EP 26: The Wounds of Ego, Identity, Abandonment, and Sanctuary - Producers, Creators and Podcast Hosts - Will Rodriguez and Karen Endsley.

Have you ever hit that place where you realize you’re not who you thought you were? Do you ever end up in situations where it feels like your love ends up hurting you? This episode offers us places and spaces to explore that feel mundane, but are actually deeply healing and magical. 


Will shares his wounds of Ego and Identity.


Karen shares her wounds of being Othered and Sanctuary (being the safe space in her family).


They share that through it all, they are always willing to come back to the table, to recover and move forward and through….together.


Will and Karen allow us into their relationship and triggers in a very vulnerable way that allows us to learn from their experiences.  


We talk about how, in partnerships, growth doesn’t always happen in tandem, and the wounds of our childhood are always with us. Self forgiveness is key as we get comfortable in the discomfort of healing/shadow work/ ‘the work’. We’re just a bunch of wounds and traumas bumping up against someone else’s wounds and traumas. The softer, and more honest, we can be with ourselves, allows us to be softer, as well as clearer with boundaries, and safer with others. 


Will and Karen answer our 4 questions below in 40 minutes:

  1. What is your magic in the world?
  2. What is the wound/shadow/trauma you are currently healing through?
  3. What do you consider to be the wound/shadow/trauma of your lifetime? 
  4.   What is currently coming up in your community, right now, and how are you holding space for it and/or supporting your community?

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