EP 62: Taurus Season Tarot Forecast

Happy Taurus Season

This episode is our single card tarot forecast for April 19th - May 19th 2024.

1 card for the spirit in which to move through things….that turned into two. The Universe has spoken…. Lean into this episode to hear what the Universe wants us to lean into in this particular Pisces season….it’s pure magic. 

Taurus is represented by The Hierophant in the Tarot. A hierophant is a person, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles. Traditionally it’s a religious figure. Like a priest. In the Smith Rider Waite deck they are depicted seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing Law and Freedom or obedience and disobedience. They’re wearing a triple crown that symbolizes their spiritual superiority and authority via the emperor, also wearing a red cloak - that can symbolize power or bloodshed in the name of their beliefs, with the keys to Heaven are at their feet. Personally I love the keys because I feel like it’s a wink from Hekate - Dark goddess - mother of all witches - saying YOU are the keys to heaven…you don’t need this false gateway. YOU are the bridge between heaven and earth. 


This card offers us the message of the dangers of following the herd mentality, trying to fit in, doing what the masses are doing. It says to stay away from organized religion and corporations. 


Taurus, as an energy of the zodiac, offers us:


  • The magic of loyalty, hard work, stability, and ambition
  • Healing the wounds of the body, care, nourishment, support, worthiness, love, safety
  • The power of setting your emotions aside (for a moment) to solve in practical ways
  • The power of repetition for the long game 
  • The pleasure of pleasure
  • The pleasure of being human
  • The challenge of knowing when to be consistent vs. obstinate
  • The challenge of not always going it alone
  • A true balance of work and rest

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Deck used in this episode: The Muse Tarot


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