EP 27: Spring '23 Tarot Forecast and Aries Season Energetic Deep Dive

Spring 2023 Tarot Forecast, Let’s GO, Aries Season!


This episode walks you through the energies of this Spring Equinox, Aries season, in depth, and a full five card tarot reading that will carry you through March 20th through June 20th, 2023.


This is it, my loves! This is what we’ve been waiting for. 

The astrological new year. The official energy to launch, create, do, go. No more plotting, practicing, and planning. It is time to activate. 


Quick witchy unicorn PSA - this is an episode to potentially take notes on.

It’s also an episode you may want to revisit each month in this season. I know it sounds like a lot but listening multiple times is so empowering  as you discover how these channeled messages actually play out in your life. It helps our energies sync and aids in your ability to synthesize and utilize these readings as coaching or mentoring…rather than just adding more noise in your life. 


I suggest listening again mid April, May, and June. 

Mark your calendars for the 12 - 15th each month.


The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20th, here in the northern hemisphere. Equinox means equal day and night and is the time when the sun moves across the celestial equator going south - sounds like magic already - here in the northern hemisphere it welcomes spring, and in the southern hemisphere, it welcomes autumn. 


For those listening -  not -  in the northern hemisphere the seasons are different -  but the energies of the astrology, zodiac, and channeled guidance -  are the same. So listen with what I call fuzzy ears, take what resonates, and leave the rest, there are major magic sparks here for everyone. 


This is the astrological new year! Get used to hearing me go on and on about how the gregorian new year is NOT the time to begin things….to hang in there with resolutions, new intentions, major fresh starts, or big launching projects….because the energies don’t support new things being planted…… until Aries season! NOW! This is the most supported time of the entire year to begin new things, that will stick for the long run. 


In particular, movement patterns, body movement practices…workouts.

Aries is the athlete of the chart, and is EXCELLENT at starting things! So this time of the year means a lot to me on a personal and professional level.


If you’re an Aries native (sun, rising, or moon) you’re going to want to pay extra special attention to this episode. 


If you’re looking to really make some strides this year in healing and manifestation….you’re going to really want to lean into this episode. 


As a mentor I always want you all to begin things when they are energetically supported (life is hard enough…there’s no need to add working AGAINST astrology to the list of why things are hard). AND since the majority of my career has been in fitness and movement…I know how powerful it is to our overall well being, and how starting when it’s supported is profoundly different than when it’s NOT. 


In my book, 2023 hasn’t even started yet. Not until the Spring equinox…not until NOW!


March is/was slated as the biggest astrological/energetic month of 2023 (if we’re talking gregorian calendar)...and it sets a tone for 2023. 

Don’t sleep on these messages and supports from the astrology, the tarot, and my channel. 

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The deck I used in today’s reading is The Wild Unknown


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