Aquarius Season Tarot Forecast and Energetic Deep Dive

Ever wanted a decent, clear, nutshell of what Aquarius energy actual signals, offers, represents, and means? In this episode we launch through the energy of this Aquarius season, January 20th - February 18th 2023. To give everyone more details on this cycle, for all of us (not just the Aquarius natives) I pull a single card tarot reading to give us guidance and clarity on the spirit in which to move through this season. Cause there’s no way out but through. So what tools, tactics, supports, costumes, or perspectives do we need to not only keep us on track, prevent us from capsizing, but to heal, and potentially even feel like we get a win in all of this?

The Aquarius cycle always welcomes high minded, global reach, solutions for the greater good by being willing to think way outside the boxes we’ve known. 

Mars has stationed direct. At the time this airs, Mercury will be direct - and yet we’ve still got 2 weeks of the shadow period of these two overlapping before we can really feel the full upswing, of energetically unobstructed pathways. 

I’ve heard so many astrologers, members, clients, and community be soo excited about these two going direct…and don’t get me wrong…it’s really good news…but please…don’t get running too fast that you trip on your damn laces. These two stationing direct are NOT the trigger to launch out of the starting blocks. We should still be training right now. We’ll step into our standing start at the end of February or March and we’ll start running with the beginning of Spring and the Astrological New year with the start of Aries season March 21st.  


New moon in Aquarius on the 21st of January.

Full moon in Leo  and New Moon in Pisces in February. 

There’s a brightness, a freshness, and a crisp fierceness to this season. 

Things are moving forward. 

There is momentum. 

There are massive fresh starts and new beginnings.

But they are in our mind - in our ideas, in our words, in the way we think, and speak, and solve, in the imaginative ah-ha downloads getting ready to channel through. 

We are in the transition phase from the energies of 2022 that called us to deep shadow and underworld journeys. Some of us are going to be going deeper, for more breakthroughs, ah’has, realizations and yeah, perhaps a slap in the face for some…right up until Spring (March 21). Others of us are already stepping into the opportunities of abundance, peace, fruition, lane change and manifestation of 2023.  

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The deck used in this reading is The Muse Tarot

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