Tandy knows one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to your body, mind, and soul. You are a unique creature, who sniffs out bullshit, believes fiercely in hope & potential, wants a movement practice that doesn’t beat your body into submission or focus on how things look, and understands wellness isn’t reserved for one size, shape, color, stage, level, or age. So, Tandy rethought the entire model of fitness to reflect her personal values and that of the Unicorn Wellness community: efficient, effective, conscious, and honest self care for the open hearted, spiritually connected, witchy-woo-woo magic makers of the world. 

Tandy’s cueing is pure magic

What makes a Unicorn Wellness practice so special that it feels like magic? Tandy’s cueing is incredible, it allows you to connect to your body in a way that isn’t just a workout or a movement pattern, but develops a deeper relationship and acceptance of self. Tandy’s cueing and voice cultivate a space that is strangely personal. This is no stock workout or plug & play platform. Tandy is there for you, as a coach & mentor. Plus, the work of Unicorn Wellness addresses your self care at multiple levels, all at the same time: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. 

Self care isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not just a face mask, or a bubble bath (tho it can include them), it shouldn’t create anxiety around expense, accessibility, or time limitation. Self care shouldn’t be another stress inducing to-do.

Self care is anything that after doing it you feel: grounded, centered, more patient, more calm, capable of both making and trusting personal decisions and choices by knowing when to go with your gut, your intuition, and when to go with your logical-analytical brain - and when to marry the two!

Self care is care of the self. 

Duh, it’s in the phrase...we hear you, we’re not trying to be obtuse… but do you know what the self actually is? The self is the soul. In order to reap the benefits of self care you need to speak to the soul, your energetics, that tiny place you may have forgotten about, or perhaps wonder if it even exists. It’s the essence of you...stardust...infinite magic, the human spirit. 

Come for the mat, stay for the magic. 

Tandy weaves soul magic into every thread of a Unicorn Wellness. The practice is truly holistic body, mind, and soul. It tends to the practical and the magical in all of us by speaking to the functional, physical, and mystical with each word...every word she speaks in every video is a spell that brings members closer to their original frequency of hope, healing, infinite potential, and unconditional love. 

Half assed is better than no ass

The perfectionist nature that is woven into our subconscious, as a culture, has us avoiding things that we’re not already good at. Tandy is here to help you discover your own permission to be a hot mess and still be empowered and in practice.  Sometimes half assed is truly better than no ass. Meaning, showing up is the gig. If you never show up, you never progress, you never grow, you don't learn, and you simply cannot feel stable, grounded, capable, and calm. 

It's important, as humans, to know what we're not good at, and allow ourselves to be terrible at things in order to actually get better. 

 Experts and masters are such, not because they came out of the womb that way, but because they committed time to not being as good as they wanted to be, to failing, and getting better with each non-perfect effort. 

Unicorn Wellness is here to encourage you to always meet yourself on the mat, do what you can, leave the rest, and keep coming back to learn, evolve, and progress. Eventually, through the small, consistent efforts, big things happen. Unicorn Wellness focuses on the long game.

Your Unicorn Wellness Membership is Crafted with Extreme Care

Since 2013 Unicorn Wellness is still the only offering of its kind. These are not random workouts.

Every video is written in accordance with the current lunar & astrological cycle to balance, harness + connect you to the energies at play to truly work in co-creatorship with the Universal cycles, rather than be capsized by them. 

Every workout, meditation, and tarot readings are incredibly time relevant. 

Every video is Infused with a full chakra balance of Reiki healing, by proxy. You only need to be open to receive an energetic healing to return to your original frequency of wholeness & unconditional love.

Every workout & stretch video is macro & micro cycled in a four week progression, in perpetuity. They each speak one to the next (since 2013), and are always unique. Yup, you heard it, videos are never been repeated.

The week of the full moon asks the most of our effort in the cycle.

Two weeks ask for medium effort as we make our way to the new moon.

The week of the new moon is our constructive rest week of all stretches.

Every workout is ‘live’ for three days at a time. This is a strategic form of muscle-confusion, that keeps the body literally guessing for optimal fitness results as well as staying present in the, this makes your brain smarter. 

The first day of the workout is new, a surprise. It may not feel spectacular. 

The second day allows for understanding.

The third day offers a deeper connection & possible mastery. 

Tandy’s periodization strategy is as smart as it is magical. 

When is The Best Time to Begin My Unicorn Wellness Membership?

You can hop into the flow at any time, since all workouts are multi-level, and are written in perpetuity. However, the most supported time to begin your Unicorn Wellness practice is the week of the new moon each month. New moon’s offer us a time of planting seeds for the future, fresh starts, new beginnings, restoration, and replenishment. This is also the week of our constructive rest with all stretch videos for six full days. 

We know this all sounds like magic. That’s because it is. Intellect, intuition, and heart, focused on your wellness combined with practical ritual to cultivate your best self care to  date. 

If you ever have any questions, simple reach out on social or hit the contact button here on the site!


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