EP 32 : Gemini Season Energetic Forecast 2023

Welcome in, Gemini Season!

In this episode we dive deep we dive into Gemini season and all the exploring, chatting, talking, networking, and data collecting it offers us May 21st - June 21st 2023. 

Gemini season comes in like a breath of fresh air to lighten things up….just make sure all the air doesn’t whisk you so far off your feet that it wooshes you away like Dorothy in the wizard of oz. 


Shoutout to all my Gemini natives, sun, rising, and moon. Welcome home! My dear natives, it’s time to play. 


Gemini is Spring's last cycle.The seeds we planted in Aries, and tended to in Taurus, are either sprouting, or you’re wondering if they’re going to…. 


THAT’S OK. We are in a process of exploration. 

It’s time to gather some more data. 

Sit in your feelings, check in with your to-do lists and processes….this is the cycle you decide to keep going with these seeds/project/ideas, or let go…based on the data you’ll collect in the next 30 days. This is a turning point. 


Don’t think you know, before you know. 

Get curious, stay curious. 

Let this full cycle roll through before you make decisions.


This cycle, as always, offers us some distinct shifts in the astrology. A full moon in Sagittarius, Venus moves into Leo, Pluto Rx enters Capricorn, Mercury moves into Gemini, Saturn Rx, and a new moon in Gemini…the overall vibes feel more gentle than that of eclipse season…but honestly was isn’t more gentle..lol…packed with transformation, plentiful with potential…but challenging to grab a hold of and get grounded if you are handfasted to your personal grounding and harmonization. And how do we do that…you know boo, through care of the self. Self care is powerful..and ridiculously magical…micro-dose your magic through your daily practices. 

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The Gemini mantra is I THINK

Gemini is a mutable air sign it moves with the wind, 

Gemini is curiosity above all else. 

Gemini is an exalted duality. The twins of the zodiac. The talkers. Sometimes two-faced. Obsessed with gathering information… and can change on a dime. Gemini is willing to change their mind based on new information and new experiences.


Gemini has the capacity to truly transmute information into wisdom and spread the truth if they can get grounded long enough to do so.


They are all things communication; talking, writing, reading, messaging, likes, and re-shares.


It's time to connect with others, to be open to new perspectives and insight, share the insight you've got, be willing to be wrong, or put things into play and aim for integration.


But for me, your mentor, PLEASE try not to get lost in Gemini energy. Just because you hear it or you say it ...don't make it true.


Gemini’s true lesson in this lifetime is wisdom. To take the information it has, make a decision, have an experience with that decision - then synthesize the info and experience to generate wisdom based on all three aspects; info, decision, experience. 



Gemini, a swirling expansion of limitless Air, needs some sort of container in order to exhibit its highest good in this lifetime. Gemini needs grounding, above all else.


it’s time to get into nature, into your vessel, to check & double check facts, DO YOUR RESEARCH, meditate, get on the mat. → embodiment practice consistency is key for Gemini sun, rising, and moon’s but also - for this season…because WHY? Because the fastest way out of your head, out of overthinking, out of spiraling, and out of intrusive thoughts…is to get IN to the BODY. Gemini, air, needs a container. 


Think of Gemini as helium. It’s just gas, potentially harmful if let loose,  unless it has a container - you put a  balloon and string on that thing, then it’s pure magic!


In imbalance, Gemini is noise, gossip, and drama shit stirring… & indecisiveness, flakey, immature, and the verbal vomit spiral that has us expending energy moving words around… giving us the facade of accomplishing something, but never getting anything done. It wastes time AND energy. 


Gemini in imbalance will have us gaslit with gorgeous words, thinking that all the swirling talk is productivity... when really…we spent the whole day talking/thinking the parameters of the issues and are now exhausted, and simply can’t move on. And therefore stays stuck with zero implementation or progress. 


Gemini in imbalance is swirling air. A squall in the middle of a northern winter. It can blind us to what is true simply by being noisy. 


Not only can the energy be noisy…it can also be nosy…in this season…be careful to mind your own business, stay in your lane and be on the lookout for ‘helpers’ who are actually driving in YOUR lane and potentially pushing you off the road. Boundaries beware in Gemini season


In Balance Gemini is enthusiastic, energetic, adaptable, clever, and intelligent. 

This energy generates the wise, outgoing teachers, professors & masters that will lead others into expansive, joyful, mastery of their own...when they finally move out of quick fix info consumption, memorization/regurgitation, right vs. wrong, win vs. lose navigation 

Into, at what cost, what is the goal, how do we solve in this one moment, what can we ground and implement to create change and manifestation?


The brightest light of Gemini energy is that they will tell you they believe something one day, and tell you they believe something else the next…not out of flakiness…because they learned something new that expanded their perspective…in exaltation THIS IS WHAT GROWTH AND EXPANSION LOOK LIKE.


Exalted Gemini energy IS duality. Gemini is the YES - AND….two opposite things CAN exist at the same time, and BOTH be true. It just needs to identify and root into what is true, in this moment. For me or for this issue. Focus, focus, refinement, and anchoring is the name of the gemini game. 


Gemini marks the season of conversations, writing, learning, educating, reading, and messaging. It can be so sweetly social and playful….it can also get newsy, noisy, gossipy, messy, dying a quick doom scrolling death….flat out exhausted. 


I encourage you to budget your news and social media time in this season. Set the timers, put your phone away from your bedside. Actively and on purpose tap out at a certain point in the day and do not return till the next.


It is time to connect with others, to expand where you may have been stuck. It’s a time to share what you've got, plant that brilliant idea -  while being willing to be wrong. 


It’s a time to put things into play but pivot with wisdom, experience & integration when you need to.


This is a time of gathering data, getting curious, and getting majorly GROUNDED. 

  • Get in your body - get on the mat with me, walk, stretch, dance, lift heavy things, have sex, masturbate, slather lotion or oils on your skin. The vessel is sacred, if you’re not tending to your temple, you’re not tending to your magic AND this season will rattle you right out of it. Anxiety could be high this cycle. 
  • Get Grounded - spend time in nature and try to get bare hands and feet in dirt or grass. Lay on the ground, sit up against a tree. 
  • Wear or Diffuse - vetiver and patchouli - grounding essential oils
  • Eat your root veggies. Carrots, sweet potatoes, radishes, turnips, onion, shallots….they ground us super simple. If it’s getting hot where you are, slip beets or carrots in a smoothie…it works. Members - check your recipe section for recipes!
  • Work with or wear any black or dark gray healing crystals…for grounding and protection - shade and noisy frequencies get thrown and bounce in this season. Protect yourself in all the ways. 
  • Mediate. 
  • Brain Dump - at the beginning or end of the day. Simply pour all your thoughts into a journal. Or voice notes. Don’t process…just get hem out



We all have Gemini in our charts somewhere. 

We're all working with this energy in this season, in similar yet different ways.


For those who are super sensitive to air energy - it might feel like  an escalation of anxiety and overthinking or intrusive thoughts. Head to your self care techniques. Get into your body any way you can. Work your journaling, use the brain dump method, jot the thoughts, schedule that extra session with your therapist. If you know you’re prone to anxiety or overthinking, prep and support it. 


This is the reminder that you have tools. USE THEM. And if you feel like you don’t have tools or need new ones, DM or message me and I can help direct you towards the new or the next that might help. 


Don’t ignore or think it’s not going to be a thing….it’s a thing. The thing is now. Be a problem solver, not a problem maker. 


Air is the element of thought; intellect, acumen, thought process, ideas, downloads, and channeling. There is brilliance and breakthrough here. Clarity will come if we make clarity welcome. Sift sort and ground. Told you you’d get tired of hearing about  the grounding. 


Gemini rules the torso; shoulders, lungs, arms, and hands. Think inspiration, expiration…and talking with their hands. When it comes to wellness, I *might have mentioned* earlier that Gemini needs grounding above all else. And BIG TIME. Gemini can offer expansive education but it truly amounts to nothing if it can’t get its roots in the 3D - it bears repeating - the very best way to get ‘out of your head’ is to get into the body. 


The vessel is the gateway for Gemini energy. This body, in this lifetime, can  take all the swirling, twirling thoughts, concepts, understandings and bright ideas and move them forward through action. Gemini season is truly a time when our UnicornWellnessStudio mat practice shines. 


When we feel confused, overwhelmed, stuck in our thoughts, finding it super hard to get focused, too focused on the future, and/or brewing anxiety…GET ON THE MAT….the Unicorn Wellness mat practice sift, sorts, organizes, and offers an energetic clean sweep of our thoughts, inspiration, and ideas. The mat is our witchiest broom to clear and organize energy. When we leave the mat…it’s a whole new ballgame of what we can implement, and do with our ideas and concepts. 


Never underestimate the power of a Unicorn Wellness workout. It’s pure magic. Infused with a full energetic healing to boot. And it truly is more about our emotional, and mental magic than anything else. 


For members of UnicornWellnessStudio.com, in this Gemini season - they will see shoulder flossing, heart openers, a focus on breath, as well as exercises that unite right and left sides of the body (midline integration in honor of our two-faced twins) and movements on all fours, that literally connect us to the ground, plus wrist mobility and strength. 

Members will also work with neck stretches and strengtheners, cat/cow, puppy, mountain pose, and our modified warrior series. Variations to keep moving, slow and steady, in flow, no sudden movements..nothing silly or trendy...just straight forward, exercise science. 


Energetically we always tend to all seven traditional energy centers - this cycle there’s a focus on the heart and throat energy centers.  

PLUS UWS members also have an offering in their library - in - in the Astrology section - titled Zodiac Basics: Gemini - for even more Gemini exploration ←-see what I did there lol.


You’ll find our Gemini season tarot forecast + a little ditty about The Lovers card -  in their own episode, tomorrow, if you’re listening in real time, or directly after this in Episode 33. 

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