New Moon in Pisces Tarotscope

Every new and full moon I record a three card tarot reading for my members of my online studio - and my guides have been nudging me to share a portion of these readings, here, as mini episodes. Under this lunation, I’m sharing the full tarot reading!


If listeners end up loving these...we’ll keep ‘em…if not…we’ll stick to our zodiac season forecasts and our guest interviews.  


The Two of Wands, Aphrodite, and the Knight of Cups have so much yummy guidance for us. 

This new moon occurs on Monday, February 20th at 1:05 am CST in the Northern Hemisphere **Please adjust for your timezone** 


This energy is thickest February 17th through 23rd, 2023.


If you aim to cast spells or ritualize this lunation, anytime in this window is best, but is considered most powerful on the 20th. 


We’re working with Pisces energies in this lunation. 

Make sure to check your chart and see what house Pisces sits in for you, this is where your lessons and blessings will be taking place under this lunation. 


Be sure to check back in two weeks for your full moon tarot guidance! 


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