness is still the only offering of its kind. These are not random workouts.

Every video is written in accordance with the current lunar & astrological cycle to balance, harness + connect you to the energies at play to truly work in co-creatorship with the Universal cycles, rather than be capsized by them.

Every video is Infused with a full chakra balance of Reiki healing, by proxy. You only need to be open to receive an energetic healing to return to your original frequency of wholeness & unconditional love.

Every workout & stretch video is macro & micro cycled in a four week progression, in perpetuity. They each speak one to the next (since 2013), and are always unique. Yup, you heard it, videos are never been repeated.

The week of the full moon asks the most of our effort in the cycle.

Two weeks ask for medium effort as we make our way to the new moon.

The week of the new moon is our constructive rest week of all stretches.

Every workout is ‘live’ for three days at a time. This is a strategic form of muscle-confusion, that keeps the body literally guessing for optimal fitness results as well as staying present in the, this makes your brain smarter. 

The first day of the workout is new, a surprise. It may not feel spectacular. 

The second day allows for understanding.

The third day offers a deeper connection & possible mastery. 

Tandy’s periodization strategy is as smart as it is magical. 

When is The Best Time to Begin My Unicorn Wellness Membership?

You can hop into the flow at any time, since all workouts are multi-level, and are written in perpetuity. However, the most supported time to begin your Unicorn Wellness practice is the week of the new moon each month. New moon’s offer us a time of planting seeds for the future, fresh starts, new beginnings, restoration, and replenishment. This is also the week of our constructive rest with all stretch videos for six full days. 

We know this all sounds like magic. That’s because it is. Intellect, intuition, and heart, focused on your wellness combined with practical ritual to cultivate your best self care to  date. 

If you ever have any questions, simple reach out on social or hit the contact button here on the site!

What People Are Saying
“Just finished the VOD, some yummy new stuff. Also, I just want to say that those of us who have been a member for over 7 years, in addition to everything else we have learned also learned NOT to think that we have seen all of Tandy’s tricks. 🦄 🤣 💜. Thank you for your attention 🙏.” -- Anonymous
“Just grounded in UW meditation and my cards. Feeling a little bit lighter. Thank you so much for creating such a grounding and loving space 💚” -- Anonymous
“Hi Tandy, I have been following you for years. Found you as I was friends with Vanessa when I lived in the US. I’ve just joined Unicorn Wellness to check it out and it is amazing and I haven’t even done any workouts yet. The Full Moon reading felt like you were speaking directly to me and where I am at. I’ve put my health and well-being and spiritual development on hold due to many reasons (kids, jobs and study). But now finally focusing on those things again and your program incorporates it all! I love your language and your ability to connect from such a distance. Such positive and supportive energy to help achieve my goals and feel like a community even though we are all so isolated from each other. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and all you do. Xxxx” -- Anonymous
“Look no further for a wellness home. As someone who travels regularly, this is my anchor in beautiful energetic alignment, physical well-being and gorgeous community, no matter where I am in the world. Tandy is a wise and masterful teacher who will inspire you to be truly you in empowered, shameless, blameless self. Having worked with her for years now, it’s my wish that everyone can discover her and find out for themselves what magic she so lovingly shares with all.” -- Leigh Olesen
“Being of the unicorn variety, I searched for my “home” my entire life. Then Tandy came along. The practical, magical, and real talk are exactly what I’ve needed to connect my body, mind, and soul. The influence Unicorn Wellness has had on my life is nothing short of miracles (yes, plural miracles)! I am forever grateful for this lifestyle and being part of the UW community, and cannot imagine life without it! 💜🦄✨” -- Callie Fagan
“I was going to try to send you a voice message but I’m crying too much! Just started to randomly while doing dishes and decided to do the September meditation (I haven’t done any of them so far 🤦) and the messages at the end about the world needing our voice made me cry more! 💓💓💓 I love you and so appreciate what you put out into the world! Let’s schedule a time next week! Early Wednesday walk.” -- Anonymous
“I listened to that meditation dozens of times in the 4 months of MM. Each time, the images that appeared were different. I was shown each of 3 swords: 1 large, long, had been there so long, it had been decorated & adorned so as to make it ‘blend in’, to become a piece of art; the 2nd in the back of the heart, the 3rd a short dagger in the side. With Tandy’s guidance, we established the ritual that works for me to release memories, wounds, traumas. As I worked through each one, I heard my higher self identify ‘that was the first sword’ ‘the second’ and ‘the third’. The last time I  sat in meditation hearing the now familiar words of the 3 of Swords meditation, the young woman was walking peacefully, able to calmly observe the visible scars that remain of the heart. I opened my eyes to such peace. Knowing that the hardest work had been done. Knowing that there is more to do. That I have a ritual & tools to heal. Confident that I am the one to heal deep ancestral wounds. To assist in the healing of the ancestral wounds of our nation. Our collective Father wound. The traumas of our Mothers. And that I am not alone. We are drawn together for a purpose. We heal each other and we help each other heal.“ -- Anonymous
“UW is my wellness home. My anchor into the world of self care. I came for the workouts, I stayed for the community. I used to think I hated Pilates, now I know I just didn’t have the right teacher. Tandy is gentle, yet effective. Her guidance and tools have dramatically improved my mental health, physical strength, and connection to spirit.” -- Erin Green
“Unicorn Wellness has been my rock of physical & mental health for the past 6 years. The workouts, gut reset & meditations have done wonders for my well-being. After stepping off the mat I always feel more grounded, energised and ready to take on the day. I’ve even got my stickler husband & father to convert to UW Pilates thanks to Tandy’s homeworkd mini-videos and the fantastic results they’ve seen! I’m so thankful that I discovered Tandy and this group 💓” -- Melissa Au
“This is my happy place. Safe place with like minded folk who are trying to make the world a better place. One unicorn at a time.” -- Erin Keating
“Unicorn Wellness has been my one-stop-shop for physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing for a little over a year now and I’m not going anywhere else any time soon! The brilliant workouts are suitable for all levels with easy to follow cueing. The regular live videos are great to dip into and the FB page provides a safe place to connect with a truly lovely community.” -- Charlotte Day
“I have been a member here for 7 years, had 2 babies in those years, a lot of physical body pain along with emotional/mental healing and it has been a goal of mine to get on the rebounder since I bought it 2 years ago. Every time I had tried previously, within 10 second I was leaking and had to get off...very frustrating bc all I wanted was to start regaining cardio stamina. I have tweaked things in my mat workouts, eased up a bit at times, really focused on my breathing versus the actual movement and focused on my kegel squeeze slowly and steadily to engage the actual movement. And to my surprise, I stepped on the rebounder today and had my kids time me for 2 minutes and made it!!! It was a couple of the longest minutes I have felt in awhile. But made it and felt good after it. So, to all of you struggling with your mat time or workouts...stick to it, listen to the cueing, back off if necessary (and just lay & listen), focus on the breath and squeeze versus the movement itself and you will be surprised when things click. Thanks go out to Tandy Gutierrez for creating this community and bringing together so many wonderful Blessings to help along the way too. (Tilita, Valerie St.Pierre-Smith, Cynthia Muise Sebry, Emma Treharne, Paula Marie Jones and all of the supportive souls out there).” -- Anonymous
“I buried my feet & hands in the sand while John swam in the ocean & Lil T explored the sand. Family grounding with Mama Earth. Our spontaneous camping trip made me take creative steps to stick with my UW practice. As my hands & feet were buried in the sand, I closed my eyes, opened my ears & heard worlds spoken by Tandy in this month’s meditation: release the low energies, release the grey, dark smokey matter back to Mother Earth to be alchemized. Repeating the meditation creates ritual but it also helps the messages sink in. When I get quiet & listen, I hear them again. This is part of the magic for me. It’s practical. It’s applicable. It’s empowering. How do the repeated meditations show up in your day-to-day?” -- Anonymous
“Two years ago I accidentally ‘stumbled’ across Unicorn Wellness although in my world there are no ‘accidents’, only Divine Timing. I arrived here after being diagnosed with Lupus 8 years earlier and I was struggling with my energy, had pain in my hips for 3 years and was struggling with pain and inflammation throughout my body. I really made the commitment to ME, so I jumped in and with the support from Tandy Gutierrez, here I am 2 years later feeling better than I have in many years. I’m eating clean, I implement body movement daily, the pain is gone and my energy levels are way up. And I’ve been able to do some 7km mountain hikes this past month, which I know deep down I would never have been able to do without the work I’ve done here. I also love the magical parts - meditations, online gatherings and more. The support from Tandy and this amazing community is where I call ‘home’. Everyday. I am in so much gratitude xo Cynthia..” -- Cynthia Muise Sebry
“Unicorn Wellness is my one stop shop for mind, body & spirit wellness. The physical results alone have baffled my doctors and I’ve healed against the odds. Tandy’s cueing in the workouts has enabled me to grow farther in my practice than I thought possible. The guided meditations & super loving & supportive community have been pivotal. Self-care is taking actions your future self will thank you for. Your future self will thank you for becoming a unicorn!” -- Paula Marie Jones
“Unicorn Wellness represents the most comprehensive wellness program I’ve seen to date. Covering the physical, emotional and the spiritual you just won’t find anything like it out there. Not only do you get elite training at a budget price, but you get a friend and compassionate teacher in Tandy. Always be yourself, unless you get to be a unicorn...then always be a unicorn 😉💓” -- Jessica James
“Unicorn Wellness has changed my life. It is true wellness inside and out, connecting your physical body with your spiritual self seamlessly.” -- Jill Decker Applegate
“Has had an amazing impact integrating all areas of my life for wellness and whole-ness. Physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Easy to travel with, revisit on my own pace, or connect with support whenever I need to; and love being able to give back in the private FB community. It takes time; and is so worth it.” -- Valerie St. Pierre-Smith
“I look forward to the Magical Monday forecasts every week to focus my energy for the week ahead. Tandy and the community are supportive, proactive, and positive. I make better decisions throughout my week based on the wisdom shared here.” -- Sarah Elizabeth Hoye
“A wonderful place to become fit both on the mat, spiritually and in the kitchen!” -- Pearl Ivens
“Tandy can literally help you with every aspect of your life! It is such a blessing that I found her almost 5 years ago!” -- Megan Stewart
“I’ve been on the mat with Tandy consistently for over a year, usually 5-7x/week. I feel like a super woman and stronger than I ever have in my entire life. I feel balanced in my strength and more energetically connected to my body. The exercises are so efficient and smart, a half hour is really all you need. It’s doable in a busy life and I never get bored with the workouts. The exercises are not always what I want to do, but they are always what I NEED to do. My back issues are gone, my hip issues are nearly gone. I feel strong and capable and like I’m fortifying my body against future injuries. The program is more than just exercise. It’s self care, it’s working WITH your body, not against it. It’s fortifying a body with quality fuel and healing rituals. It’s magical guidance and community support. It’s working symbiotically with earth cycles and astrological energies. It’s changed my life for the better and I can’t say enough good things about it. I went to college with Tandy; I trust her and have had magical results from her program. She’s authentic and she cares about each and every unicorn.” -- Sue Giger
“I was going to say something about ‘when I first started working out with Tandy,’ as I was in a spot of really low fitness at that time and I actually couldn’t do most of the movements. But the truth is, then or now, it’s always the case that every workout contains moments of ‘Well I’m not doing that,’ but also ‘Whoa, I didn’t know I could do that!’ Showing up to try is what matters. The awesome extra Tandy Gutierrez brings is teaching us not to judge our bodies, but to meet them where they are in the moment. I’m convinced this isn’t just ‘nice’, but essential for getting results. You couldn’t have picked a better program for working through these issues that you’ve shared. Thank you for sharing them with us. Just keep showing up for yourself! Learning to love yourself is the most important skill, more than any movement or ‘level’, or look.” -- Anonymous
“For the last six plus years, Unicorn Wellness has been my go to for workouts, food reset (healing my gut and learning how important REAL food is for my body), and the constant support from an amazing Head Unicorn and the entire Unicorn Wellness Community. Magical Mentoring with Tandy brought me through one of the darkest times in my life by helping me focus on what it is I really want. Unicorn Wellness is a powerful collective of unicorns that hold space for each other when it’s needed most and I truly don’t know where I would be without it. ” -- Katie Chapman Farrow
“TODAY I AM THANKFUL for ALL OF YOU in this community who support this work. I am thankful for Tandy Gutierrez and Mateo Gutierrez and their vision for wellness and well being for ALL. I’m thankful for everyone else on the support staff who keeps this business going. I’m thankful for EVERY member’s locked arms of support, especially for my daughter Paula Marie Jones' constant words of ‘let’s get on the mat together’ even though we’re not even in the same city. These years of membership have truly brought me through sickness AND health: Emotional stress, business stress, a two years from flat on my back in a wheelchair to walking upright and strong, with the FOOD reset, from extreme digestive pain to ZERO problems and a palate for ALL the foods MY body needs and desires! AND I AM THANKFUL that it’s ALL been AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE! Bottom LINE: I am 73 years old and this BAD stuff just happened to me within the last 5yrs BUT ALL the GOOD stuff REMAINS! HEY IF I CAN DO IT ANYBODY CAN. BE THANKFUL SIBLINGS, DAUGHTERS, SONS, PEERS. STAY SAFE, STAY ON THE MAT and STAY THANKFUL!” -- Judith Ann Jones
“The truth is, most days I don’t actually want to get on the’s so ‘still’ compared to the hours I’ve spent dancing. I get on it because I need to keep this vessel strong. Getting on the mat has healed my physical vessel multiple times over. It’s healed my emotional being more times than I can count. Some days, I cave to this excuse or that, & go do something else. But today. This day. I wanted to get there. I was excited to tend to the physical. And, with a little help, I did roll-like-a-ball for the first time in, oh, yeeeaaarrrsss...and it wasn’t painful! If you’re in physical pain today, just do something. Follow Tandy’s guidance & prompting. Take deep breaths. Remind yourself that it will get better. The mind-altering pain will go away. Your vessel will heal. And...tiny IS mightl.” -- Anonymous
“As a fitness coach, I can describe what’s so unique about Unicorn Wellness versus other wellness/fitness programs. BASICALLY IT’S how the practice helps people connect their physical body/experience/mood with energetics and enlightenment, HOW IT inspires and enhances our given passions, AND promotes our soulfulness and very purposeful existence. It’s the glue in the movement. I’ve been really dedicated since Jan 2020, getting on the mat almost daily, listening to our meditations weekly. I love it. Doing this work helped me to connect the physical body (which I always focus on) with the magic of life’s challenges through chaos, with the work I do with MELT we focus on fascial tone and tuning up the body. This practice ties in energetic tone and our connection to the cosmos. Truth be a wellness advocate and movement coach, I’ve never felt more delicious, grounded, passionate, purposeful and excited for the challenges and gifts that will continue to unfold. 🦄💜🙏” -- Denise Samson
“Hello Lovely Unicorns! I want to share just how good it finally felt to move into wheel on day 1 of Gentle Full Moon 2. I initially was shocked that we didn’t prep with 1/2 wheel and when Tandy was like let’s get on up there and go, I TRUSTED and followed suit and there I went, and got there easier than I ever had. FYI, this post has been pure angst for me since I’ve been practicing with y’all but never gave up with progression even though I felt I was going nowhere. I would hold on for that one more breath (as I’m saying to myself are we done yet 😛) and because I did, I had a breakthrough. In conclusion, ya never know when it’s going to arrive but if you stay consistent there’s so much magic in our sequencing . Tandy 💜🦄 sneaks in creative ways workout after workout so that you can arrive when your body is ready.” -- Anonymous
“Thought I would say hello, and how grateful I am to be back at UW. I love the new site format and the way all the tools are organized. I recently tried another platform that didn’t work for me *coughbeachbody*coughcough* The whole time I tried to do what seemed to be enticing barre and weight workouts, I found myself saying - ‘How can I get into alignment if I’m moving so fast? These people’s cuing really sucks!’ I was more tired, sore and not getting the results I wanted. I realized that I should come back to UW because I have always defaulted to Tandy’s guidance and training from my few years on the mat prior. I decided it was time to dive back in when I played the free UW workouts on YouTube so many times that even my children have them memorized 🤣🤣🤣 Glad to be back and here on the mat with all of you. Big love, Kelly." -- Kelly McCarley
“Kelly McCarley, welcome back!! I feel you on the terrible cueing of other instructors - huge pet peeve of mine! I joke that until UW, I had been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years, and it wasn’t until working out on UW that I FINALLY did warrior one without dumping into my low back! Tandy’s cueing is some of the best and makes such a difference. Happy to have you here friend 💓🌈🦄” -- Dionna Eshelman
“Thanks, Tandy! I keep meaning to mention that I had a major victory on the mat recently. All my life, I have NEVER been able to squat without my heels popping up. It felt impossible and I always rolled up my mat to support my heels when that move was in a VOD. Then, the other day we transitioned from standing to squatting on the VOD and I did it perfectly! I honestly couldn’t believe it, both feet were flat on the ground and I wasn’t even wobbly. Yay!! Now I can’t stop squatting! 🤣” -- Sara Holifield
“I just wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude for everything Tandy’s  done! I've never been someone who enjoyed working out or someone able to stick with a workout routine. If I didn't instantly "see" results in the mirror or on the scale I would give up. After being introduced to your site, my entire philosophy has changed. I've consistently worked out 2-3 times a week with you since signing up. Thank you for changing my mindset about myself and for therefore changing my life.” -- Beth Milstid
“I love the new website and workouts. Thank you SO much Tandy Gutierrez. What I love most about the workouts is that they are exactly what most busy people like - Short and effective. I have been doing these workouts about a week now, I SEE the difference, my core is stronger and feels leaner. It is just like being in the workout room with you. Sound and picture quality is fantastic. Definitely recommending it to my friends.” -- Haniya Khan
“What I really love is that even with the limitations I have (back, knee, wrist), I've been able to do your workouts without feeling like I'm causing myself injury. You're the first instructor I've been able to say that about so thank you. :)” -- Sue Stevens
“I just tried the first workout and I am loving it! Tandy is SO knowledgeable and I have always been fascinated with her way to so intricately strengthen the body. She knows that intense and sometimes stressful tactics are not necessary for health, but rather it is about being conscious of what we are doing and implementing these concepts throughout our day and within our lifestyle. She has always managed to make exercise a haven for me; I never EVER dread having to do a workout with Tandy, and yet I always see the results. Fabulous for the regular at-home worker-outer, like myself!” 
-- Deborah J. Myers
“I went to my chiropractor for the first time since starting workouts with Tandy, and he was all "Whoa! what you doin gettin all up in dis muscle biz and whatnot!?" (Ok, maybe that was how it sounded in my head) Actually, he was impressed with how I've gained some strength without stiffness and commented on how I must have an instructor who knows how to be comprehensive! Also, he's a former Olympic medalist in ski jumping, so knows a bit about athleticism!” -- Michelle Manshardt 
“Tandy, everyday is a little different... you bring something to every workout that is just FANTASTIC! This workout was great to open the upper body - we spend so much time hunched over accomplishing our daily tasks. Thanks!” -- Alyssa L. Haughton
“You are the best! I got hooked on your 10 minutes abs class on Exercise T.V. a couple of years ago but after doing it for about a month it was no longer available. I was so sad! My husband loved it too. He recently asked about your videos again so I just Googled your name today and discovered that you had this new platform. I just signed up and completed my first workout. It was awesome. Thanks for making the workouts short and simple.” -- Yuchong McDonough
Just when I think this will be too hard, I stick with it. I honestly thought Pilates would be too advanced for me, but I modified things as you said and all went well. I would never be able to build this kind of strength without watching your videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” --  Stacy Jensen
“You are my favorite fitness instructor ever, Tandy! I'm so happy I get to workout with you at home whenever I want.” -- Kate Robinson
“Amazing workout Tandy! Thank You so much. I love pilates but don't do it as often as I should and you make it not so scary for a beginner.” -- Judy Coyle


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