Intuitive Astrologer and Life Coach - Kristina Wingeier - The Wound of Othering and Isolation.

Intuitive Astrologer and Life Coach - Kristina Wingeier - The Wound of Othering and Isolation.

Do you know what it’s like to practice lunar living in a solar world? This episode with Kristina has us learning and leaning into what this means and how it might resonate and help you cultivate more balance and grace for yourself in this incarnation. 

Kristina shares the wound she is currently going through with her neurodivergent brain, and nervous system regulation, through her journey with her hearing loss and her work of core relationship reparenting. 

She also goes deep and shares her highly sensitive person (HSP) experience in this lifetime, along with her experience of being medicated and isolated via institutionalization, at an early age. 

Kristina is adept at the underworld journey and is masterful at holding safe spaces, for others to heal through them, as well. This conversation intertwines deconditioning the internal programming that was instilled by others with her authentic courage to be her wise and weird self. 

We talk about the divine feminine healing of the culture, via womb trauma, as well as the magic of the next 88 days (when this episode is published) when all personal planets will be direct! This is an auspicious moment in our lives, in particular in 2023. It’s deeply healing to lean into our deepest shadows NOW, in order to fully burst forward in Aries season. 

Plus major notes for those of us with Pisces placements; sun, rising, and moon, in your astrological natal chart. 

This is Kristina’s second appearance on the podcast - if you missed her first appearance check out Bonus Episode #3 - All Things Lilith - published in October of 2022. 


Kristina answers our 4 questions below in 40 minutes:

  1. What is your magic in the world?
  2. What is the wound/shadow/trauma you are currently healing through?
  3. What do you consider to be the wound/shadow/trauma of your lifetime? 
  4.   What is currently coming up in your community, right now, and how are you holding space for it and/or supporting your community?

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