EP 61: Taurus Season Astrology Forecast

Happy Taurus Season!

The Sun sits in Taurus April 19th - May 19th 2024.

Taurus season always offers stability, ambition, focus, pleasure seeking obstinance, resiliency, and loyalty - as we say goodbye to the high energy, impatient, competitive, confident bravery of Aries season…not to mention a genuine good-bye to eclipse season. 


This transition has us implementing plans and projects. It has us setting our emotions aside, and getting super grounded and realistic. It asks what resources do we actually have to work with. Now. In hand and available. There is acceptance here for what is. This could feel like cold water, it could build confidence at there being more resources to work with than you thought you had. 

This season says, what did you get excited about in Aries season and want to happen instantaneously? A spark has been ignited

What were the reveals and pivots of the eclipses in your life?

Taurus season hits the pause button and wants to determine what are the practical and tactical applications that we need to get the tires to hit the pavement and bring these excitements, sparks, and visions into being. 


Taurus is the bull of the chart. It’s going to be about resources. It will ask, What do I have? What do I have to show for my effort? My work? Where do I need to put more effort or any effort for that matter. 


Taurus  requires effort. It requires that we DO something. Taurus is a high manifestor via the long game. No instant gratification to be had here. Like none. Lol. But it’ll move you solidly forward and along the path towards your goal. 



This season has us in work mode. Time to make the donuts persé. Implement the to-dos. 



In this Taurus season:

April 19th - Sun moves into Taurus

April 19th - Saturn Semi-Sextiles the North Node in Aries

April 20th - Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

April 23rd - Full Moon in Scorpio

April 25th - Mercury Direct - 2 weeks of shadow begin

May 2nd - my birthday!

May 2nd - Pluto Stations Retrograde

May 6th - Saturn Semi- Square Pluto

May 7th - New Moon in Taurus

May 15th - Mercury moves into Taurus


Taurus season basics - the second sign of the zodiac chart - It says dependability, intelligence, and hard work pay off. 


Taurus is also the bull of the chart, it  gets pegged as the materialistic - connected to finances - and its mantra is I HAVE - I like to reframe and clarify that Taurus is the sensualist of the chart. Ruled by Venus - our goddess Aphrodite - Taurus truly gets what it means to be human, in a 3D skin suit…that a balance of work and  pleasure is very much the point of this earth school - it knows financial resources provide food, water, shelter…that are necessary - it also allows us to explore what if what is necessary was also really pleasurable? This season loudly pulls in the question my Magical Mentees are already working with in this cycle - that is Aphrodite’s ultimate question: DOES IT PLEASE ME?


Taurus wants cozy fabrics like uber soft cotton, satin, cashmere or velvet. 

Food is our love language. 

And yes, Taurus does think it can buy its way to happiness -  or a solution. And you know what - sometimes it’s not wrong. 


It’s is a fixed earth sign, stable, strong and typically inherently grounded.

With a strength that is deep and often formidable. 


Taurus can generate big manifestations when in balance…willing to meet the Universe more than halfway, knowing at their core they are worthy, clear about wants, desires, and needs. There is a heartfelt energy here for life. 


Everyone thinks it’s high vibrations that cultivate manifestations….but it’s really high vibration connected to GROUNDING. If there is no grounding there is nowhere for the magic to take root in this 3 dimensional life. Grounding is truly what allows magick to manifest. 


In Balance Taurus is lovingly loyal for a lifetime. They are the earth-parent energy that can and will hold anyone…It's sturdy, grounded, stable, realistic, calm, and they are genuine problem solvers and nurturers through practicality - these are some serious kitchen & green witches - herbal, tea, and food healing. Taurus is strong and clear with words, actions, and boundaries. They are fierce. They dish out harsh truth and tough love like no other.. It can work their asses off for incredibly long periods of time to get where they need and want to go. Taurus' stubbornness in exaltation shows up as the capacity to stick with something, to keep trying…for really long periods of time. What is pegged as obstinance can also be commitment and longevity. 

In imbalance Taurus can skew towards being a label whore and in general  too - much ness- it has a real hedonistic streak when out of balance. Couch potato, overspending, over indulging in all the things (particularly food or shopping) hello hedonism-, sticking with a career or partner way longer than was healthy. The ultimate Taurus imbalance shows in its stubbornness to be ‘right’ and its anger is intense. Ever watched a bullfit? If you continually poke or taunt a Taurus you will absolutely get the horns and danger IS coming. You will NEVER convince a Taurus native of anything and the more you push a Taurus, the harder we resist. Eventually we’ll just sit down. Ever tried to move a bull? Not Happening. It can out wait ANYONE and honestly it cultivates sadistic joy in us to flex our capacity to do so. In imbalance, Taurus can be plain ole lazy - this signals there hasn’t been enough rest time. Taurus also has a hallmark of taking the emotionality OUT of any situation to focus on a fix or solution. They will not hold too much venting for anyone….you want to complain or you  want to progress? You can’t do both at the same time. There’s a benefit to this (it really can solve things) but clearly, as humans are feeling creatures it can have its detriment as well. 


During Taurus Season

  • Get more sleep <--Taurus wants all the sleeps and naps. 9- 10 hours a night
  • Lay in the grass, get grounded in mother nature. 
  • Get some fresh flowers in your environment (blooming flowers…we want to see what comes to full fruition in a life cycle). 
  • Eat things you LOVE, out of hedonistic pleasure, what pleases your mouth, your taste buds.
  • Move your vessel - get on the mat - try not to slip into couch potato cozies too often - balance is key.
  • Lean in to your senses - PLEASE yourself this month 
  •  Delight your senses: music, food, scents, all the feels…..Have you forgotten what music lights up your soul? Lean into fabrics that feel cozy and safe, organic cottons, hand knit things, satin, silks. Play, explore your senses. 
  • Change up the scent you wear, light florals, roses, jasmin…warming scents like amber and vanilla…bring them in. 



We all have Taurus in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.

Taurus rules our neck; thyroid, voice, tonsils, vocal chords, and throat. This energy is inherently grounded and yet can get stuck in the mud. Taurus energy needs warm herbal teas with a quality to keep things moving and sunny; peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, blue lotus, and calendula. Things that soothe and support the throat. We’ll find our imbalances in this season if we have growth work in the area of speaking our truth, stating what we want in terms of support and growth…and singing…simply for the joy of it, but also because it’ll raise your frequency vibration. Sore throats, laryngitis…you’re throat energy center is getting an upgrade.


In our Taurus cycle Members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com - focus on strong movements at an even & thoughtful pace to prevent stagnation and plow ahead. Taurus pulls from the earth to provide for the road ahead. Taurus energy asks us to get real and It needs to stand strong, move at a thoughtful pace. This energy will also have us working with our foundations that root us for abundance (lower body - pelvic bowl and legs). Members experience deep hip work to lighten the emotional and energetic load for mobility forward (don’t let your old emotional wounds allow you to get stuck in the mud). 

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