EP 33: Gemini Season Tarot Forecast 2023

This episode is our single card tarot pull for Gemini season - one card for the spirit in which to move through things - because there’s no way out but through. This energy knew the assignment and stuck to it. 


Not only has the sun entered Gemini and will be there through June 21st, Jupiter moved into Taurus and will make a home there for the next 13 months...there is transition and magic here. This is the portal to the abundance, joy, peace, calm, unconditional love, healing, and manifestation 2023 has been promising us. It could look like a bunch of presents…it might still be an amplified mess that needs tending to…either way…there is peace on the other side. 


Are you a Gemini native? Those with your sun, rising, or moon sign in Gemini...this episode may ring truer or hit deeper. 

We all have Gemini in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


This episode offers us:

The importance of a Emotional Maturity

The magic of knowing feelings are ot facts

The permission to change.

The power of not catastrophizing things that go a direction you didn’t want or plan.   

The wonder of a pivot

The guidance that free will affects our fate. Decisions matter.

And the energy of freshness.


Gemini energy offers us curiosity and change. .  

The tarot offers us all the layers of water. . 


Tell me your magic spark in this episode.


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